Feeling Converter

It's my first poem. Hope God listens this feelings.
Oh! God why don't you make a feeling converter,
A feeling converter that converts all the feelings,
Feelings that can't be explained by words.

It coverts:
Feelings of sorrows to happiness,
Feelings of defeat to win,
Feelings of pain to relief,
Feelings of discourage to encourage,
Feelings of grief to ecstatic,
Feelings of hates to love,
Feelings of anger to serene,
Feelings of fatigue to spiritual,
Feelings of aggressive to calm,
Feelings of timid to powerful,
Feelings of menace to prayer.

After all,
Feelings of bad to good,
Which converts human into human,
World of peace,
Where there is no tease,
Implies means to live,
And then thanks to God for those feeling to feel,
Oh! God why don't you make so....
Published: 6/18/2014
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