Final Reunion: The Forgotten Path

The continuation of Final Reunion: 2011 Annihilation.
Three weeks after an incident occurred at Jeremiah International School, Kee and Fiika were under protection of the police. The two were considered as witnesses and victims. They were not allowed to go around without the confirmation from the higher authorities.

One night, only three security guards were on duty, one watches the front gate, the other watches the back house and the last one guards the entrance to the house. The security guard who watches the back house was careful, he checked around the area and walks around the back area for five minutes.

Suddenly, a noise was heard and the security from the front gate went to the back house to see if everything is alright. When he arrived there, he saw the man in red, the Bloody Phoenix. He was shaking as he saw Bloody Phoenix took out one of his officer’s intestines.

Phoenix tied the dead officer’s neck using the intestines he took out from him and hanged them on the tree branch, higher enough for a person on the first floor to see. When the first security guard attacks him, he gave him a lower jab and continuously punched him in the face until he was severely injured.

As the security fell, he took out his gun to finish him off. However before he could pull the trigger, his hand was grabbed by Phoenix. He attempt to pull off his arm by pulling with an amazing force, he unleashed a brutal pain to the security as he finally pulled his arm off. He used the arm and strangled him to finish him off.

Inside the house, Fiika screamed as she saw a dead body hanging and intestines as a rope. She woke Kee and informs the security guard that she saw a hanging dead body. But before she could reach to the front entrance, Kee and Fiika saw one dead body and the man in red.

"Well, now do you see why your struggle is futile, even this dead piece of trash won’t beat me," said the Bloody Phoenix, kicking and stepping the head of a dead security officer. "First you killed my friends and teachers, you let me and Fiika live, and now you want to kill us?" said Kee. Bloody Phoenix was paused after he heard what Kee said.

"Oh my, Kee, have you ever wondered why people is at war? It’s because for power and wealth. You and your friend are wealthy, but your kindness towards others is as weak as a twig. Your persecution and ignorance hurts some human’s feelings, and so I have to break you like a twig," said Bloody Phoenix, and he threw a knife at her, but saved by Fiika.

Kee and Fiika ran through the back door of the house and ran as fast as they could."Those two are closer, seems that they are like sisters," thought Phoenix."But I don’t mind how good Kee’s progress are, as long as she never forget herself, I’ll spare her. But now it’s too late, I have no choice but to kill her."

The two ran towards another path as they knew that Phoenix would catch up to them if they went through the highway. However, as the two went further, they went towards the forest which is engulfed with darkness.

With only light emanated from Kee’s cell phone, the two followed the path which believed it was made few years ago. Kee and Fiika did not know where the path leads, but they hoped that they will get out of the forest without detected by Phoenix.

Meanwhile, while looking around, Phoenix grew bored looking for a car to catch up with Kee and Fiika. He took a rock and threw it highly at the highway, as a car passes by coincidence; the driver was killed instantly as he got hit by a falling rock. It gave the opportunity for Phoenix to catch up with Kee and Fiika faster, but he went on search for them on foot.

After looking around for Kee and Fiika, his last place for his search is another path. As he arrived at the forest, he looked at the path, which it was forgotten and left undisturbed, causing the trees and plants to grow. "I understand how the path feels," thought Phoenix,"It feels lonely and abandoned, just like the time when that person learned to abandon the person who never done anything wrong to her."

Kee and Fiika grew tired as they walked and walked through the forest. When Kee started to faint, Fiika told her not to give up. "Kee, l…look, I can see the way out," said Fiika. Kee and Fiika, ignoring the fact that they were tired of exhaustion, ran towards the way and successfully got out from the woods.

Not knowing where they are, Kee and Fiika followed the road until the two encountered a roundabout. As Kee thought twice, she decided to take a rest under the lamp post. Meanwhile, Phoenix decided not to catch up with them using the forgotten path; instead, he went through the highway as he knows the way out.

While the two were resting, Fiika started to wonder about the man in red. "Hey Kee, about that red man… He killed our teachers and friends without a reason. They did nothing wrong to him but why he killed them, all of them?" asked Fiika. "I don’t know, but it’s good that he let us live that time," answered Kee.

"But I feel isolated, most of my friends were killed, I don’t know where would I go with that psychotic killer around," said Fiika. "Hey, you’re not isolated, I’m here with you," said Kee, cheering Fiika up. "Thank you, I’m glad you’re still alive, and I’m glad we’re alive," said Fiika, thus the two walked straight to see where they ended up.

After miles and miles of walking, Phoenix continuously walks until they could catch up with Kee and Fiika. As he approached to the bridge, he knew that the two must head towards to the Huge hyper-mart, so he walked at exactly opposite where the Huge hypermart is located.

At far distance where Phoenix is, Kee and Fiika found out that they end up walking through the Stove Village. They went through all the places so they could get help, but they had no luck for assistance. At the same rate of time, Phoenix reached and went through the Forestry Village, a village next to Stove Village.

Kee and Fiika walked through the Stove Village until dawn, but their struggle was never in vain as the two approached the police headquarters, at the outskirts of the Stove Village. Kee and Fiika have finally escaped from the nightmare they were running from.

However, they never realized that Phoenix is still in search for them. Even though it was dawn, he still walked through the Stove Village to look for the two. While he was walking on his way to hunt the two, he grinned as he knew that the two would reached the police headquarters. "Kee, you will surely pay dearly for not dying peacefully like your bodyguards. And I’ll make sure that you and that girl will vanish once and for all,"

Even if it takes many days for him, the Bloody Phoenix still walks around, looking for Kee and Fiika, to end their lives.
Published: 1/31/2011
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