Feng Shui: Living Room Furniture Placement

Feng shui living room furniture placement has gained a lot of popularity in the West in recent times. Read this article to enrich your knowledge on feng shui living room decoration.
The philosophy of feng shui is believed to have originated in Tibet some ten thousand years ago. It has been in practice in China for more than 3000 years. According to this philosophy, there is a constant flow of both good and bad energy in nature. In order to maximize the flow of good energy, a room needs to be decorated in a certain way. You have to use right wall colors and furniture arrangements so that the energy levels within the room is adequate. The concept of feng shui is vital for the living room decoration as it is the focal point of your home.

Decorating Your Living Room Using Feng Shui

You cannot change the shape or structure of your living room. All you can do is make some arrangements for the living room that will enable you to attain perfect harmony with your life and surroundings. The guideline in this regard is given below.

Wall Colors
The wall colors of the living room should be chosen with great care as each feng shui color attracts a different kind of energy. The selection of wall color depends on the location of the living room in your house. If it is at the center, then brown or shades of yellow is good from the health perspective. White symbolizes creativity and is suggested for a living room at the west. The living room positioned in the east can have black and green which in turn will increase the family honor. When it is at the north, then dark colors bring about success in careers. Red color attracts fame and power, if used in the room located at the south corner. While in a living room at the southwest corner, light or pastel pink adds freshness to the relationship with your partner. Use of gray and silver colors in the northwest is going to provide you with a lot of opportunities.

While making furniture arrangements, the most important thing that has to be kept in mind is that it should not have a cluttered look. The size and the number of furniture in a living room should be in consistent with the available space in that room. Here are some feng shui tips for getting a harmonized effect inside the living room.

The sofas and chairs should be comfortable and avoid pushing them against windows or walls. Try not to keep the chairs of the room facing one another as it may attract confrontation energy. In case it is unavoidable, then place a table in between the chairs. According to feng shui rules, the chairs and sofas should be either in circular shape or octagonal shape to give a more intimate feel to the guests. Another important aspect is that the seating arrangements should be such that when people sit on them, they should have at least a partial view of the entrance door of the room.

The main table of the living room should be inviting to the people who are entering the room. For this, it has to be kept neat and tidy. Placing natural flowers or plants on it can attract a lot of energy which is good for health.

The dark corners of the room should be given special attention where the flow of energy will otherwise be extremely low. You can liven up the energy levels of these areas with the help of colorful paintings, lights and houseplants that have round leaves.

The television or sound system should not be the center point of your living room. The electromagnetic waves of these devices can disrupt the natural flow of energy into the room. Therefore, keep them inside a closed cabinet. The ideal element for the room center is the fireplace.

Wide wall spaces of the living room can be decorated with the help of mirrors. A mirror reflects plenty of natural light and also makes the room look spacious. However, do not place it exactly opposite to the door as it will reflect the positive energy entering through the door. Ideally, it should reflect a beautiful view which is coming through a window.

Hope the suggestions that we have provided on feng shui living room furniture placement will help you to build up a solid foundation for your entire house. The elements used for decorating the living room is going to reflect a sense of calmness and relaxation which will have a positive influence on your general well-being.
By Bidisha Mukherjee
Last Updated: 10/6/2011
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