Finding his Bride - Chapter 16

I am sorry for late. Mithali is so confused, if she should believe Ronit or listen to the others. Ronit is hiding the truth or not? Is that girl his girlfriend or not?
On seeing Ronit, the girl was smiling. Aunty was looking at Ronit with anger. I was shocked and felt something wrong. Aunty and I were expecting the answer from Ronit. He was silent. Everyone was looking like a statute except her. She had fair complexion, brown hair, tall and over all she was smart and perfect in every way. She had worn short skirt. It was strange for aunty because Aunty belongs to old generation and she could not think in her dream.

She came close to him, hugged him and said, "Hey, How are you? I was trying your number but it was not reachable."

He replied, "It may be because of the weather. What are you doing here?"

I held myself and left. I came at my home and told my mother what happened there. Because I knew, my mother could handle that situation. My mother went soon because her friend needed her that time.

I came to my room and sat on the chair. I put both my hands on table and opened the book. However, I was thinking what happened some time ago.

I could not understand the situation because I watched like that only in movies or serials. I told you that I belong to a small city of India. It is not happening here. I was imagining what happens in movie or serials. Mostly, a girl comes to live in her friend's home. The boy's family thinks they are just friends. At last, everybody gets to know. They love to each other and they get married.

Mithali, why are you thinking like that? I hit my hand on my head. Come in reality. You do not care that they are couple or not. Do you care? I shook my head with no. But... I stood up and I was roaming in my room.

After some time, somebody knocked on the main gate. I came downstairs and opened the gate. They came inside and my mother said, "Mithali, take her in your room."

I asked with confusion, "But..."

She said to me, "We can talk later. She needs to take rest now. She is tired."

I nodded, saw towards that girl and said, "Hello".

She greeted me and we came in my room. She raised her hand towards me for shaking hand, "I am Jesse D'souza."
What? She is Christian. Oh! That's why Ronit was hiding his relationship. I held her hand, shook and said, "I am Mithali. First, get fresh. We'll talk later." She smiled and nodded. I helped her.

Jesse and I were taking coffee and snacks and we were conversing. She asked me, "Why is everybody shocked?"

I smiled and replied, "Don't worry. You will understand after some days. It is new for us. You don't need to think about it. By the way, where do you belong?"

"I belong to New York. My father is Christian and my mother is Hindu. They got divorced that's why I came with my mother in India when I was five."

"Oh, I am so sorry for your parents."

"I have habit of it."

"I think you should take rest. I have to go."

"Yeah, bye." As she said, I smiled and left my room.

I came into my mother's room. I said to my mother, "Mummy, what is it? You know that I cannot stay with her. I can't share my bed with anybody else."

"Tell me. What should I do? Where would she stay? You know every situation then you are saying like that. When the neighbors will know, what will they say? She is your friend here that's why she'll stay in your room. Got it. And leave me alone because I am already tensed."

I left her room with anger. Why me? I needed to talk with my friends so I had to go his home again. As I entered his home, Aunty sat there worried. I went near her and said, "Sorry aunty, It's my fault. You gave me a work to do and I haven't done it."

"Why are you saying like this? It is not your fault. It's my fault I shouldn't have sent him to hostel." She said very slowly.

"Aunty ji, did Ronit say to you that she is his girlfriend?" I asked.

She shook her head with no.

"Then she may be his friend."

"Is it possible?" She asked me with slow voice but hopeful voice.

I nodded and said, "Aunty ji, this time it's my duty to know what is the reality. Now, please give a smile, because you look very smart with smile."
She smiled and I nodded. I went to his room and knocked the door. He said, "Come in."

I went inside the room. He was also looking very sad. He saw towards me with blank eyes. I said, "I need the car key."

He stood up, grabbed the bunch of keys, and rose towards me. I held the bunch of keys. As I took some steps towards outside, he asked me, "What do you think about it?"

"It's not a matter what I think. The matter is what is true." I replied.

"But it is important for me. She is just my friend and she came here for visiting this city. Mom thinks that I am telling a lie. I hope that you don't think so."

"You are telling me or insisting me that I should think." I asked with anger.

He put his hands on my shoulders and made me understand, "You are thinking wrong, Mit (It's my childhood name. Everybody including me forgot it but he remembered it). I am only telling you. At least you should understand me. She is just my friend. That's it. I did not know she is coming here. Could you think that I can do it?"

"Ronit, it's not only about us. It is about our society. You know very well about our society. If they know about her, what will they think about you?"

"I don't care about anybody else. Mom and you... I mean my friends are important for me. Are you with me?"

I nodded and said, "It's ok. I'll try to make aunty understand. Now, fine..."

He said with joyful voice, "Thank you, Mit."

I said with smile, "Any time..."

I left his room but I was thinking about that. Is he right or not? I cleared my mind and took my mobile. I gave keys to aunty because I didn't wanna face him.

I dialed up my friend's number and told them the whole situation. They were shocked and their opinions were same. However, I was thinking why Ronit would tell a lie to me. My one mind was saying different but another mind was saying different. That situation was very complicated to me. I should believe either any others or Ronit.

At evening, I helped Jesse to unpack her backpack. I had to share my wardrobe, my room and even my bed with her. My mother usually said if I have any sister, I'll have to share with her. I have not taken it seriously. However, it happened in reality. Even! I have to share my room with a stranger.

We took dinner. Even the dinner was prepared according to the liking of Jesse. After all, Atithi devo bhava. (The guest is like God.) After taking the dinner, we came in my... our room. I started the conversation, "Jesse, if you don't mind, could I ask you some questions?"

She said with smile, "Yeah".

"Where did you meet Ronit first time?"

"In college, we were in same college."

"It means you know him from many years ago."

"Yeah, it's very long time. I know him very well."

"That's good." I said shaking my head. "Actually, I have to do study. Tell me in case of you need any help. I'll be there."

"What are you doing nowadays?" She asked me with pleasant smile.

"Nothing special... I am doing post graduation."

"What do you think about your future?"

"Marriage that's all." I told a lie, why will I tell her about my future. It is my future. I don't know why I was behaving like a stupid. It was true. I was feeling jealous with her. I could not bear her in my life even in my room. I never felt jealous for a girl. Her presence was irritating me every time. I headed down at my book but I couldn't concentrate.

After some minutes, she asked me with exciting voice, "Where is the way of the terrace? Actually, Ronit wants to meet me."

"It's too late." I suddenly said.

She saw me with suspect and said, "It's only 10:25 PM."

I saw towards wall watch. I recalled how many times I met him at late night. I told her, "Actually, It's too late according to here. The way is..." I pointed towards upstairs.

She passed a sweet smiled and left the room. Her smile was looking weird that time. Why he was calling her at late night? What might be the matter? I was thinking very stupid questions. I cleared my mind and thought. Why was I thinking about it? I closed my book and stood up. I went near my bed and laid on the bed. After some time, I had slept.

"There were full of people, friends, and relatives. Everywhere, rooms were decorated with lights and other decorated stuffs. It was noise of dhol, chatting, music etc. It's like a marriage home. I was thinking who is going to get married. I stood a side and I was noticing every movement of people. I saw Sheela Aunty too, who was looking very happy. She saw me and came near me. She said to me with joy, "Go and get ready. We will have to go with barat within half hours. And where your mother is?"

I asked her with confusion, "Who is going to get married?"

She put her hand on my cheek with love and said, "Ronit. What happened to you? Why are you behaving like a stranger? Go and get ready soon."

I asked again, "With whom?"

Before hearing her answer, I opened my eyes. I switched on the light and sat on my bed against bed board. I saw to Jesse who was sleeping next to me. I saw towards wall clock. It was 1:30 AM. I took a glass of water, took some sip and put on the table. I laid on the bed again but I could not sleep.

I got up, took my blanket & mat, and left the room. I came on the terrace and laid down on the floor. I was feeling suffocation in my room. The wind was blowing very smoothly. I felt freshness like the mint. I saw the moon in the sky. It was shining very much. I closed my eyes. I don't know when I slept.

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