Final Reunion: College Days

A second Final Reunion installment after "The Final Reunion". Only six victims were included, three people died, three people survived.
One night, two police officers tracked down a shadow on the run. When the two-faced a two-way junction, the first officer suggested to splitting up and thus, the second agrees his suggestion.

However, as the two were separated. The second officer looked side to side to see anything suspicious. When he reached at the end of the street, he was gagged and beheaded. At the same time, the weather has changed.

While the first officer was searching for the murderer, he tried to contact his partner. As he walked through the dark streets, suddenly, he felt that his leg has been pulled from behind. As he turned his back, he sighted the murderer he was looking for.
Though he was terrified that he will die, but he has the courage to pull the gun out. That time, the murderer stabbed the machete he holds to the ground. As the officer take aim of his gun to the murderer, the murderer finished him off by pulling his chains against the sharp edge of the machete.

As the machete cuts through the police officer's body, blood spluttered out all over the murderer's front body. As the blood stopped flowing out, the murderer took out a piece of paper, dipped the paper with blood and wrote "Your pain has only begun; Nightmare will show your death in fear".

The unidentified murderer, known as Nightmare, was rumored to be a psychopath who was murdered 13 students of Saint Mason Secondary School. Investigators that time found no evidence to find motives behind the mass murder. In the end, the rumor that describes that Nightmare was a ghost has been spread out and the murder of year 11A students has been left unsolved and renamed "The Year 11A Massacre".

While Nightmare was busy disposing the bodies of the two police officer, he hid himself as he heard a familiar voice."I've heard that the SMSS year 11B are planning on a reunion," said the JIS student, Fiika.

"Really?! For real! I hope they won't have the same fate as that year 11A. They sure have guts to plan a reunion, even if Nightmare is still around," said Olivia. As Nightmare heard their gossip, he disappeared.

The backbone of the reunion, Eddie, believed that year 11B won't make another incident as same as the year 11A reunion. He made heavier precaution as he issued an evacuation drill. Furthermore, the location he chose was an international hotel known as Royal Ritz. He provided safer security by cutting off the connection route between the mall and the hotel.

Besides being a good planner, Eddie also decides to invite the remainder of year 11A to the reunion. Although the words has been spread through every college in the country, but only a few decides to come. In addition, the flyer that has been shown to every college was read by Nightmare.

At the night of the reunion, the students of year 11B and year 11A were gathered to line up so they could get to the elevator. Meanwhile, the blood eyed man looked down as the cars were coming to drop the students. As he heard the door opening, he ran to hide from the eye of a witness.

One of year 11A, student, Elaine, looked up at the stars as she remembered her classmates. Nightmare sighted her, as he saw her face filled with sadness; he suffered a massive headache due to the flashback. Without taking any more pain, he flees away from her.

While Elaine was thinking about the motives behind her classmates' murder, a door was opened by Camillia, who was checking on her to see if she is alright. Elaine said nothing but thanked Camillia for her concern.

At the emergency stairs, a girl who was willingly to attend her friend's reunion, Nathalie, was walking down the stairs as she remembered that she was supposed to meet her friends at the mall. However, while she was on her way to the ground floor, the door from the first floor was covered with blood.

Nathalie was terrified as she laid her eyes on the fresh blood, thus she ran back up to inform year 11B and 11A. Unfortunately, as Nathalie reached the third floor, her left leg was tied up by a chain.

Although she tried her best to struggle to get out, but the pulling force was so incredible that she didn't have time to get up and when she was pulled down from the stairs, her chin was wounded so badly due to the repeated fall. When she reached the first floor, she met Nightmare.

As Nightmare glared at Nathalie, he remembered that he was ignored by her several times. Nathalie begged to spare her life, however, Nightmare, looked at her as if he won't see her again. In the end, he gagged Nathalie, ripped her back skin and took out her spine with force. After that, he left her to die painfully slow.

Meanwhile, back at the dining hall, Camillia and Elaine were waiting for their friend. While they were waiting, Eddie, who saw Elaine's frowning face, came to their table and told Elaine to cheer up. While the three were talking about their time in college, Eli, the cameraman, records them talking.

While Eli was focusing on everyone's faces, he saw Elaine's sad face. He then focused the camera at Elaine and told her to turn the frown upside down. After hearing what Eli said, Elaine smiled and covered the camera from her face. While the students enjoyed their feast, Nightmare looked down at Elaine.

After hours of waiting, Faith Koh, Elaine's classmate and Camillia friend finally showed up with one plate filled with different kinds of food. Camillia laughed and said that Faith has a big appetite, and Elaine, surprised as she saw Faith, smiled and said that she was glad that she wasn't one of the victims of "Year 11A Massacre".

While the three girls were enjoying their feast, Eli went down to the lobby using the emergency stairs. When he reached the first floor, he saw Nathalie, a beauty who was died in a hideous way.

Without wasting time, Eli recorded the corpse and ran towards the elevator to reach year 11A and 11B quickly. While he was waiting inside the elevator, suddenly, the elevator stopped.

After the elevator stopped, from outside the elevator, Eli scream were heard. After Eli's scream was heard by the staff, thinking the scream came from the reunion; the elevator worked normally and opened the door at the third floor. However, no one was there, but Eli's camera.

Hours had passed, the year 11B and 11A were enjoying their time at the dance hall. Faith and Camillia were dancing happily, except Elaine, who was enjoying her PSP games. While she was playing, she was disturbed by year 11C student, Lester.

Elaine asked Lester about his unexpected appearance. He then answered that he came with Eli, and then he asked why she didn't join Faith and Camillia dance. In the end, Elaine answered that she doesn't interested since the "Year 11A Massacre".

After hearing Elaine's reason, Lester happily and jokingly called her nerd, and he also added that she won't dance without Branden. In the end, Lester left with a smile and told Elaine to cheer up.

While Lester was on his way to the elevator, he felt that he was being followed. Wondering about his feelings of being followed, he thought that it was his imagination. But when he arrived at the elevator, as it opened, he saw Eli's camera.

Looking at Eli's recordings, Lester was shocked as he saw Natalie's corpse and Eli was ambushed by a masked man in the elevator. As he turned around, he saw Nightmare. Lester shivered as his eyes met with Nightmare's.

Without wasting any critical time, Lester gave a jab at Nightmare's lower abdomen. However, Nightmare grabbed Lester's hand and crushed it using his bare hand. As Lester screamed, Nightmare strangled his neck and took him away.

At the isolated place, as Nightmare threw Lester against the wall, Lester rises and ran as quickly as he could. However, as he can't get out, he found out that his legs were chained. Thus Nightmare pulled him up.

As Nightmare took two pens, he pushed the pens into both of Lester's ears. After that, he took both of his eyes out and finally, he cut his tongue. As he finished removing Lester's senses, Nightmare took a knife and skinned him alive.

As Nightmare finished torturing him, he left him to die, hanging upside down. However, Nightmare changed his mind as he saw a fire ax. He took the ax and threw it at Lester's chest. In the end, the ax went through his chest and took out his heart, which was cut to half as soon as the ax hits the wall.

Meanwhile, while the night was getting exciting, suddenly, the manager informs the students of year 11A and 11B to evacuate the building as one of the staff found Nathalie's corpse. Thus, the students followed the instruction as it was planned.

In front of the Royal Ritz International Hotel, Eddie's companion, Richelle, was checking the lists of students who came. However, as she finished made reference with the list, she informed the manager that only 5 people who were still inside the building. Three of the five were Elaine, Faith and Camillia.

The three girls, who didn't receive the evacuation command, were up on the roof to see the stars above and talk about their college days so far. While they were chatting, suddenly, Camillia's phone received a call from Eddie.

As Camillia answered the call, Eddie warns her to tell her friends to get out of the building despite Nightmare's hunt. Camillia replied him and hung up to warn Elaine and Faith. However, as they ready to go out, Faith's leg has been chained, thus pulling her inside. Elaine and Camillia grabbed her hand and thus, they were pulled to Nightmare.

As the three went to a certain room, Elaine saw Nightmare. Seeing his eyes filled with darkness and hatred, Elaine let Faith's hand go despite her fear of the murderer who killed all her friends. Camillia, who concern about Elaine, also let Faith's hand go to comfort her.

As Faith laid her eyes on Nightmare, she saw his entire body stained with blood. As Nightmare raises his ax to finish Faith off, suddenly, he was attacked. A fire extinguisher was fired by Elaine, and Camillia barged in to save Faith.

After Faith came out of the room, Nightmare was looking for the ax he dropped, which was in front of Camillia. Without wasting any time, Camillia took the ax and swung it on Nightmare's chest. Believed that he was dead, the three left him and went down using the elevator.

However, Nightmare didn't die, as he pulled his ax from his chest, he rose up and ran to the elevator. Meanwhile, the three were still waiting for the elevator, didn't realized that it was deactivated due to the evacuation.

After few minutes passed, Faith suggests them to use the stairs. Camillia and Elaine were agreed her because the two, doesn't want more time wasted.

As the three arrived at the emergency stairs, suddenly a chain flew at them and caught Camillia. Thus, Camillia was pulled into a place where Nightmare was. Faith and Elaine chased after her as she tried to hold on with several of objects in the way.

After few doors passed, Camillia met face to face with Nightmare. As she tried to get out from the chains, Nightmare strangled her neck and carried her to the roof. However, Camillia left a trail of chains for Faith and Elaine to catch up.

Nightmare finally reached the roof of the hotel; he went to the edge to drop Camillia to the ground. However, before Nightmare reached the edge of the roof, suddenly, Nightmare was hit by a fully loaded fire extinguisher in the head, making him unconscious.

Faith and Elaine ran towards Camillia to see if she is alright. Fortunately, she was almost died by suffocating. As the tree turned their back, Nightmare gained consciousness.

Before the three went inside the building, Nightmare used his whole chains to catch-all three girls. However, he managed to catch Faith and Camillia in different ends of his chains, thus he tied both of them to a pole so they won't bother him again.

Elaine, who was now left alone, tried to run away from Nightmare. However, Nightmare kicked the fire extinguisher at Elaine, making her trip while she was running. She fell down and sprained her ankle.

As Elaine unable to move faster, Nightmare took out his machete to end her life once and for all. When he raises his hand to finish her, he saw her face filled with sadness.

When he saw her face filled with sadness, Nightmare didn't kill her as he lost control of himself. As he swings his machete at Elaine, he hit the ground instead.

As he tried it again, a voice whispers in her ears, telling her to run while she still can move. However, she was confused, thus Nightmare took a hard swing at Elaine.

Elaine closed her eyes, thinking that she will be finished. After few seconds, she opened her eyes and saw Nightmare stabbed his own heart. He tried to pull it out, but on the other hand, he stabbed his heart deeper and deeper.

As Nightmare fell, he finally pulled out his machete and Elaine untied Faith and Camillia. However, Faith stared closer at Nightmare she could even go down to the lobby.

Suddenly, Faith called Elaine to look at Nightmare. At first, she refused but as Faith told her that Nightmare's eyes were no longer red, she went closer to Nightmare to talk to him.

"In the end, I can't kill you, Faith and Camillia, just because you three are still my friends whom I trust," said Nightmare. As Elaine asked him why he killed year 11A students, Nightmare asked her to take off his mask. Elaine was shocked as she saw Nightmare's face.

"This is the reason why I killed them; they treated me cruelly and unfairly. If they didn't treat me this way, they could still be alive," after Nightmare said it to her, he finally breathes out his last breath.

Faith and Camillia joined her as they knew that Nightmare, the murderer of Year 11A students, died under Elaine's arms. After few minutes of silence, the three finally went down to join their friends.

In the end, the incident caused thousands of damages at The Royal Ritz International Hotel and three lives were lost that night. Ever since then, Nightmare was never heard again.
Published: 12/1/2010
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