Final Reunion: Arrival in Japan

The seventh part of "2011 Annihilation". While on his way to Kee and Fiika, Phoenix met a girl named Yuki and thus they will make their journey to Hokkaido.
After several months in Sapporo, Kee and Fiika are finally able to live comfortable in Masahiro's residence. Despite huge number of houses, they thought that the Bloody Phoenix will not be able to track them easily as they came in without any notice.

"Ahhhh, it's been months, I guess he must have given up," said Fiika. "See girls, I know this is the best place to hide from that psychopath, now all you need is to blend in," said Masahiro. "Thank you, Masa-san, we really appreciate that," said Kee.

"Ahahaha, seems like your friend here learned fast," Said Masahiro to Fiika. "No, I learned that from my old school," said Kee. "Haha, I see, well I guess you two should don't have any problems here, come on, let's eat before it gets cold," said Masahiro. And so, dinner went lively after months of observation.

That night, at the cold sea on Northern Japan, two fishermen spotted a red colored object; they went in closer to see what it is. "Haaaa, so much for our catch tonight, those fish must be scared because of that thing," said the elderly fisherman. As they moved closer, suddenly, one of the crew shocked.

"Ahhh! It's a human!" shouted the young fisherman. "Hey, you're right, let's get out of here and report to the officials," said the old man. As they head their way back to the port, suddenly, they felt a tilt coming from the front. "What's that!?" shouted the young man, "come on, Yuri. There's no way that a fish can jump that high," said the old man.

As they check the front deck, a chained scythe blade suddenly flew towards the two fishermen, beheaded them. As their heads fell on the ground, a voice was heard, "Hah, hah, hah. That's it! Kee, Fiika, you're going nowhere. I will keep living until the day I finish you two with my own two hands,"

As he heard the thunderous roar of thunder, Bloody Phoenix left the boat and swam towards land. As he arrived there, he saw one girl running for her life. "Hah hah hah, come back you! You need to sell yourself so you can settle your dad's debts," shouted the scarred man, chasing the girl.

"How pathetic!" said Phoenix, he took off his scythe blade from his scythe, leaving only the chains and the snaith in his hands. He took out the longest length of his chains and threw the chains at the scarred man, tying him up in an instant.

"What the...? What the heck!" shouted the scarred man while turning his back, "You got a lot of nerves, scar head, shouting a girl to sell herself. I know you're from a loan shark gang, so sayonara!" shouted Phoenix, throwing the scarred man into the sea. "Heheheh, Huh... you okay?" asked Phoenix to the girl. "Um... thanks, I should get going now," said the girl, fidgeting. As Phoenix leaves, the girl shouted, "Wait! Please don't leave me alone...,"

"What's wrong now? You know I have business to take care of," said Phoenix. "I... I want to go to my grandmother... in Hokkaido," said the girl. "Huh, then why don't you say so, come on," said Phoenix. After miles walking to the train station, they decided to wait for the train to arrive. However, none of the trains were coming.

"...., I guess we had to come back here tomorrow," sighed the girl. "Hmmm, you seemed troubled, what's wrong?" asked Phoenix. "Um... well, ever since then, my dad was nowhere to be found and my mum... oka-san, died because of depression because of the disappearance, I was left raised myself while hiding from those guys, now I have nowhere to go," explained the girl.

As soon as he heard the girl's explanation, Phoenix felt a shock, "I... I'm sorry to hear about your loss, I'll stay and protect you, until you can get to Hokkaido," said Phoenix. "What? You'll really do going to help me?" asked the girl. "Hey, I'm heading that way anyway, and I can't just let a lonely girl being chased by those imbeciles, what's your name? Call me Phoenix,"

"Um... It's nice to know you, I'm Yuki," the girl went nervous as she admits that she only mentioned her nickname. "Yukino... that's a wonderful name," said Phoenix. "You think so?" asked Yuki, Phoenix did not answer anything, rather than nodding his head, which made Yuki tense.

"Hey! Don't just say nothing, you make me blush!" cried Yuki. "Ahaha, well, don't get so proud of yourself, well let's go to your grandma's," replied Phoenix, walking away. "Hey! Wait for me," cried Yuki, catching up with Phoenix. Thus, they spend their time talking while on their way to Yuki's grandmother's house.

After miles and miles of walking, Yuki yawned. "Ahhh... I'm tired," moaned Yuki. "Hey, we're still halfway to Aomori," Said Phoenix, however, Yuki has fell asleep. "Oh well, hope you heavily sleeping," added Phoenix. Without any other choice, Phoenix carried Yuki on his back, and continued his way to Aomori.

As the sun rises, Phoenix hurriedly put Yuki down to avoid her suspicions. "Oh good morning, sorry I fell asleep, let's be on our way. Huh? Is it me, or this place feels different than where we stop?" asked Yuki while looking around. "What are you talking about? This is where we stop and took a rest," answered Phoenix. "Really...? Though I feel like being carried," said Yuki curiously. "Hahaha, that's just your dream, let's go," said Phoenix, thus the two continued their journey.

After hours of walking, Yuki's stomach growled. "Ohhh... I haven't eaten for days," moaned Yuki. "Huh... well, we're almost near a small town, I think I could get some help," said Phoenix, looking around to search for help. Yuki felt weaker than usual but she tried her best to move on.

"Yuki, hey Yuki!" called Phoenix. "Ugh... Ph-Phoenix..." moaned Yuki as she fell down. Tensed with panic, Phoenix felt her temperature, "What the!? Yuki! You're sick!" said Phoenix, in a shocking manner. However, Yuki did not respond. Phoenix carried her and immediately took her to the nearest health facility.

At the clinic in the small town, Phoenix waited for Yuki to recover. Hour after hour, Phoenix felt tenser, "Yuki... it is best for you not to know about me, I may be the most terrifying 'Man in Red', but to you, I'm Phoenix," said Phoenix, thinking about his short times with Yuki. At that moment, the doctor came out from Yuki's ward.

"So how was her condition, doctor?" asked Phoenix. "Well she only needs a rest, her fatigue reached critical and judging on her conditions, she pushed herself too far," said the doctor. "Huh, what a relief... hey, where do I get some work to earn money?" asked Phoenix.

"Well now, I never heard a visitor would want to do something here in this town," said the doctor. "Hey, this is for Yuki, I need to buy something for her," said Phoenix, "Now tell me a place where I could earn some money," he added. "Well, there is an old shop, runs by an elderly woman. May be you could help her make her shop better," explained the doctor.

As he heard the doctor's explanation, he ran out from the clinic and thanked the doctor. He wandered around to look for the shop. After searching for the old shop, he saw an old tofu shop, run by an old woman, who seemed very depressed.

"What's wrong?" asked Phoenix to the old woman. At first, the old woman was scared despite Phoenix's appearances, but then she explained her problems. "I'm just worried about the future of my late husband's tofu shop, just look at this place, I have no strength to renovate or even clean this shop," explained the old shopkeeper.

The old shopkeeper told Phoenix about the origins of the tofu shop, suddenly, they heard a sound, inside the tofu shop. "Huh? No, my money!" shouted the old woman. Phoenix immediately barge in to the tofu shop to catch the thief.

"Hey you, stop where you are and hand over that jar of money!" Shouted Phoenix, the masked thief stood still and waited for a sudden move. "Ugh! You're not Japanese are you?" said the thief. "Stay out of my way, and I'll let you live. This place is going down anyway," he added. Phoenix paused for a few seconds, and he shouts, "Going down... Going down! So you're stealing from an old shop, that's unforgivable!"

The thief felt irritated as he was scolded by a foreigner, he threw a vase towards Phoenix's face. Phoenix managed to catch the vase but the thief has fled while he was busy. "So you never heard 'The Man in Red', right, this time I'll finish you off," said Phoenix. He took out his snaith and his scythe blade, combine them together and chase the thief.

Somewhere in the forest, the thief stopped running as he thought he managed to get away, and so he looked at the jar. Surprisingly, the jar was only half full. "What? That's all she got? I wouldn't expect from a tofu shop, but that place is going down anyway," said the thief.

The thief wandered around to get to the highway and find another small town to steal for money, "that tofu shop, huh! Tofu shop, no one would want to buy that, no wonder there's only a little money," said the thief, insulting the tofu shop.

As he continued his journey, suddenly, he heard a voice, laughing. "Wh-who's there? Show yourself, coward!" shouted the thief. "My... so you never heard, The Man in Red, are you?" said the voice. "Man in Red? Who the hell is that?" shouted the thief, in fear. Phoenix, however, did not show himself to the thief. However, he jumped around the thief from above, which made the thief saw the red-figure flying around him.

"Want to know the Man in Red? He's a heartless murderer who killed thousands of students in one day," said Phoenix, jumping down and hit the thief. "Huh! What? Thousands?" said the thief, scared. "He's the man who killed thousands of armies in one night," he added, while paralyzing the thief and disappeared.

"And he's the man who kill others just to kill two girls he sought to kill," said Phoenix, impaling the thief with his scythe. "AAARRRGHH!" shouted the thief in pain. "I know you have no choice, but rest in peace," said Phoenix, he took the jar of money and buried the body to honor the thief's death.

"That way, you'll be accepted in afterlife," said Phoenix as he walks away. He returned to the tofu shop and handed over the jar filled with money to the old shopkeeper. "Oh! My money! Thank you!" said the shopkeeper in great joy. "Now, you said you want to renovate this place? I'll help you, but I ask you one thing," said Phoenix to the shopkeeper.

"What is it? Name it," reply the shopkeeper. "I want you to go to the clinic and tell the reception that you're sent by me to take care of Yuki, is that clear?" asked Phoenix. "I maybe old but I hear you clearly, young man," said the shopkeeper. "Good, go now and I'll help you renovate your tofu shop," said Phoenix. So the shopkeeper headed to the clinic and Phoenix was left to repair the tofu shop.

"Well, this will be interesting... with this scythe I could cut down the trees like a vegetable," said Phoenix. He headed towards the forest and carefully cut down the trees with his scythe. With great force released from Phoenix, he managed to cut down the trees around him. He then made it into planks and he used the leftovers to make a playground for children.

Meanwhile, at the clinic, the shopkeeper kept Yuki in company as they talked about Phoenix. "So you're a friend of Phoenix?" asked the shopkeeper. "Yes, he accompanies me to travel to my grandmother in Hokkaido," answered Yuki. "Well he is a good man, he helps me renovate my tofu shop," said the shopkeeper. So Yuki and the shopkeeper spent their time together.

After few hours, Phoenix returned with exhaustion, "Hah, hah, well, tofu shop is now better than ever," said Phoenix. "Oh so you're done, thank you," said the shopkeeper. "Come on now let's go," said Phoenix. The shopkeeper headed outside while Phoenix stayed behind to ask Yuki.

"Yuki, do you like tofu?" asked Phoenix. "What? I do, tofu are my favorites," said Yuki happily. "Well, what are you waiting for, come on, I'll carry you," said Phoenix. Yuki gets up and hold Phoenix as she was being carried. However, before Phoenix could stand, he felt a terrible pain in his head.

"ARGH, NGH! AHHH, my.... Head!" shouted Phoenix, in pain. "Phoenix, are you alright?" asked Yuki, anxiously. "Ahh, don't worry... it's just a headache," said Phoenix, calming Yuki down. So they went out of the clinic and headed to the tofu shop.

As the two arrived, Phoenix saw the shopkeeper, crying tears of joy. "Oh, it's been awhile since then, I wish you could see this, Ryo," said the shopkeeper, stunned as she saw her shop repaired. Phoenix went inside the tofu shop and asked for the best dish in the shop. "How many will it be?" asked the shopkeeper. "Oh, just for the girl," said Phoenix. As he turned around, he saw Yuki sleeping. "Heheh... make that as a takeaway order," said Phoenix. The shopkeeper nodded happily and went inside to the kitchen to make Phoenix's order, while Phoenix, waited outside.

"Why are you standing there for? Come in while you're waiting," said the shopkeeper. While he waited for his order, he saw a luxurious car. A woman came out from the car and stunned on what she saw, "This is... this place is..." said the woman, stunned by the sight she saw.

"Your order is ready, I... oh, you... you came back," said the shopkeeper, put Phoenix's order on the table and ran towards the woman. "KIMIKO!" shouted the shopkeeper as she hugged her daughter. "Oka-san, I'm home," said Kimiko, as she cried for her mother. "Huh... what a beautiful family reunion, I guess I should go now,"

Phoenix left the tofu shop as the shopkeeper reunites with his daughter. He left the small town with Yuki and headed towards Aomori. Before Phoenix could leave, he looked at the small town from the hill. "I'm sure the town will be successful, all thanks to the tofu shop. With their legacy, that town will continue to develop," said Phoenix, as he walked away to Aomori.

In the end, Phoenix and Yuki continued their way to Hokkaido, where Yuki will reunite with his grandmother and where Phoenix will take revenge on Kee and Fiika.
Published: 5/10/2011
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