Finding his Bride - Chapter 18

Mithali is glad for her friend Himani, but her mood spoils soon. Enjoy the gossips of neighbors, means aunties.
As I came downstairs, I got shocked to see the scene. My father and Jesse were talking and enjoying. I wished both of them. My father shifted a bit and said, "Sit here."
I said, "No, thanks because I am going to talk to mummy."

I went to the kitchen where my mother was cooking. I hugged by her back, put my head on her shoulder and wished, "Good morning, mummy."

"Good morning."

"Why didn't you wake me up?"

"Jesse told me that you were not in your bed. I went to terrace to see you but the door was closed from outside. I knew that the rays of surya devta would wake you."

"Mummy, I am going to college, today."

"It's ok. Go and get ready. I already prepared breakfast."

I saw my mummy with puzzlement. It was first time when my mummy didn't ask any question. I thanked her. She told, "I am proud of you. Now, my daughter became mature."


"You would not understand now. But when you will be a mother, you will understand it."

"Mummy, please don't make me confuse."

My mother smiled and said, "That's why go and take shower."

After taking shower, I was combing my hair in front of the mirror. Jesse came and asked, "Why have you slept on terrace last night?"

"Actually, I was feeling suffocation because of season. That's why I went on the terrace. I like to sleep below open sky."

"Oh! Where are you going?"

I took a deep breath and said, "I am going to college but when anybody is going outside for important work, we shouldn't ask like that. It's not good sign according to traditions. We should ask, 'Have you any important work?' or any other way."

"I am sorry. But do you believe it?"
"Actually, I don't believe it but sometimes it comes true. Yesterday, I was going to take my mobile. My mother asked me two times 'Where are you going?' and you... (I saw towards her and recalled what I was going to say so I changed the topic) I mean you can see that my friend called me today because she is in some problem."

"What happened?"

"I don't know. She didn't tell me. That's why I am going. By the way, Sheela aunty also believes in traditions. So take care next time." I passed a smile and warned her.

She sighed and smiled. I grabbed my purse and put on my shoulders, "See you later."

She said, "Bye." I left.

I took an auto and reached at restaurant on time. Himani was waiting for me there. I raised my eyebrow and asked worried, "Am I late today?"

She saw her wrist watch and said with smile, "No, actually, I came here before time."

I pulled a chair that was in front of her and sat on it, "Now tell me. What happened? You seemed worried on line."

"Actually, I hid something from you."

I saw her with shock and said, "Please, tell me directly what you want to tell me. I'm already tensed. Don't challenge my passion."

"Are you alright? I already knew you are worried."

"You are my best friend and you hid something. How can I be alright."

"Yeah, I am feeling guilty now that's why I am telling you."

"Then tell."

She took a deep breath and started, "Actually, a boy came to see me with his family two days back. I didn't know it is for my marriage. Do you know? Who is that boy? You also know him very well."

"What a rubbish question, Himani? Am I mind reader?

She got scared and said, "I knew it you would be angry on me."

"Himani, Who is he?"

"He is Kartik."
"What? Kartik Singh."


"I can't believe it."

"I knew it."

I saw her facial expression and scolded, "Shut up, Himani. I am glad for you. I am glad because my two friends will be couples."

"You are glad. That means you don't like him."

I shook my head with 'no' and told, "He is just my friend. By the way, what did he say about it?"

"He said that he also likes me. He doesn't have any problem provided that I am ready."

"What answer did you give?"

"I thought about you and said that I would tell later."

"Are you crazy? How can you think about it? You know me very well."

"If I know you very well, I also know about your problem."

I sighed and told her about my problem. She listened me carefully and asked, "I can understand but why are you so confused. Do you like him?"

"Ronit, no way."

"I didn't take his name. You are saying it."

"Shut up. Both of us know very well whom we are talking. Even! I don't think he is my friend. I don't care he is with Jesse or anybody else. I think you became mad. Love blocks the mind that's why you are talking like that."

She smirked and said, "Oh! You have much knowledge about love. I am impressed."

"Shut up. Don't change the topic. I should party with both of you."

She blushed and said, "Ok! First, Let me accept his proposal."

"Oh! Blushing... However, I need now. I am calling Kartik and you can talk now."

"How can I talk now? I am not prepared to talk to him yet. I don't know what to say."
"But I am dialing his number."

She raised her hands towards my hand that had mobile but I lifted my hand up. I was making fun of her. After that, we were enjoying our jokes. We visited the college.

At evening, I had to go to my house. First time, I didn't want to go my own house. As I entered in the colony, I saw Aunties who sat in the park of our colony and were doing gossip. I knew what they were talking and enjoying. That's why I ignored them and went ahead. Kapoor aunty (Pooja's mother) called my name. I wanted to ignore it but it was not good for me. In our colony, we called all ladies' with their surname. I saw towards them and wished with sweet smile. She said, "Come here. We are to talk something."

I went there and prepared my mind how to handle the situation. Sharma aunty (Abhi's mother) shifted a bit and pointed me to sit beside her. I sat there and thanked to her.

Kapoor aunty asked, "Where are you coming from?"

You may not give the answer of your parents' questions but you have to give the answer of aunties' questions. I told with smile, "I went to college. There was a seminar and it was very important for me. Himani called me up at morning."

Ashwani aunty (Karan's mother), "Oh, Karan also likes seminars. He didn't miss any seminar in the college time." I know very well he didn't want to miss seminars or miss to chance to meet with girls. That's why I smiled and nodded.

Chauhan aunty (Sarika's mother), "You haven't gone with your friend?"

I asked with confusion, "My friend?"

Kapoor Aunty, "Who came yesterday and stayed with you in your room."

"Oh! Jesse." I already knew it. Aunties are fast to media. Media may miss to break any news but these aunties can't miss. I managed my facial expression because they have experience to my whole age. I told, "Because that seminar was only for college's students."

Bhardwaj aunty (Surbhi's mother), "Surbhi never told me about Jesse. Where and when did you meet to her?"

I told, "She is my internet friend. We do chat to each other since two years. She wanted to visit our city that's why she came here. Mummy didn't tell you?"

Ashwani aunty, "Yeah, your mother told us but we are asking just like that. By the way, I saw her to go into the house of Agarwal bhabhi's (Sheela aunty) yesterday."

I lied, "Actually, it was by mistake. She was confused for my house."
Bhardwaj aunty, "You see she wears short dresses. Make her understand that it will not go on here."

I nodded and said, "I will. Don't worry."

Chauhan aunty, "You should be more careful now." I saw towards her with confusion. She continued, "She was talking and laughing with Ronit on terrace. We can only make you understand. She is your friend. It's ok but it doesn't mean that she can come between you and Ronit. We already know you and Ronit like to each other."

I controlled my anger and told, "I don't think like this about him."

Sharma aunty, "But yesterday when both of you came from market, nobody could say it."

Bhardwaj aunty, "By the way, Ronit's parents like you and your parents like Ronit. Do you know? Before your uncle and my marriage, we didn't see to each other. I don't know what is this trade. The girl and boy meet before marriage. He is good boy. Why are your parents wasting the time?"

'You should think about Surbhi, not me.' I wanted to say but I didn't say anything.

Kapoor aunty, "By the way, it's our duty to tell you. At last, your parents are to take decision."

I lied, "Aunty ji, you are right. I should be careful. I will keep in mind what you told me."

They have to be glad. Kapoor aunty, "That's good, beta. I hope you would understand what we are talking to you."

I only nodded. Any idiot person can also understand what their intentions are. They were giving me advice and I was only noding. After about an hour, they left me. I was glad but they spoiled my mood. It was happening because of Ronit. I wanted to shoot him but I can't. I knocked the door. My mother opened it. She asked with worried voice, "What happened? Are you alright?" How do the mothers understand problems of their children without saying anything?

I lied, "Yeah, I am tired that's why I need to rest."

She nodded. I came inside. Jesse was watching TV. I went to my room and laid on the bed. I send text to my friends what to say their parents about Jesse. They replied with a 'confusing face.' However, it was not end of that day.


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