Final Reunion: The End of Jeremiah

The eighth part of "2011 Annihilation". It is also the first appearance for Lucifer, who destroyed Jeremiah International School.
After staying at the inn in Aomori, Phoenix and Yuki make their way to the port so that they could go to Hokkaido. "Phoenix…" called Yuki. "Yeah? What is it, Yuki?" asked Phoenix. "Where will you go after you help me reached my grandmother?" asked Yuki, Phoenix paused and clueless about what he had to say.

"Yuki… you will be happy with your grandmother, I’ll be bother if I’m around you," said Phoenix. "No, you always make me happy all this time, I know it’s a short time, but I feel comfortable being with you," said Yuki. Phoenix looked at the sky, confused on what he had to say to Yuki. Suddenly Phoenix sighted a shooting star, which gave him an idea.

"Yuki look! A shooting star," said Phoenix, pointing at the shooting star. "Oh, that’s not just a shooting star, that’s Lucifer, the fallen star, Oka-san used to tell me stories about it," said Yuki. "Oh, I see, well it seems that it headed to the west," said Phoenix. "Oh, seems like that. Ah! We’re going to miss our departure, let’s go!" said Yuki as she took Phoenix’s hand and rushed to the boat.

At the same time, in Sapporo, Kee and Fiika saw a shooting star that headed to the west. "My… what a beautiful shooting star," said Kee. "Hehe… It seems like Lucifer, just like a story, a fallen star fell from the heavens at dawn," said Fiika. "Wow, how did you know all that?" asked Kee to Fiika. "A friend of mine used to tell me stories about it. He wanted to be an astrologist" said Fiika.

"Wow… I’m sure he’ll make it. Anyway, let’s go, we don’t want to worry Masa-san," said Kee. "Oh, okay, let’s go," said Fiika, so the two went home quickly to Masahiro's house. However, little they know that the shooting star that headed west made the stories about Lucifer more terrifying as the shooting star crashed on earth, near to a school known as Jeremiah.

From the past few months, Jeremiah International School activities was halted due to the incidents caused by Bloody Phoenix, the infamous "Man in Red". As months passed, the horrific incident was buried by other activities sponsored by other companies, which made Jeremiah took an opportunity for a reopening.

As the shooting star crashed on earth, one shadow in flames surfaced from the ground, wielding with a katana, a man in white made his first step on earth. Worried that his weapon katana might be broken, he cut down the trees around him with one blow, which made him convinced that his weapon is in good shape.

"Plagues… must be destroyed," mumbled the man in white, as he walk towards Jeremiah International School. Coincidentally, the principal of Jeremiah made his speech about the reopening of Jeremiah International School. "Despite the last incident we have suffered, we hope that with advanced security, we will guarantee the safety of the students of Jeremiah," said the principal.

As the principal continued his speech, at the entrance to Jeremiah, two security guards tried to block an uninvited guest. "I’m sorry but only invited guests only, furthermore we can’t trust you because you carrying that sword, which made a threat, other people will panic," said the security guard.

"Oh, so you humans are so partial, greedy and created envy among others. Perhaps I have no choice then," said the man in white. He unsheathed his katana and made a single, which made a devastating blow to the security guard, killing him in an instant. The other security guard froze as he saw his subordinate was sliced into smaller pieces. "Sinners are deserved to be killed, if you’re his follower, then die," said the man in white, stabbed him on the chest.

However, the security guard is still alive, dying, which made the man in white sighed. "Are you that persistent? To protect your incompetence, to protect your arrogance, to protect your pride which made envy," said the man in white. Although the security guard was stabbed, the man in white made one blow, which dispersed the security guard in the air as he was thrown in the air.

"This facility is filled with no love, only greed, pride and wrath. Creating the plague called envy to all humans who entered them," said the man in white, approaching to the ceremony. He unsheathed his katana before he made his move by climbing up the stage while the principal made his speech.

"Who are you? You’re not from here!" said the principal to the man in white. "I am Lucifer, and I come here to destroy the plague that caused humans to corrupt. This facility was meant to create all plague," said Lucifer. "Hahaha, what are you? Mad? This facility is huge, there’s no way, you could tear it down," shouted the principal to Lucifer.

"Oh, it’s that so? So what happened before today?" asked Lucifer. "What? I… I don’t know," said the frightened principal. "Oh, then very well," reply Lucifer. He unsheathed his katana and stabbed the principal in the abdomen.

"Nghhh! How could you?!" shouted the principal. Lucifer then stabbed both the principal’s leg and arms, "stay where you are and enjoy the demolition," said Lucifer. Lucifer ran inside the facility and destroyed everything. The feared guests and the principal did nothing but witnessed their work being destroyed.

While Lucifer was tearing the classrooms apart from building to building, when Lucifer went on his way to the sixth form building, he saw four gas cylinders caged outside the kitchen. "My, oh my, this could be interesting," said Lucifer.

Taking one of the gas cylinders, Lucifer placed the gas cylinder at the center of the sixth form building, and he repeated the same process to the other buildings using the remaining gas cylinders. As he finished, he went back to the principal and his guests.

"So you ruined our work, what will happen next, huh?" asked the principal. Lucifer went silent, and took the principal’s watch. "Watch as this hand strikes at 8 AM. Your facility ends now," said Lucifer. At the same time, Jeremiah International School building facility blown up, one by one.

"What in the world? This is terrorism!" shouted the principal. "This is not terrorism, this is retribution for creating envy within others and pride to yourself," said Lucifer. "Also, this is not possible because I used the gas cylinders, so this is an accident, not terrorism," he added.

"Now tell me, former principal, when that incident happened, who are the two girls who is still alive?" asked Lucifer. "What? I’ll never tell, it’s classified," said the principal. "Very well, I shall take your life as an agreement," said Lucifer, unsheathed his katana and points his blade at the principal’s eyes.

"It’s… It’s Kee. Kee and Fiika, they’re our year 11 students, tell me, what is your purpose on finding them?" asked the principal. "I want to hunt for that man, the man in red," said Lucifer. "Oh, he’s the most wanted man now, so you can find him easily," said the principal.

"Also, I want to kill those two as they cause the existence of that man," said Lucifer. He took a single blow on the principal’s neck and decapitated him. As he finished, he unsheathed his katana and set his journey to find Kee and Fiika, the two girls who were hunted by Bloody Phoenix.

As Lucifer vanished, the police and fire department rushed to the facility. The reopening ceremony for Jeremiah International School went into nightmare as the principal and his guests were killed in front of the facility.

"Man! I’m glad I never attend that opening ceremony. Surely that’s Phoenix guy was doing all that," said one police officer. "I don’t think so, all he did was killed the students, blowing up the building is too extreme," said another police officer.

Suddenly, one fireman interrupt the conversation, "Sir, there’s no traces of bombs," said the fireman. "Well now, if it’s accident, why the principal and his guests were killed out front?" questioned the police officer. "Ugh! Another thing is, the principal’s head was more beheaded, possibly a sword. No machete can do that clean cut," said another police officer.

In the end, because of the facility was completely destroyed by the explosion, and the principal, who was also the director of the school, were killed. Jeremiah International School has finally met its end.
Published: 5/17/2011
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