Find Me (3): Life and Death

Lisa Weathers, a twenty-year-old girl is going to commit suicide. Can her best friend, Melanie Walters save her?
Melanie is standing over a gravestone, reading the carved message imprinted on it: "Shannon Weathers, loving mother and neighbor. 1980-2011."

She notices a delicate, orange rose placed directly on the grave. Melanie has a flashback of being with Lisa, this time last year in this exact spot. Her friend told her, "Mom hated the typical red rose. Orange roses were her favorite. So, I always try to find the perfect orange rose. It's a challenge, but I know my mom will be pleased."

Melanie blinks and she's back to reality. The orange rose is expected, but it was surprising to see a card there too. She picks it up and it read: "Hi Mom, hope to see you in our favorite spot one last time."

Whipping out her phone, Melanie attempts to call Lisa again, but like the countless times before, it goes straight to voicemail. Her face scrunches up and tears roll down her cheeks, as she thinks, 'Where are you, Lisa?'

Closing her eyes, a list of places come to mind:
The beach.
Lisa's hometown.
The park.
The museum.
The church.

These were all of Lisa's favorite places. Melanie stared at the card, her gaze burning through it. 'Our favorite place.' What was the mother's favorite place? She tried to remember everything Lisa said about her mother, but nothing specific came to mind.

Just then, she notices a pigeon taking flight. For some reason, this brought back a memory of Lisa telling her that she and her mother loved to feed the ducks.

"The ducks," Melanie murmured, the widgets in her brain spinning. Her eyes widened in realization.

Quickly, she raced out of the graveyard and hopped into her car, speeding her way to Sunnydale Park, while trying to call Lisa desperately.

"Pick up, please," Melanie prays.

To her surprise, Lisa answers the call.
Published: 2/22/2018
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