Feng Shui: Bedroom Tips

The basics of feng shui can be used in many spheres of your life to create peace and harmony and increase productivity as well. Refer to these feng shui bedroom tips so that you can redesign your bedroom to create a positive effect in your life.
Feng shui, as almost everybody would know by now, is an ancient practice, which originated in China, which deals with the use of certain laws that help to enhance a person's life. The term Feng shui means wind and water. The principles of feng shui are used to have an encouraging effect in all spheres of life for a person. The art of arranging the objects or the space within our home or office is supposed to be based on the concept of improving the flow of energy around us. Feng shui is based on the concept of yin and yang. These principles can be applied to create a marked improvement in our lives. Feng shui is used to improve personal relationships and tackle professional hurdles along with many other issues related to our lives. Here, we shall check out the effects of feng shui for our bedroom area and some effective feng shui bedroom tips for the same.

Feng Shui: Bedroom Tips

Ensure correct placement of the bed:
Having the correct placement for the bed will help you solve quite a few hurdles you face in your daily life. Here are some dos and don'ts for the same-
The ideal placement of the bed would be when you can see the bedroom door while laying on the bed. This should be done without being directly in front of the door or even in line with it.

Always note that the head portion of the bed should be placed against a wall instead of a window. Not following the same is said to cause restless sleep.

To maintain a feng shui bedroom, take care to ensure all the beds have a solid headboard as well as a footboard.

There are times when you may not really be able to change the position of your bed. In that case, place a mirror opposite to the door. This will enable you to see the doorway in the mirror as soon as you wake up.

Keep your bedroom clean:
To have a feng shui bedroom, you would need to follow this as a routine as well. A neat and tidy bedroom will help to keep a positive flow of energy. When any bedroom is kept in a cluttered state, it will make you feel slow and sluggish in your life as well.

Cleaning your bedroom would also mean you're getting rid of old energy and in turn, making space for new energy.

Ensure you remove all traces of your past failed relationships and yes, this means photographs of your ex boyfriend, or his favorite shirt or perfume bottle. This will obstruct you from moving on in your life. Always make it a point to remove any energy associated with failed relationships.

Choose appropriate colors:
As per the principles of feng shui, the bedroom should be decorated in appropriate color schemes so that it has a positive effect. Warm colors are thought to bring about a soothing effect (shades such as cream or cocoa) and cool colors are considered to be useful to have a better sleep pattern.

Always maintain a healthy balance of warm and cool colors for your feng shui bedroom.

Choose appropriate images:
Having the appropriate kind of images in the bedroom also helps in creating the right emotion and vibes between people as per the principles of feng shui. Having the image of water in the bedroom does not really help since it creates a lack of passion as far as relationships are concerned. Therefore, use the images of water in some overactive area of the house.

Avoid depressing or aggressive images in your bedroom. Remember, the kind of pictures you hang in the bedroom help in influencing your thoughts; these also have an effect on certain circumstances. Use calming images instead.

Avoid workstations in your bedroom:
This is yet another feng shui bedroom tip which advises people to avoid having the computer or even a television set in your bedroom. This should be followed because having a computer or a work desk in the bedroom symbolizes work whereas the bedroom is an area meant for rest. Sometimes, such things are unavoidable; in that case, you can at least have a separate partition for the same.

Use these feng shui bedroom tips to have a happy and healthy life. Feel the positive difference in your personal life with the appropriate arrangement of things within your home!
By Kashmira Lad
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