Final Reunion: The Madness of a Desperate Man

This is not related about "2011 Annihilation". It was a story about a ghost seekers stayed in a house with a horrifying past. Little they know, that some of the seekers knew the person who lived in the house.
Family is a group of loved ones, attached with bonds that cannot be replaced and share happiness together. It does not matter on who is related by blood, as long a group care for each other, they are called family. The large family can be grateful to have new young members of the family as they create more love among families.

However, not every person can be grateful on who they have now, as one young man, lived together with his family in a two story, killed his own family with a chainsaw and killed himself by scratching himself to death with a knife in the entrance. Since that day, the neighborhood around the house went silent as the house is haunted with the most terrifying incident.

Some neighbors are too terrified at night, as they see an apparition of young man scratching himself with a knife on Thursday nights. Some even move further away from the house or even move to another town as they feel uncomfortable with the presence inside the house.

One faithful night, a group called Ghost Seekers heard about the house and decided to stay there for the night to detect the presence of the rumored apparition. The group is consisted with 5 young men and 2 young women. One of them is Waf and Carol, the youngest seekers in the group.

The admin of the seekers warned the group that the house is filled with hate and despair. He also warned them to be careful not to say a word at midnight, the group agreed and thus they went inside the House. Waf's friend, Izz, looked around every inch of the house and shivered in fear as he saw the haunting feature of the house.

At twilight, the seekers ate their dinner in the kitchen, lightened up with lamps around every corner. Suddenly they heard a sound from upstairs, the bravest seeker in the group, Omar, decided to check the first floor. Carol's friend, Ziq, asked him to be careful. Thus, Omar moved forward into the darkness.

With only the lamp to light his path, Omar was shocked as he saw blood stained clothes hanging on the furniture. Believed that the bloodstains were made during the incident, he decided to look further. As he arrived at the dead-end, he called his group from below.

"This is Omar, first floor area is clear," said Omar. "Good, then get down there, there's nothing but old stuff inside those rooms, so don't bother checking them out first," said Ali, the admin of the seekers. "Alright, but we'll check it out when the time comes, right?" asked Omar enthusiastically. "Yeah, sure thing," answered Ali reluctantly. Thus Omar went back to regroup with his friends.

However, while he was on his way, his lamp went out. "Crap, should've taken those new batteries with," babbled Omar. He called Ali for assistance and waited for his coming in the darkness. While he was thinking about his personal matter, he heard footsteps coming from behind him.

"W... Who's there?" said Omar. "If that's you, Hassan, it's not funny!" he added. "Well now, isn't that ironic? You got the nerve to say that, even for me," said the voice in the darkness, Omar shivered in fear as he heard an unfamiliar voice. "Where are you? Stop it, man. That's not cool," said Omar.

"Well now, Omar, it's been awhile, how are you?" asked the voice in the darkness. Omar went awkward to hear such question, he answered the voice but then he heard his own voice answered the question, "I'm fine, where you are studying now? Technical school, may be? Why don't go to college? Is it because you're poor?" said Omar's voice rudely.

Omar denied that he never answered in that manner, "Face it Omar. That voice is you, you and your friends ignored me till the end, you never even hang out with me and you never always will," said the voice in the darkness. Suddenly the lights turned on, but the lights were blood stained.

While the lights were flickering, Omar saw a young man with a large knife on his hand and severely scratched injuries on his body. Omar was too terrified to run as the man went towards him quickly. The lights continued to flicker as the man killed Omar by stabbing him repeatedly until his entire body were minced. The lights went out for a moment and flickered again as the man spread Omar's minced body on the ground.

Meanwhile, Ziq worried about Omar as she realized that Omar has gone for a long time. Then, Ali realized that he supposed to get the batteries for Omar. He slowly went upstairs and called for Omar, but he only heard nothing. Worried and frustrated, he went to the corridor and he felt a squishy feeling on his feet.

As he lightened the floor, he was shocked as he saw fresh blood on the floor. He went terrified and quickly went downstairs as he saw Omar's face on the ground. He told his group to leave at once as he told them that Omar has been killed.

The group then screamed in terror as they heard about Omar's death. Miz hurriedly went back to the entrance to get out from the house. The other group then followed Miz to the entrance, only then they saw Miz standing in front of the glass sliding door, frozen in fear.

As the group got closer, Carol intends to scream as she saw an apparition sitting on the bench, holding a knife. Ali quietly orders the group to turn off their lamps to avoid the apparition to aware their presence. As the apparition walks away, the group exhaled their breath as they almost caught by the apparition.

Suddenly, the glass of the sliding door shattered as the knife broke inside. The group screamed and ran for their lives. The apparition broke in as he chased the group who were running from him. Miz were left behind as he broke his leg while he was running from the apparition. With no light in his eyes, Miz only see nothing but darkness.

Inside the darkness, Miz heard nothing but his own heartbeat, suddenly, heard a voice calling for him. "Who's there? Help me?" cried Miz for help. "My, oh my, Miz, how are you doing?" asked the voice. Miz felt awkward as he never familiarize the voice he heard in his past times. As he tried to answer, he heard his own voice replied the question.

"Heh, what do think I'm doing now? I'm busy as always, what do you know about it, you and I are in different class," said Miz's voice furiously. Miz denied that he never said such mean things to any person. "Oh, do you, Miz?" asked the voice. "It reminds my first met with Carol, the place was too crowded and you seemed to be uneasy to see me," he added.

Reminiscing on the day he hangs out with Carol, Miz shockingly realized that he knew that person. Before he could say the name of the person, the lights flickered again. "That's right, you ignored me just like you used to, now I think you teach Carol the same way, since you became popular," said the voice.

The lights continued to flicker until the man with the knife appears. He dragged Miz and tied him upside down with a chain. Miz screamed for help, but then he was killed mercilessly as the man stabbed him with hundreds of pencils on his entire body. Miz's blood dripped on the floor continuously on the man's shadow and the lights flickered again until the shadow disappeared.

At the stroke of midnight, Ali, Carol, Waf, Ziq and Izz waited anxiously for dawn and tried to keep the lights bright. Their heart beats can be heard as they knew that the time for the dead silence on the house is on midnight. Carol tried so say something but she was prohibited to speak at midnight. Suddenly, they heard voices in their minds.

The voices from their minds were the voices of the family who lived in the house before the incident happened. They heard an argument that caused the incident. "Come on! Why can't I hang out with my friends?" said the voice of a young man. "What's the good for it? All you did is spending the money!" said the voice an elderly woman. "...FINE THEN! I HATE YOU! I REALLY HATE YOU! THAT'S WHY MY FRIENDS IGNORE ME, BECAUSE OF YOU!" shouted the young man's voice.

The voices of the family continued to be heard until the day of the incident. The group heard the screams of family members killed by the young man. "Why are you doing this to your own family?" mourned the voice of an elderly woman. "Why? Why? Because you never let me go, you treat me like a child and you treat me awfully. I lost everything, my future, my life and now everyone hates me," said the young man's voice.

The voices of the family ends as the group heard the scream of an elderly woman, hearing nothing but the voice of a young man. "My life means nothing anymore, now I lost everything I had since I was born. This is why I hate my own miserable life. Old friends betray, new friends left and ignore me. Society never liked me, even my own country and the world. I should deserve a painful death," said the voice of a young man.

The voice continues with a scream so loud, that it gave the group a headache. As the clock strikes at one in the morning, the voice disappeared from their minds. "I think I know that person, I think I do," said Carol. Waf, and Izz agreed that they knew that person as well.

"So who is that person anyway? How come he killed his own family?" asked Ali. "I don't know about that, but I know because he once asked me to hang out with him," said Carol. "But then I ignored him, thinking that he might going to propose me," she added. "So you mean he liked you?" asked Waf. "Yeah, he admit it, but I asked him to get a life," replied Carol.

"So all these started because you ignored him?" asked Ali. "Yeah..." said Carol reluctantly, keeping her head down. "And I blame you for all that!" shouted the voice. The lights flickered as the group stick together, Ali hold the group together as he saw the man with a knife walking towards them.

Carol and Ziq screamed as they saw a hideous apparition coming towards them. Ali had no choice but to fight off the apparition, Waf and Izz cheered for Ali, but the fight was instantly finished as Ali was stabbed in the stomach before he could give the apparition a right hook.

Terrified with the loss of a leader, Waf and Izz took something to fight the man, but were instantly lost as Waf was beheaded and Izz was thrown out from the window. Although the lights continued to flicker, Carol and Ziq closed their eyes in terror from seeing the apparition.

Although they closed their eyes, they felt that they were strangled and lifted from the ground. As they opened their eyes, they saw the young man's face, filled with scars and blood, the two screamed in terror. He threw Carol and Ziq against the wall, taking his knife to finish them off.

"It's been few months and you still terrified because of my appearance, you did the same thing in the past, saying that I don't know you," said the young man. "I know what I did and I'm sorry," said Carol, before the man could come closer to Carol. He was hit by a stone thrown by Ziq.

"You've been very protective to Carol, I can see that. But for now, LEAVE ME ALONE!" shouted the young man. He threw his knife at Ziq's hand, causing her unable to move her hand. "Ziq!" shouted Carol, hearing Ziq's screaming in pain. Carol looked at the man walking towards her, the man lifted her by the neck, strangling her and causing her hard to breathe.

The apparition intends to kill Carol, but then he threw her against the wall, unable to kill her. "I can't do it! WHY CAN'T I KILL HER!" shouted the man. He hit his head on the wall, causing blood stained the wall. "WHY! WHY! WHY! WHY! WHY! WHY CAN'T I KILL HER!" shouted the man again.

Looking at the apparition injuring his own body, Carol came closer to him. As the apparition saw her coming, he tried to move away to the darkness. "I know how painful you are, living all alone in the world, letting people ignoring you in your life," said Carol.

The apparition was reluctant to come out to see her, instead he replied her. "Yeah, well now all you see is a hideous spirit who killed his own family because he was ignored," said the apparition. "Come out now, how can I know when you're telling the truth," said Carol. As he heard her words, he came out from the darkness slowly.

"It's been months, hasn't it?" said Carol. "Yeah, now I'm just completely different," said the apparition. "Why Carol? Why did you ignore me? I was desperate to see you, but you ignored me and prefer better people more than I do, what happened to your words accepting me? Is it merely a lie to comfort me, or is it tainted with your pride?" asked the apparition, crying for her answer.

"Well, it's just that I just don't want to be distracted and though I'm successful but I never forget you," said Carol. "To be honest, I congratulated you on your success, but I never say it because I was afraid that you might ignore me," said the apparition. "Well, don't cry now. Just rest until I come back to you," said Carol, touching the apparition's face.

"Promise me that you'll come back for me someday?" asked the apparition. "I promise..." said Carol. Suddenly, the lights turned on as she promised that she'll come back for the apparition. "You promised, now I can sleep, while waiting for you to come," said the apparition.

The apparition slowly disappears and took out a knife from Ziq's hand, thus threw it away. "For now, I'll just remain here, this is my family's home," said the apparition. He said the three words to Carol before he could vanish. "I love you..." said the apparition as he disappeared.

Carol and Ziq finally left the house, leaving the incident behind, the two-headed for home to take a rest. "That's right, wait there for me, and I'll come for you," thought Carol, hoping the apparition could reach for next life.
Published: 5/30/2011
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