Final Reunion: Flight to Australia

A fifth part of "2011 Annihilation".
After Countless days and nights of walking, Bloody Phoenix finally arrives at an airport known as KLIA at Night. As he went in, he realized that he is now an internationally most wanted man for murders and also for going in to a country illegally. So he stayed away around the entrance.

Clueless, Phoenix had no choice but to get his flight by using the hard way, he went towards the airfield and there he saw one guard guarding the entrance. Armed with his chained scythe, he twirls his scythe vertically and thus his blade flew towards the guard and stabbed him in the neck. As finished the guard without exposing himself, he pulled his scythe blade back without even moving a single step. As he got his scythe blade, he continued on his way to the airfield.

An aircraft belonged to the Australian Airlines was coincidentally taking its flight to Australia. As it slowly accelerates, Phoenix took his opportunity to secretly onboard the aircraft. However, it was too late as the aircraft sped off to take off. Without any choices, he twirled his scythe, hoping his blade or chains would tie up with any parts of an aircraft.

Inside the cockpit, two pilots didn't realize that they saw a single man and accidentally ran over him. "What's that?" asked the co-pilot. "Huuh, maybe it's just some rocks on the way," answered the pilot, ignoring outside the aircraft. Down below of the aircraft, Phoenix successfully onboard the aircraft as he stabbed the fuselage with his scythe blade, using the combined impact between his strength force and the speed of the aircraft.

Phoenix's journey to Australia wasn't a very comfortable thing as he had to grip his scythe tightly so he could prevent from falling from a speeding aircraft. Additionally, as the aircraft tilts, he had to separate his scythe blade and his snaith, only connected with long meters of chain.

While Phoenix is gripping his scythe, he smiled sinisterly, "I hope this would be your last flight," said Phoenix, hoping that his flight would be as quick as he hoped for. Meanwhile, somewhere in Australia, Kee and Fiika were safely under surveillance in order to protect them under the order of Jeremiah Protection Program.

"Well, at least things went good, I hope everyone is alright back there," said Fiika. "Yeah, not to mention all my friends in Saint Mason Secondary School, the first killer we heard was Nightmare, now we're dealing with Bloody Phoenix, now I know how it feels like to be in horror movie," said Kee. "Well, don't worry too much, that Bloody Phoenix won't catch up with us, besides, it's impossible for that guy can go overseas to look for us," said Fiika.

"True," said Kee. "But what if he can, take a look of Malaysian breaking news now," added Kee, and she turned on the news channel. "A security guard was found dead last night while he was in his post in KLIA," said the reporter. "According to the autopsy, he was killed by a sharp weapon, stabbed in the neck and cut off the arteries," She added, thus Kee turned off the television.

"See? Who can do that? Normal people wouldn't dare to go this far," said Kee. "Look, we live in Australia. It's a large place, there's no way he could look for us," said Fiika. "But...," said Kee, "Kee, it wasn't easy for us to get here, you know," said Fiika. "If he found us, where else can we run to? You did saw what he did to the army, right?" she added.

"Yeah, I saw the entire thing, so many dead bodies, so many bullets, there's even burning spilled oil, everything. It feels like we're on a battlefield," said Kee. "Yeah, I wish none of this happened, it's not our fault that he existed, it's his will for revenge blames everything," said Fiika. "Yeah, but for some reason, he really did his everything to get us, is revenge means everything to him?" said Kee.

"I don't know, Kee, I don't know," said Fiika. "Dinner's ready, you two," said an elderly woman. "Today we have shepherd pie, you know, my wife is so good making those," said an elderly man. "Wow, it's been awhile for those, come on Kee, let's go," said Fiika cheerfully. "Hahaha, alright," replied Kee, smiling, thus the two on their way to the dining room.

At the high skies of Australian airspace, Bloody Phoenix saw the lightening runway. "Alright, like I said, this would be your last flight," said Phoenix. He once again separates his snaith and his scythe blade. He swings around the aircraft to make himself at the top of the aircraft. As his scythe blade loosens, he took several full horizontal swings to cut the rudder behind the aircraft.

With his long meters of chain, he swings hard to make his scythe blade cut the rudder within one swing. As the scythe blade closes in the fin, he took a strong opposite horizontal swing and cut the fin within one swing. With the fin cut from the aircraft, Phoenix has now a higher opportunity to cut two of the wings both from port and starboard. Inside the cockpit, the pilot has a curiosity that he could turn the rudder easily, not realized that the rudder has been cut off.

As the aircraft has nearly reached the runway, Phoenix jumped and took high vertical swings. Once again, as the scythe blade reached one of wings, he took a strong opposite swing and thus cut the wing from the aircraft. And before the aircraft spins around, he took a quick slash of the other wing, causing the aircraft to fall quickly.

Before Phoenix could fall, he took his one last swing to get the fuselage from one of the wings. As he got the fuselage, he took hold of the fuselage in order to ease his landing. As he reached the ground, he stands on the fuselage and thus he landed safely without causing any risk on himself.

"Hahahaha, this is what happens when you get on board on an aircraft," said Phoenix, as he heard the sound of an aircraft crashed to the ground. As he calmed himself down, continued his way to look for towns and villages. In the end, he continued to walk on his way to look for Kee and Fiika, hiding in Australia.
Published: 2/14/2011
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