Find Me (2): Please Be There

Lisa Weathers, a twenty-year-old girl is going to commit suicide. Can her best friend, Melanie Walters save her?
Melanie stopped outside the Lisa's small, dingy-looking house. The house itself screamed depression, as it looked like a lonely place inhabited by ghosts. Melanie ran towards the front door, her footsteps echoing in the silent night. The lights weren't on and it seemed like the house was vacant. Melanie knocked on the door rapidly, yet there was no answer.

"Lisa? Lisa?! Are you there? Please open up!" Melanie yelled, continuing to bang on the door more frantically with each passing second. Her mind was creating horrible scenarios, as she imagined Lisa lying in a pool of blood, or Lisa overdosing in a dark corner. The thoughts drove her wild and forced her to take action.

Grabbing a nearby brick, Melanie threw it into Lisa's window, as the glass shattered into thousands of pieces. Pulling up her jacket sleeves, Melanie moved away the remaining shards poking out from the window, and climbed in. Still, she felt her legs being scratched and her jeans were ripping from the sharp contact.

"Whoa!" Melanie exclaims, toppling over and landing on the wooden floorboard, scraping her knees. She picked herself up, wincing slightly, and she turned on the lights.

"Lisa? Where are you?"

No answer.

Melanie entered the kitchen. Dozens of unwashed dishes were piling up on the sink and empty pizza boxes were scattered around ruthlessly. Pizza sauce was smeared all over the tiled floor, almost panicking Melanie who, for a moment, thought it was blood. Quickly, Melanie raced upstairs and barged into the bathroom, only to find it dull and empty. She searched every nook and corner, hoping to see signs of Lisa, but there was nothing that pointed to where Lisa could be.

Eventually, she made her way to the only bedroom in the house. Again, it was empty and silent. Melanie was shaking in fear of the unknown. "Lisa, where are you?" She croaked, tears threatening to spill. She sat down on the bed, her hands covering her face, as her feet banged against the bedside drawer. She looked over and noticed that it was slightly opened.

Hastily, Melanie delved through the drawer and picked up what she presumed to be Lisa's diary. She knew that Lisa's therapist recommended that Lisa should store a diary to record her feelings and thoughts every day.

Scurrying through the pages, Melanie looked at the most recent account written in Lisa's distinctly neat handwriting.

"Dear Mom,

I'm going to see you. I'm sorry, I know this is not what you would want. But I don't want to keep living this horrible life without you. It would've been easier if Grandma or Grandpa were still alive. I have no one at this point. Not even Mel. She's got her own life, her own friends, boyfriend, work - everything that I don't have. I just feel like a burden to her. But it's ok because she won't have to put up with me anymore. I choose to be with my family. I'm choosing my fate. Today's your birthday, so I'm gonna do the usual. Can't wait to see and be with you."

Melanie felt her heart sink. She recalled the day that Lisa told her about her mom's passing. Lisa's mother died on her 31st birthday due to cancer, leaving Lisa alone at age thirteen. It's been seven years since that fateful day, yet Melanie knows that Lisa is constantly tormented by this. There is only place where she could be right now.

Hurrying out the door and entering her car, Melanie zooms through the streets and makes her way over to Chester Hill Cemetery.

"Please be there," Melanie whispers.
Published: 2/22/2018
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