Final Reunion: 2011 Annihilation

The next and the first Final Reunion that's not related about Saint Mason Secondary School.
It has been a year since Nightmare's death, and there were no further reports regarding about his unexpected attacks. Many believed that he is finally in rest after fulfilling his grudges against the people who once ignored him during his lifetime.

Although the rumors were true, but in another view, a mysterious person in red was recently seen wandering around the sidewalk of a highway two weeks after Nightmare's death. Many believed that the person was Nightmare, but some denied due to the bizarre difference between Nightmare and the person in red. In the end, the person in red was known as "The Bloody Phoenix".

The person in red was named "The Bloody Phoenix" because he was covered in blood, and he was also mistaken as Nightmare, believed that he was resurrected to find new terrors. Although he had same twisted appearances as Nightmare's but his target location wasn't Saint Mason Secondary School. Instead, Phoenix headed to the second most expensive school in the country, Jeremiah International School.

Jeremiah International School was built 14 years ago and it was well-known for a large area and better facility. It was also known for many activities and the students from another country. For the last 14 years, it was peaceful there and it was filled with happiness and joy. However, this year, Jeremiah International School will have an unforgettable event that will change the fate of the students.

That night, the securities were doing their usual but tighter patrol as they knew about the rumor about a man in red. As they met their subordinates at the main gate, they saw a shadow climbed inside to the premises. The two securities went there to make sure, but the two ended up found nothing unusual.

The next day, a Chemistry teacher went in early as he prepared the lab for his usual class. But as he came in, he was shocked as the door was unlocked; he went and saw a person, creating a concoction made out from many kinds of chemicals.

"Excuse me sir, but this laboratory you just came in is belonged to a school, and you are just trespassing and using their chemical," said the chemistry teacher. The man ignored his words and continued making the chemicals, doing it as if nothing happened.

When the chemistry teacher lost his patience, he went out to call the authorities. But before he could get out, he suddenly went silence as the man came into him from behind. Blood spilled out as he fell down; the man threw a spine at him as that spine was his spine that the man pulled out. The man took out his lab coat and covered the chemistry teacher as he killed him. When he took out his lab coat, his outfit was covered with blood; he took a few drops of the chemistry teacher's blood and caked his hair with blood.

The police and the school authorities were puzzled as they did not know who killed the chemistry teacher, according to the police reports; the potential to take a human spine was beyond human. As they were talking at the scene, a few lined up students were walking through the lab where the chemistry teacher was killed. Among one of these students were an old friend of young Nightmare.

The student of Jeremiah International School, Kee, was a friend of young Nightmare during his lifetime. She was a charming person who had a bright personality. However, today is not a bright day for Kee as she heard about one of her teacher was killed. Kee was almost frustrated, but later cheered up by her friend, Fiika.

Fiika told Kee that she heard about Nightmare's death, she also added that it would be impossible that Nightmare would resurrect to take revenge on her. While the two were talking, suddenly an announcement to call all the students to the auditorium, Kee and Fiika went there but changed their minds as they were called by the cook lady.

Meanwhile, the other staff and students were gathered inside the auditorium, the authorities came into announcement and warned them that the rumored man in red was suspected for killing the chemistry teacher. The students came into anxiety and worries as they heard about the man in red were true. While they were into anxiety, outside the auditorium, the man in red locked all the doors as he tried to keep them inside.

Kee and Fiika helped the cook lady to pack up her things as she told them that the school will be temporarily closed until the case was solved. She also added that she once saw the man in red walked towards the facility. As they finished helped the cook lady to pack up, they went to the Auditorium to catch up.

However, as the two finally reached the auditorium, they felt a weird presence as they saw the doors were locked and barricaded from the outside. When they removed the barricade, they opened the door and saw something shocking.

Inside the auditorium, they found dead bodies, believed that they were poisoned and lack of air. When they went further in, a figure in red showed and saw Fiika and Kee. He was silenced and shocked to see them alive but then he smiled in insanity.

"I am glad that you're alive, it's boring if all the students were dead, but I'd never thought it was you two," said the man in red. "Why are you doing all this? Why are you killing them? Who are you?" asked Kee. "So you never heard about the man in red? As you can see, the reason I killed them it's because they're humans, filthy humans,"

"I know that, but why?" asked Kee. "Hehehe, that's because they're humans. They're the same being that treat each other awfully and cruelly," answered man in red. "I know that, but why my friends?" asked Fiika. "Well, the reason is that they have a perfect life, however, they never appreciate it and so I believe they only ignore the person who is way lower status than theirs," answered the man in red.

"But they were kind and friendly," said Kee, in a sad voice. "FRIENDLY? FRIENDLY?! They leave me and ignored me to rot, is that what you call friendly," said the man in red, furiously denied Kee's opinion. "I am the Bloody Phoenix, I killed them all with a Para dichlorobenzene, and they say it's only a moth poison, but I used it all to kill them, thanks to your chemistry teacher, he 'gave' me a hydrochloric acid,"

As he finished saying his reasons, Phoenix sang and dances insanely as Kee and Fiika looked at him and frightened. Kee and Fiika left the school premises and got rescued by the police. In the end, the bloody Phoenix was nowhere to be found, leaving the dead bodies of teachers and students.

The case was left unsolved, they never know if the Bloody Phoenix was a real person or not. In the end, they called it "2011 Annihilation".
Published: 1/27/2011
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