Final Reunion: Lost Soul

The fourth part of "2011 Annihilation". The story took place in Malaysia.
It has been many days and nights in the middle of the ocean, the Bloody Phoenix carried on finding Australia where Kee and Fiika headed to. While he on his way to the south side of the country, he unexpectedly faced a raging storm, causing his boat to sink, leaving Phoenix clinging on a plank, never knew where he headed by following the waves.

Few days later, Phoenix found himself lying on the beach, surrounded by armored men. "This must be the rumored man in red, I heard he can take out a small army," said the armored man. "Hmmm, it really is him! Apprehend him before he could take a move!" shouted another armored man. And thus, all the men apprehended Phoenix with haste.

"My, oh my," sighed Phoenix, "You paranoids think you could handle me? We'll see about that," he added. As he finished his small whine, the armored men ran as far as they could. However, it is too late for them. As Phoenix break free from the chains, he finished the armored men within a short time, one by one.

"What a bother, if you heard about the man in red who could take down an army, why don't you run away," said Phoenix as he walks away. While he was walking away, suddenly, he heard a voice. "Um, excuse me," said a little girl's voice, "Who's there?" asked Phoenix. Phoenix looked around, and thus, he saw a young girl.

"Who are you? Aren't you supposed to be afraid when you saw a man in blood stains?" asked Phoenix. "Unfortunately no, you see, I'm already dead," said the young girl. Phoenix and the girl were motionless within a minute, but then Phoenix came closer to the ghost.

"Who did this to you? Aren't you supposed to be up above?" asked Phoenix. "Yeah, but I died in a dirty condition, in other words, I was... I was...," said the ghost girl. "Hmmm, I understand, the answer on how you died doesn't matter to me. All that matters to me is to find person who killed you and take revenge on your behalf," said Phoenix.

At first, the ghost intended to be invisible, but as she saw Phoenix's eyes, she asked, "You're not a human, are you?" Phoenix paused as he was humiliated that even a girl could find out that he was not human. "Actually, I was, but now, with my desires for vengeance, I become less of a human, more of an immortal," said Phoenix. The ghost girl came closer to him, ask him to sit down.

"Actually, you should consider yourself lucky, you lived on for revenge," said the ghost girl. "Trust me, I'm actually quite envious that you died, I tried to die, but I can't because of my cursed swear," said Phoenix. "Well, I guess I should considered myself lucky, when I was alive, my teacher used to tell me that immortality is the saddest thing ever craved for humans," replied the ghost girl.

"Well, I guess we should go now, that man who killed you must be around at this night," said Phoenix. "What? Are you really going to do this? I never thought an immortal would do anything to make a ghost move on, thank you," said the ghost girl. Thus, Phoenix and the ghost girl went on their way to the place where the girl was killed.

"By the way, I was known as the Bloody Phoenix, but call me Phoenix, what's your name?" asked Phoenix. "Emily, Emily Chen," said the ghost girl. "Emily? Charming name, even if you're a ghost, I could see your innocent looks," said Phoenix, "Hahaha, stop it, a ghost can blush, you know," replied Emily. "Hehehe, I never know that, anyway, we're almost there, you just go disappear, while I'm waiting for that man,"

Phoenix hid in the bushes as Emily told him that the man only appears when a young girl walks on their way home. After hours of waiting, he saw a young Chinese girl walking home, and at the opposite direction, he saw the man in black casuals.

"It's him, he's the one who killed me," said Emily. Before he could make a move, Phoenix let the man take his opportunity to disturb the girl. "Hey beautiful, you know you're not supposed to be alone at night, why don't you let me escort you," said the man in black.

The girl scared and ran as fast as she could. However, no matter how fast she can run, the man could still catch up to her. As the man caught her, he took hold of the girl from struggling, causing her unconscious.

The man went too far as he ripped the girl's clothes off, but before he could stripped the girl, he heard a male voice. "My, what happened to Malaysians these days, so perverted, so lustful," said Phoenix, the man looked around but he saw nothing but trees and branches. "Who's there? Don't make me kill that girl!" shouted the man.

"Hahahaha, if you mean who, you mean what," said Phoenix. The man went confused, and looked around up and down to see if another person spying on him. However, all he could see was trees and branches, but no sign of a person hiding.

"Seriously, I'm going to kill her!" said the man, anxiously. Suddenly, he heard a voice from behind, "How could you kill her when I'm carrying her now," said Phoenix. The man froze as he saw the man stained in blood. "Wh... who are you?" asked the man, shaking. Phoenix didn't answer his question; instead, he glared at him with fear and terror in his eyes.

The man didn't do anything as he only dropped his knife despite his unbearable fear. "Why are you shaking? I thought you're strong for a pervert like you, you even killed a fourteen year old girl," said Phoenix. "Wha... I don't know her," said the man.

"Is that man is the culprit, Emily?" asked Phoenix. "Emily?" said the man. "No... no, it's not possible, she's dead. How can she tell you that I killed her?" said the man. "Unless you... You're not a human, are you?" asked the man. "Indeed, but that is the logic you can't accept for a pervert like you, you, after all, are billion years too early to know about me," said Phoenix.

As he finished his reply to the man, he threw the unconscious girl up to the sky, charge towards the man and gave him uppercuts and lower jabs. As he looked behind as he knew that the girl would fall. The man, without wasting time, he took a knife and tried to stab Phoenix.

Before he could stab him, Phoenix stabbed the man and tear out his heart. He took the heart and catches the unconscious girl. As Phoenix lie the girl down, he looked at the man's heart. "My, you have a pure red heart, but your mind for lust stained your heart, rest in peace," said Phoenix. "Finally, I can rest now," said Emily.

"Heh, I know, it's over for you now, huh?" said Phoenix. "Yeah, but not exactly, try to look under the fallen leaves," said Emily. He followed what Emily says, as he digs through the scattered leaves, he found a chained scythe.

"It's a scythe, is it belonged to the man?" asked Phoenix. "Yes, he killed me using that when I managed to run far from him. It's yours now, after all, it's bizarre for the police to found a weapon like that," said Emily. Thus Emily saw the light up above and disappeared, "I guess I'm going to miss you, Emily, I hope you'll have a great life there," said Phoenix.

As Phoenix succeed to avenge Emily, he took the unconscious girl home and thus, he continued his journey through Malaysia to south, hoping that he could take his own revenge on Kee and Fiika in Australia.
Published: 2/12/2011
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