Final Reunion: The Unexpected

The sixth part of "2011 Annihilation". This part describes on what will become of Kee and Fiika as they knew that the Bloody Phoenix has arrived in Australia.
After weeks living under surveillance, Kee and Fiika never felt so comfortable while hiding in Australia, the sixth largest country in the world. They believed that the killer who hunted them down must have tired of finding them. However, they underestimated the Bloody Phoenix.

"Well, it’s almost a month, I guess it’s alright to go back now, huh?" said Fiika. "Fiika, you know we’re the only ones left in our year, all of our classmates got killed, and so what’s the point for going back? We’re always end up being chased by that psychopath," said Kee, frustrating.

The two continued their conversation while they were transported to their home after grocery shopping. As they went through the side streets, they caught up with the traffic congestion."My, I wonder what happened?" said the elderly man. With curiosity, Kee and Fiika looked outside from the window.

As they closing in to the scene, the elderly woman gasped and panicked. "Oh dear, it seemed that a murder has taken place," said the elderly woman. Kee and Fiika hurriedly looked outside on their left from the window as they heard what the elderly woman said. As they looked the scene, they were horrified to see what was happening.

"Kee, don’t tell me he’s…?" said Fiika. "Yes, and I’m afraid it’s real. He’s here!" replied Kee, while she hid her fear from the two elderly couple. They saw a deceased police officer, killed by a single slash in the neck, with so many damages around him, including bullets that were cut in half and a wooden fence that has a perfect cut.

The two looked front as they pretend that they saw nothing special. Curiously, the elderly man asked them, "Are you two alright?", "Yeah, we’re just shocked to see a real live crime scene," answered Kee. "Well, it’s not always that happens, this small town is as peaceful as a lake, so you don’t have to worry about it," said the elderly man, however, Kee and Fiika was left uncomfortable.

That night, as the family finished up their dinner, Fiika helped the elderly woman cleaning the table while Kee washed the dishes. While she was washing the dishes, Kee saw something outside the window, something that has the color red.

"Wha…what is that?" said Kee, frightfully. As she looked closer at the window, she quickly turned her back as she screams, "BLOODY PHOENIX!", the scythe blade break through the window in attempt to stab Kee in the face. However, that attempt has caused a backfire as the attack caused an alarming surprise to the neighborhood. Kee ran to Fiika and told her that Bloody Phoenix has found them.

"What? Impossible!" said Fiika, "I know that, let’s hurry and hide!" replied Kee, thus she took Fiika’s hand, ran towards upstairs and hid inside the closet. As they hid from Phoenix, they heard screams of an elderly couple. Fiika closed her eyes in fear, while Kee cried in pain as she hears her guardians were killed by a murderer.

"KEE, FIIKA! WHERE ARE YOU! I’M TIRED PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK, IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO PAY!" shouted Phoenix, while destroying everything. Angered and frustrated, Phoenix releases his scythe blade and swung around to kill the two in one slash. As every single property damaged, Phoenix sighed and went upstairs.

"Oh no, he’s going up," whispered Kee, the two hold their breath as they knew that silence is the only survival they have left. "Tch! I know you’re here somewhere, Kee," said Phoenix; he looked every possible hiding spots in every room, as he finished checked on the last room, Kee and Fiika panicked as they knew that the closet was left unchecked.

"Oh god, we’re finished now," thought Kee. Looking out from the crack of the closet door, they saw Phoenix raising his scythe high. As he made his powerful slash, Kee and Fiika charged through Phoenix and hurriedly ran outside.

"Hurry, before he catches up on us," said Kee, struggling to run as far as she could. As the two got tired, Kee and Fiika ended up in the construction area. "My, I guess you two are gutsy after all," said a male voice. Kee and Fiika looked around as she heard Phoenix’s voice. Suddenly, Phoenix swung above them and kicked Fiika out of the way.

"Phoenix!" shouted Kee. "Hehehehe, I guess I should proud that you two sacrificed everything to run away from me. Kee, don’t forget the fact that we live on one world," said Phoenix, beating Kee using only snaith of his scythe. Kee felt an intense pain as she was beaten by the killer who killed her friends.

As Kee fell on the ground, Phoenix stepped on Kee’s back, looking at her with full of anger and sorrow. "KEE!" shouted Fiika, "Shut up! You better stay down or you’ll end up being skinned alive," shouted Phoenix. "Why? Why are you kept chasing us? What did we done to deserve this?" asked Kee, crying. Phoenix kept pressing on her too hard as he shows Kee that he will not being overwhelmed by sympathy.

"Why are you doing this to me? Why are you doing this to me? Isn’t it obvious, I want revenge on you two! You and your friend persecuted me until the moment of my death. Like as if I care, you said. What else? Oh, I know, how about ‘He finally died, now that things can be easy now’, that’s what you’re thinking, huh? Because of your fake self, I fooled myself into believing you and your friend. Don’t try to think that living on is good. What did I get? I get nothing and I lived on in pain and sorrow. From the moment of my death, I swore that I’ll be immortal to kill you two," explained Phoenix.

Kee, upon hearing such view from Phoenix, she was left silent. "Don’t you dare look innocent to me, I spent my entire pain and suffering to hunt you two down, and I won’t let that get in my way," said Phoenix. As he raised his scythe to finish Kee, suddenly, a shout was heard.

"Hiiiyaaaaah!" shout the young man, swinging his katana on Phoenix. "Tch! More annoying civilian, get out of my way, this girl is mine!" shouted Phoenix. "Humph! To think that you the killer would want to kill a crying girl, huh? Well that’s inhuman!" said the young man.

Phoenix lost his patience and gave an intense blow to the young man. However, despite being a skilled swordsman, the young man instantly dodged Phoenix’s attacks and knocked him unconscious. As Phoenix fell on the ground, the young man sheaths his katana and helped Kee and Fiika to get up.

"Thank you, but who are you? You seemed to be Japanese," asked Fiika. "I am Masahiro, I study here in Australia. I heard people babbling about a murder and I saw you two being chased by that man in red," explained Masahiro. "Well I should say thanks now but for now we have to get out of here, that man is an immortal," said Kee.

While they were on their way to Masahiro’s home, Kee and Fiika explained about their situation and the reason why they had to run country to country. "My, that’s harsh, so that man in red is willing to do anything to end your lives?" asked Masahiro. "Yeah, but still, we supposed to be safe but it turned out to be that this man can go anywhere where we are," said Fiika. "Well, in that case, why don’t you stay at my home in Japan?" offered Masahiro to Kee and Fiika. "What? Really, I always wanted to go to Japan," said Fiika.

"Well I’d love to but I don’t want to cause your people any trouble," said Kee. "Come on, I live in a village somewhere in Sapporo, so there’s no way that killer knows that which house will you stay," said Masahiro. In the end, Kee and Fiika packed up their remaining belongings and decided to take a flight to Japan with Masahiro.

"Hey Masahiro-san, will that be alright if you leave Australia to your home while you’re study in Australia?" asked Kee, "Hahaha, that’s alright, I’m having my summer vacation, so there’s no way I could miss the Summer Festival," said Masahiro. Kee looked outside, and wondered about what Phoenix said to her.

"Am I… that kind of person?" thought Kee, she decided to leave things behind as she knew that the past is always the past. Meanwhile, at the construction area, Phoenix looked up at the sky and thinking that Kee and Fiika must have left Australia, "Damn it! Those two never give themselves up, now I have to find them again," said Phoenix, frustrating.

Even if Phoenix failed to kill Kee and Fiika, he never gives up finding them once again. In the end, he stayed behind in Australia to find resources where Kee and Fiika might go next.
Published: 3/28/2011
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