Finding his Bride - Chapter 17

Here is Ronit's Point of View and Mithali is more confused. She is thinking what it is - Feeling jealous, anger, worry or something else...
Ronit's Point of View

At dinner, my mother kept quiet. It was irritating me. I tried to talk her but she ignored me and started to talk with my father. I can't understand how to handle this situation. I noticed that my parents went to bed. I did text to Jesse to come on the terrace. After few minutes, she came with smile. As I saw her, I got confused and asked her, "Why are you so smiling?"

She shook her head and said, "Nothing... Tell me why have you called me this time?"

I said, "You are enjoying my problem. I am serious, Jesse. I can't understand how to make her understand."

She asked to me, "To whom?"

"My mother."

"Oh! It is very serious problem."

"Yeah. By the way, I told Mithali to make her understand because she is very close to my mother."

"Do you think Mithali would do this?"

"Why are you asking like this?"

"Because I noticed that she is also confused."

"That's why I was forbidding you to come here."

"I came here to help you. You didn't tell her till now."

"I tried to tell her many times, but I felt myself helpless. I don't know if she thinks about me like this or not."

"When you don't tell her, how she would know what you feel?"

"You are saying because you don't know her. Spend some time with her then give me advice."

"Why are you saying like this? She is very cute and innocent."

"Don't underestimate her."
"If you can't tell her, I'll tell her."

"Please don't do like this. Fine, I'll try. Now go otherwise it may create misunderstanding. By the way, what is she doing?"

"You always think about him, no. She is lucky. Sometimes, I feel jealous with her. Why doesn't my boyfriend love me so much?"

I said with smile, "It's not the answer of my question."

"OMG! You are blushing. For your kind information, she was doing study."

"When you came here, did she ask you?"

"Yeah. She was saying it's too late."

"She is right. You should go. Good night."

"Yeah... You'll take her side. Good night."

After she left, I went to my room and laid on the bed. I was thinking about my problem. I was thinking to solve the problem but my mind was not working. My one mind was thinking different, but my other mind was thinking different. I was trying to sleep but I couldn't.

I came back on terrace and I was roaming. The wind was cold because of rain. I noticed that someone laid on her terrace. I went there and saw that Mithali was sleeping and shrinking. Even she'd covered herself with a blanket but it was not enough. First, the roof was wet because of rain and second, the wind was cold. I was confused why she is sleeping there.

I took a blanket from my room and got her covered. She felt some warmth. I was staring her for some minutes. She was looking very beautiful in moonlight. I sat on chair that was near to her. It was giving me relaxation that she was before me. On looking at her, I forgot my all problems. I closed my eyes and I didn't know when I slept.

Mithali's POV

I woke by rays of sun. I hate it. However, I didn't open my eyes because I wanted to sleep more. I felt that rays of the sun were on my face for one second and other second it's gone. It continued. It seems that rays of sun were playing with me. After all, I had to open my eyes. I saw Ronit was standing before me and smiling. I sat and asked, "What are you doing here?"

He said, "You are sleeping till now. It's 7:00 AM."

"What do I do? By the way, I get up at 8:00 AM by mummy daily."

He sat beside to me and asked, "Why were you sleeping here?"

I ignored what he was asking. I put my head on his shoulder and said with closing my eyes, "Let me sleep this time. I have no mood to give you answer of any question."

He suggested, "What are you doing? If anybody looks us like this, what would they think about us?"

I sighed and said, "It's great for you. Your mother may think that you don't like Jesse and you also want this. I am solving your prob."

"But what will happen to you?"

"My neighbors know me very well."

"But you know...." I opened my eyes with irritation and saw him. He stopped what he was saying.

I said, "You don't let me sleep." I took blankets and stood up.

He held my hand, stood up and said, "Mithali, Listen to me. It didn't my mean. I want to say that..."

I saw towards his hand and said, "First, leave my hand. Now you didn't think what would our neighbor think about us. (He left my hand in a second.) And I am not interested to listen what you want to say or not."

"I want to thank you because you are facing problem because of me. You have to share your room with my friend."

"You don't need to thank me. I do for Karan and Abhi like this."

"But they are your friends."

"What do you think? I am doing it for you. For your kind information, I am doing it for your mother. For God's sake, I want to sleep now." I didn't wait for his answer and came to my room.

Jesse was not there. May be, she'll be downstairs. I laid on the bed and closed my eyes. But I couldn't sleep. It was first time when I couldn't sleep in the morning. I don't know what was that feeling. It was sorrow, anger, irritation or anything else. I was thinking what happened some time ago.

My cell rang. I sat on the bed and picked up my mobile. I saw Himani's name on the screen.
I pressed the button 'on' it and said, "Hello."

She said with cheerful voice from other side, "Good morning madam. Am I in dream?"

"What happened now?" I asked with anger.

"Are you alright? I was saying that it's 7:45 am and you are woken."

"What made you call me up? Come on the point. I am already tensed."

"Is everything alright?"


"I called you because I want to meet you."

I asked with confusion, "Today?"

"Yeah. I am in trouble."

"What happened?"

"I can't tell you on the mobile. We won't meet in college. We'll meet outside."

"Ok. At restaurant which is near of college."

"Fine." She cut off the line.

I understood there was serious problem so she was calling to me. I also wanted change in environment. I wanted to get rid of this situation. I knew that Ronit was right but I could not control myself. I don't know what was happening with me. Why I was thinking about this so much? I cleared my mind and went downstairs.


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Why is Mithali confused?
Because of jealousy.
Because of anger.
Because of worry.
Something else.
Published: 1/20/2012
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