Finding God Through the Pain

I loved her and yet now she's gone. The only one to turn to when your heart has bled out all it can bleed and your soul has blackened as dark as the night sky is Him...
My God, my lord, my father
can you take this pain away
and don't let my soul falter,
oh please can you lead the way?

I know that I'm not perfect.
I'm not who I should be,
but I'll continue searchin'
for that lost part of me.

It's hard for me to go on
because I loved her true,
but now since she is long gone
all I have left is you.

I still remember clearly
that horrible memory,
haunting my every dream,
when I asked, "Do you love me?"

The answer showing the end,
the truth that made my heart sore:
"I love you only as a friend,
but nothing less, nothing more."

Will I fade in the sands of time?
Will the pain just disappear?
Can true love ever be mine
or has loneliness come too near?

God help me rise from this pain,
all these emotions that I feel
are slowly driving me insane.
I can't tell what's fake and what's real.

Am I supposed to be happy
knowing she'll always be there;
a friend who will always stand by me
someone that really does care

or do I cry her name every night
from all the pain inside me
knowing just by her very sight
that true love will never be.

I could have sworn she loved me too
just as much as I loved her.
I really thought this love was true;
she was everything my heart yearned.

The truth is finally seen;
my heart broken in two.
The pain still lingers inside me
so God I come to you.
Published: 9/5/2008
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