Final Reunion: Social Killing

It is called "Final Reunion Specials", it happened before "2011 Annihilation".
The Countenance tome is the most well-known social website from all over the world. Many people set up there as a link to make connection with people they have never met or preferably, to make contact with their families who are going overseas.

The Countenance is also opened up to people who want to expand their business to global; some people believe that by using the Countenance, they will never bother for advertisement expenses and they will have large income in return. Life went easier ever since the existence of the Countenance, until one news broadcast appeared that shocked the world.

On far west of Malaysia, one Chinese girl died with her computer on. The police claimed that it is impossible for a murderer to kill a person in a locked room. However, according to the report, her last website she visited before her death was Countenance.

Puzzled and bothered by the mysterious death of the girl, the Malaysian government warns their citizens to be very careful when visiting the Countenance. In the end, life on Malaysia went normal even though fear has struck down within its society.

Even though there were no further reports about mysterious deaths on Malaysia. However, the nightmare soon grew from nation to nation as another mysterious death occurred on the Philippines. It may from the Philippines but shockingly, it was completely similar to the Chinese girl in Malaysia.

Reports regarding about the mysterious deaths of the Countenance users rose as the police had no idea what caused their death as they went to the Countenance. While the authorities do nothing and clueless, the deaths of the Countenance users continuously rise.

When the population in Southeast Asia is drastically falling, a Southeast Asian representative from Malaysia flew to the United States to negotiate with the creator of the Countenance regarding about the deaths of the Countenance users in Southeast Asia.

As he arrived to the Countenance Headquarters, the representative were puzzled as other regions such as Europe, Africa, South America and Far East Asia had no experience in the mysterious death of their populace. While he was in America for weeks, the population in Southeast Asia fell with their drastic limit with unimaginably higher death rates.

The nightmare of the continuous deaths of the Countenance users has reached its worse, leaving senior citizens, middle-aged citizens and young children as the rising deaths of the Countenance users were mostly young adults.

While the Southeast Asian countries feared the further deaths of its citizens, a cram group from Jeremiah International School was busy researching for the School Open Day. When they tired of researching in manual way, Josh, the leader of the group, suggested the research through the internet.

"This is tiring, it's impossible for us to do this within one week," complained Josh. "True, if we research this through the internet, things would be going easier," added Patrick. "Yeah, besides, what kind of library that bought every book from all over the country, that would make our school bankrupt," said Tasha, giggling.

"Tasha, this isn't the good time for jokes, you know what the teacher said when we don't finish our research within a week," said Josh. "Hmmm, I have an idea," said Fiika. "The news said that people died when they visited the Countenance," she added.

"Well, that's true, but so what?" asked Josh. "Well, if we're doing the research without going to the Countenance, everything will be going well," said Fiika. "Hmmm, great idea, I should give you credit for that," said Josh. "However, in order to avoid someone from visiting the Countenance, I suggest we use the school computer, I'll ask my teacher for that,"

The conversation of the group ended as they finally agreed on the same matter. Tasha and Patrick were busy doing the creativity while Josh went to the admin office to obtain permission to use the school computer. While the three were busy for their research, Fiika went around finding her friend, Kee.

Meanwhile, at the class of year 11, Kee was busy doing her assignments which the due date was tomorrow. She soon took a short rest when she heard someone calling out for her. "Kee, I have good news," said Fiika, cheerfully. "Hehe, what is it?" asked Kee.

"Josh finally agreed that we should use computers to speed up our research. But on one condition," said Fiika. "One condition?" asked Kee. "Yeah, he said we have to use the school computer just to make sure we didn't end up going to the Countenance," said Fiika. "Well, at least our school research can be done sooner, if only we suggested that earlier," said Kee.

"Come on, be happy, like I know you can do that," said Fiika. "Hehe, yeah, sure, I didn't have much to do at the Countenance anyway. Come on, let's go see Josh," said Kee, leaving with Fiika to the admin building. While the two were on their way to the admin building, suddenly Fiika saw a red-figure from the forest.

"Hey Fiika, what is it?" asked Kee. "Oh, um, nothing, let's just go," answered Fiika. "Are you sure? You seemed like you saw a ghost," said Kee. "Really, it's nothing, it's just my imagination," said Fiika. While the two continued their way to the admin, the red-figure disappears as it notices that Fiika saw it. The two finally arrived at the admin building, and they met the group.

"Oh, Kee, it's you," said Tasha. "Are you going to help us out?" asked Patrick. "You guys, you know I help Fiika, but you can exclude me for a credit, it's your research," said Kee. "Really, but if you helped us a lot, I should give you a credit," said Patrick. "Shhh, I hear Josh is talking," said Fiika.

"What? What do you mean rejected? Don't you see the news, people died because of that website!" shouted Josh. "Josh, I know you and I understand the current situation these days but you can control yourself from going to that website, you can't just depend on us, you had to rely on yourself," said the clerk office.

"But maam..." pleaded Josh. "I'm sorry but the principal says no computer request from the students, only teachers. "Aww, alright..." said Josh. "Don't worry, I'm sure the principal will give you a chance," said the clerk office. "Yeah, sure, thanks," said Josh.

"What happened?" asked Tasha. "Well, we weren't allowed to use the school computer, I guess, we had to come over to my room to finish the research," said Josh. "But what about the Countenance?" asked Fiika. "Stop, stop talking about that crap, I won't go to the Countenance, you do not have worry about it," said Josh.

"Well, I guess that settles, huh?" said Tasha. "Yeah, we had to do our research without depending on the authorities," said Josh. The group finally calls it a day as they agree to go to Josh's room to finish their research. However, before the day could turn tomorrow, Josh had to check out the news about the Countenance users' deaths.

As he busy reading countless of articles about the mysterious deaths of the Countenance users, suddenly, a window popped up. It is a blank, until a confirmation button appears. Josh can't close the window, so he had no choice but to click confirm.

As he clicked the confirmation button, suddenly, another window popped up. When the window had finished buffering the website, shockingly, it shows Josh's Countenance homepage. He quickly closes the window, and went out from his room. As he managed to get out, he breathes deeply and quickly, worried if he would be involved.

Before he could walk, he suddenly fell down. He could not get up; instead, blood came out from his eyes, mouth ears and nose. He was left in front of his doorway at night. Unaware of Josh's death, other students in same dorm went in to their beds and getting ready for tomorrow.

The next morning, a group of investigators came in as Josh's body were discovered, covered with maggots and swarmed with flies. Fiika, Kee, Patrick and Tasha were speechless as they discovered that their friend was dead.

"How can this be happening?" said Tasha, tearfully. "I don't get it, he did said that no one would dare to access to the Countenance, why did he accessed it?" wondered Patrick. "Perhaps a suicide?" said Fiika. "Fiika, just don't say such reckless things, Josh wouldn't commit suicide," said Kee.

"Well, whatever that is, we won't let that happen again. Everyone, come into my room, we'll finish our research for Josh," said Tasha. Everyone strongly agrees as they had to finish their research for Josh's sake. As they finally agreed on the same matter, the group decided to stay in Tasha's room in order to finish their research.

"Well, I guess, we almost finished it, Josh would be glad to see this," said Tasha. "Whoa~, I'm beat, everyone care for a pizza?" said Patrick. "Hehehe, you know, you should order a patty, Patrick," said Fiika, giggling. "Oh hahaha, you think I'm Patrick Star, well you're wrong. Come on, let's order some pizza," said Patrick.

As they finished having dinner with pizzas, Kee and Fiika went home as they had to finished their unfinished assignments. However, Patrick had to stay in with Tasha for the night because it of the late night curfew.

"Hey Patrick, you know I have some work to do," said Tasha. "Yeah yeah, I know. Don't worry, I won't bother you," said Patrick. "Well, just do as you please, just don't disturb me," said Tasha, while she was starting her work. Patrick kept his words, as he did nothing but glued on a computer, playing video games.

One late night, Patrick is still wide awake. Suddenly, a chat window appeared. It was blank at first, until a name called "V" says "Hello". Patrick froze at first, but then he reply.

V: Hello.

Tasha_101: Who is this?

V: Is this Tasha?

Tasha_101: No, who are you?

V: Forget about my name, who are you and where is Tasha?

Tasha_101: She's sleeping.

V: Oh, I see. Never mind then, tell her I said hello.

As Patrick finished his conversation with V, he closed the chat window and took a rest on the desk. While he was resting, a fluid dripping from the desktop and it kept continuously dripping. Meanwhile, Kee was sleeping, and at the same time struggling, as it she was having a nightmare.

The next morning, Tasha screamed and her scream were heard from all over the school dorm, waking up other students and alerting the teachers and staffs. "Pa...Pa...Patrick, he... he... he...," said Tasha, frightfully as she pointed on Patrick. The teacher in charge looked closer and suddenly she turned her back as she shockingly saw Patrick's blood, dripping on the floor, creating a puddle of blood.

"This can't be happening, Patrick, why? Why do you have to go too?" cried Tasha. At that moment, Kee went inside Tasha's room and saw Patrick's body being packed into a body bag. "What happened to Patrick?" asked Kee. "Same thing happened to Josh, can't believe he had to die now," moaned Tasha.

"I guess we have no choice then, we had to do the research by manual," said Kee. "But..." said Tasha, "No buts Tasha, if we want to finish our work without losing more people, we had to do it on manual, without computer," said Kee. Tasha refuses at first but finally agrees with Kee.

That night, at Kee's room, Tasha and Fiika, together with Kee, finishes their research work. After tireless of hard work and teamwork, they finally finished their research work for the school open day. "Wow, I'd never thought we finished it sooner," said Tasha, surprised.

"See Tasha, with determination and teamwork, we managed finished it without even depending on technology," said Kee. "Yeah, I suppose that's true," replied Tasha. As the three girls spent their time chatting, they never noticed that Tasha's computer was activated on its own.

"I must be impressed that you still have safe, Tasha," a said a voice from the computer. "Wha..., who... who are you?" asked Tasha to the voice from the computer. "My name is Yellow A.I, the first artificial intelligence naturally created from a real human being,"

"You're the one who dwells the Countenance website and killing all their users?" asked Kee. "I am afraid that is my priority, the Southeast Asians has become much more hostile to the other world, and so I have to maintain order and eliminate the threats existed within the area," said the A.I.

"But you're killing the innocents as well," said Fiika. "That has nothing to do with my process to eliminate threats," said the, A.I. "Well, what about Josh and Patrick?" asked Tasha. "Josh has many types of issues according to the school records, whereas Patrick, he has violated the agreement between the curfew and staying with a girl overnight," Answered A.I.

"However, my presence is to eliminate Tasha," said A.I. "M... me? Why me?" asked Tasha. "I am afraid this is a classified reason, farewell Tasha," said A.I, thus it gave strange visuals, killing Tasha just as she stared at the strange visuals.

"TASHA!!!" shouted Kee. "WHY? WHY DO YOU HAVE TO KILL HER?" asked Kee, furiously. "It is because I have my own reason to kill her," answered A.I. "Reason... REASON? Are you even an artificial intelligence? You don't have feelings or reasons," said Fiika.

"As I said before, I was an artificial intelligence naturally created from a human being, his memory preserved inside mine, his mind orders me to follow the higher authority and eliminate the mistakes dwelling in Southeast Asia, he is also believed that they caused his death in the past,"

"Real human being, so his mind was saved before he died?" asked Fiika. "Affirmative, he managed to create the Yellow A.I before he died, swearing for revenge against the culprits who betrayed him," said the, A.I.

"However, you and your friend have nothing to do with him, so in conclusion, do not stand in my way to fulfill his revenge," said A.I. After saying that, A.I disappears into the cyberspace, leaving Kee and Fiika to live.

"Well, at least we're alive," said Fiika. "Yeah, but I feel bad for Tasha, who is that person anyway? I hope this incident won't happen again" said Kee. In the end, Kee and Fiika left the room, leaving the computer shutting down.
Published: 2/7/2011
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