Find Your Own Hobby

"I love playing piano!" or" My passion is painting!" and" Writing is my delight!" All these different things are the embodiment of the human being uniqueness; we all have something we like and greatly enjoy doing.

Times change and people change. Nowadays, world is defined by the world speed, time has never been so compressed as it is today, work is overwhelming and it seems that anyone submits to this scheme: home- work- home- work.

Surprisingly, there still are individuals who understand that life is so much more than that, and they try to enlarge their spare time and take the advantages of it. Besides spending times with their families, some persons have an impulse to do a certain activity and they focus their attention and energy on the accomplishment of that "project". That is what happens when one has a HOBBY!

Those people are divided into two categories:

a) the ones who discovered their hobby by doing that certain activity;

b) the ones who were deliberately looking for such an activity and they tried certain things in order to see which one is the most suitable for them.

After they decided what their hobby is, they did everything necessary so that they would satisfy their new desire. To make things clearer, I will proceed by giving some examples.

An old existing hobby is the minute work of collecting stamps. Another one could be a special interest in sports, such as football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, or having a special interest in certain objects: motorcycles, skateboards, bikes, old automobiles, colorful kites. Some can find a hobby in teaching, driving, cooking, etc.

Psychologists state the following theory, which I totally agree with because can be easily proved: having certain preoccupations (hobbies) makes your life quality grow by enhancing the level of happiness. This can be explained as follows: if you have a hobby and you succeed in its accomplishment, you feel a strong sensation of fulfillment, which eventually makes you happier. Further on, if you make the job you have your hobby, your outcomes shall be more than just satisfactory, meaning that you will have the chance to do two things at once: do your job and fulfill your hobby.

By doing this you get a double satisfaction: a material one (your salary) and a spiritual one (a benefic feeling). Another advantage from having a hobby is that you develop skills connected to it, you use both your left and you right hemisphere of your brain (the first one is concerned with the rational and the second one with the imagination), you consume your extra-energy, you might find new friends, people who are interested in the same thing that you are, etc.

Once reading all this, you might conclude that you have a commonplace life and maybe your wish is to have a hobby too. You might think that you do not have any particular interests or you are not good enough at doing anything. I really doubt this is reality!

You should start trying different activities, because you might be a person included in the b category stated above. In order to help you, I can suggest a few activities: going fishing, going shopping, cooking, painting, singing, reading poems, why not, writing poems, playing an instrument, playing a game, making haircuts, learning foreign languages, make a psychology course, start traveling, collecting some objects, and there are so many other things you can start doing and just see you enjoy doing that certain thing.

It is like fixing a goal in life and then following it!

Another issue could be helping others while you practice your hobby. Maybe you discover that you enjoy so much donating material support to orphanages, or to all sort of institutions.

Many people can take huge benefits from this. Or maybe you love cooking and you are an excellent chef: many persons visit your restaurant every day and feel very pleased about the service you offer, or you can be a great painter, and your works gladdens the eye of the beholder.

However, you have a series of choices, and all of them are decent and delightful and can offer an enormous satisfaction. It is you who has to decide upon one or many, feeling optimistic about it and exploiting it at maximum.

Good luck with that!
By Claudia Miclaus
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