Find Me (4): A Date To Remember

Lisa Weathers, a twenty-year-old girl is going to commit suicide. Can her best friend, Melanie Walters save her?
"Lisa? Lisa! Thank God you answered! Gosh, you've worried me. I know how you're feeling right now, I can help, please just tell me where you-"

The call ends.

Melanie tries to call her again, but she's not picking up. Still, Melanie is thankful, as she has hopes that she will find Lisa in time. She arrives at Sunnydale Park. The sky is getting lighter, yet it is still too late for anyone to be wandering around at this hour. The rusty-iron gates are closed, but that doesn't stop Melanie from climbing over them.

She roams the park, hoping to catch sight of her pale dark-haired friend, yet she couldn't find any signs of another being. Melanie headed towards the lake, where the ducks are swimming. She scans the area, noting an old oak tree towering over a red, rusty bench.

Melanie makes her way over to the bench. She was about to sit down, when her blood froze, her eyes glued onto the golden plaque stuck on top of the bench. In golden fancy letters, it read: "dedicated to Shannon Weathers. Happy Birthday: 13th February 2011." Underneath the sign, in a rough handwriting that looked like it was freshly carved, it read: "Lisa Weathers, 13th February 2018."

Once again, tears spilled from Melanie's eyes, dribbling down to her chin. "No, you can't do this, Lisa," she whispered weakly. Her eyes darted everywhere, hoping to find any traces of Lisa's body. Yelling over and over, "Lisa please!" as she feels hopelessness and defeat. She feels like she let her best friend down. If only she was here sooner.

With trembling legs, Melanie walks forward, her head hanging low and her vision becoming hazy with tears. Suddenly, in the nearby distance, Melanie's notices a golden object glistening. Instinctively, she runs to it, recognizing that it belongs to Lisa. Picking it up, Melanie analyzes the gold-plated pocket watch - the last gift Shannon gave to Lisa before she died.

'What would it be doing lying around here?' Melanie ponders. Up ahead, Melanie sees the row of trees leading to the secluded forest. The perfect place to hide a dead body. Her heart quickens and sweat drips down her forehead.

She has a gut feeling that she is getting close to Lisa.
Published: 2/23/2018
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