Final Reunion: Infinite Vengeance

The third of the "2011 Annihilation" series.
After several weeks searching for the man in red known as The Bloody Phoenix, the police were apparently clueless as Phoenix was only known in rumors. Even though he became the country’s most wanted men, but he was also the man who never leaves a trace.

With Phoenix roaming around, Kee and Fiika were left restless even though they were left under the police surveillance. They have no idea what they and their school have anything to do with Phoenix. While they were sitting safely under the surveillance, Phoenix stabbed himself in a chest in the middle of a forest.

"Why? Why can’t I die? Is it because of this cursed swear?" moaned Phoenix. "If it weren’t for this betrayal, none of this happened, no one died," he added. "Ugh! This pain is unbearable, just like the betrayal she caused," He said, and so he went on his way to find two of his remaining targets to end everything.

"Do you think he’s still looking for us?" asked Kee. "Don’t worry, girls. Just to be sure, your loved ones may be in risk, so we don’t want anyone to be involved just because of you two," said the police officer. "But, our first night weren’t good even though we had our first surveillance by the three security guards," Said Kee.

"Oh, so they weren’t able to take down that man, no worries, this headquarters has a large parking area, so that man has no chance to sneak in. We even contacted the military so they’ll provide us some heavy artillery," added the police officer. "Artillery?" asked Fiika. "Hahaha, not missiles and all, just a few tanks and armored vehicles just to make sure," said the police officer.

The next day, tanks and armored vehicles gathered and surrounded the headquarters in order to protect two of the Jeremiah’s students from one rumored man in red, the Bloody Phoenix. The security was tight as the lights were bright as daylight, lightened up the whole headquarters.

However, even with the stronger securities, they still haven’t sure when will Phoenix show up. Although they waited for too long, they still won’t let their guards down. Inside the headquarters, Kee and Fiika were safe inside a room with no windows, protected by hundreds of heavily armored men.

After hours and hours of waiting, finally, at the stroke of midnight, a hand, stained in dirt and blood, unearthed from the ground. Thus, the bloody Phoenix rises from the ground, preparing to go through heavy obstacles he sighted.

As he charges through, the securities and the armored vehicles opened their fire, shooting nothing but Phoenix charging to the headquarters. After 5 minutes of shootout, Phoenix fell after he received millions of bullets inside his body. The securities ceased their fire and looked at the man in red.

However, with a little movement from Phoenix, the guards gasped as they never witnessed a single man survived millions of gunshots. "Is that all you got? I’m disappointed in you all, that way, you’ll never protect them," said phoenix. "Even when a man fall, you still have to shoot mercilessly," he added, thus continued to charge his way to the building.

No matter how many bullets fired, Phoenix still charge his way through the rain of bullet fired by the guards. When he was closing from their location, the tanks opened fire at Phoenix, one by one. The attacks were far fiercer and deadly compare to the shootout. However, as they looked through the flames, they saw something shocking.

Even with the army tanks, it is still not enough to take down the Bloody Phoenix. As fear struck within the army surrounded the headquarters, Phoenix made his attack and mercilessly killed the men who attacked him, with two of his fists and a single knife.

While he was mercilessly killing the army on his own. One tank took the opportunity to shoot him out, as it fired, Phoenix took the large-caliber bullet with two hands, took hold the large-caliber bullet and made his counter attack using the bullet, finished a single tank by throwing the bullet back to the turret, causing a fatal backfire inside the tank.

After a fierce battle with hundreds of men, several armored vehicles and tanks, Phoenix won single-handedly without the use of artillery. As he walks inside the headquarters, suddenly, he heard a voice. "Impossible, how can you survive the attack? You can’t be a human," said the dying officer.

Phoenix looked at the dying officer, as if he knew that Phoenix wasn’t even human. "Argh, this pain kills me, if you’re a human, you’ll know how it feels like," moaned the officer. "You’re wrong, I was a human once, even if I survive the attack, I can still be in pain, inside and out," said Phoenix, he took the officer’s gun, aiming his head.

"You’re lucky that you’re only in pain from the outside, the pain from the inside is far more painful than the fatal wounds from the outside," he added. "So the two girls you hunted for was the ones created that pain inside you?" asked the officer. "Yes, it was one month ago by one girl, and two years ago by another girl," answered Phoenix. "You don’t have to suffer anymore, dying is one painful way to death, so I have to end your pain," he added, and so he shot the officer’s head, in order to end his pain.

While Phoenix was looking at the devastating view caused by the attack, Phoenix looked up at the sky tainted by smoke and forgives the nature. "Forgive me, from the massacre at Jeremiah to this, I guess the birds flying up in the sky is dying as they went through the smoke," said Phoenix. He had no regrets for the attack and thus he moved forward in order to end everything.

Inside the headquarters, Phoenix charged forward and killed the obstacles that blocked his way. After going through several heavily armed guards, Phoenix finally arrives at a room where Kee and Fiika were held. As he opened the door, he saw Kee pointing her gun at him.

"So you decide to kill me," said Phoenix. "Yes, you killed my friends and the people who tried to protect us. Why are you doing this do us? You killed hundreds of men just to get through and kill us?" said Kee. Phoenix paused as he heard what Kee said to him. "Well, answer me! What do you want from us? Do you want us to die this badly?" asked Kee.

"No, I actually want to kill you two just to satisfy my vengeance," said Phoenix. "Why? Why do you want revenge on us for?" asked Kee. As he heard what she asks, he took a knife and stabbed himself in the heart. Kee and Fiika screamed as they saw him stabbed himself.

"Why are you two screaming for? I can’t die, you know," said Phoenix. "Wha…? Impossible, how and why you can’t die?" asked Kee. "My desire for revenge against you two became too much, until I gained immortality. I don’t feel myself as a human, but surely I’m still a human, even if I have the capable to avoid death, I can still feel the pain from the outside," said Phoenix.

"But why do you want revenge from us? What did we do to you?" asked Fiika. "Like I said, because I have desire for revenge on you two, my reasoning is loneliness," said Phoenix. "Loneliness?" said Kee. "Indeed Kee, loneliness. In the past, you decided to persecute me as lowly human being, believing that I cannot be trusted," said Phoenix.

"You also said I could find happiness when I need to move on, however, no matter how hard I try, even my best friend abandoned me and gave me the most painful thing I had in my mind," he added. "Oh, then what happened?" asked Kee. "She treated me as if she treated me as if she never know me, I feel lonely in this world, even though I tried moving on," said Phoenix.

"With the pains my best friend gave me, added with you and your friend, I become much insane, until I have a desire for revenge," said Phoenix. As Phoenix tried to finish Kee, Fiika pushed Phoenix and tried to fight him. "What are you doing? Get off! I want to finish her off," shouted Phoenix.

Fiika took Phoenix’s knife and stabbed his neck, causing Phoenix losses his blood and unconscious. "Come on, Kee, let’s get out of here before he wakes up," said Kee. Fiika took the gun from her and threw it away. As the two walks away, with the remaining consciousness, Phoenix said something to Fiika.

"You are brave, I also swear to kill Kee before you, so consider yourself lucky," said Phoenix. Fiika ignored his words and continue walks away. After the incident, the headquarters were brutally damaged as if a war took place last night.

In the end, Kee and Fiika decided to hide themselves in Australia, and hoping that the Bloody Phoenix won’t catch up to them. However, at the Estuary port, the man in red set off to catch up with Kee and Fiika by sea, as he knew where they headed to.

"I will take my revenge on you two, even if it takes going to another country," said Phoenix, thus he disappeared at the sea, going on his way to Australia to hunt for Kee and Fiika for vengeance.
Published: 2/11/2011
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