Finding his Bride - Chapter 19

Mithali has to go for morning walk because of Jesse. She meets Ronit there and they have a conversation. She feels relaxed after talking to him. A smile comes on her face to think what happened last evening. Enjoy the conversation...
I was in my bed. I felt someone was brushing my hair with affection. I opened my eyes and saw my mother. My mother told with smile, "Your coffee is ready."

I sat and asked, "But I didn’t ask."

"I know very well. When does my daughter need it?"

I passed a smile and hugged her, "Thanks, mummy."

"Mention not. But it will be cold."

She raised a cup of coffee towards me. We started to take coffee. She asked, "Is everything fine?"

I saw towards her with shock. Why was she asking same questions in different ways? I knew she would not go without knowing. I told with smile, "Mom, Himani is getting married."

"It's great but why are you so sad?"

"Because I'm tired. I am glad for her. She is my friend."

She sighed. After few minutes, she said, "Now, Himani is getting married. When will you get married? Kamni was telling about a boy. He is nice and doing a perfect job in Gurgaon. If you say, I’ll talk to her."

I couldn’t get on my ears. Why was she saying this to me? I was only staring her. She continued, "Mithali, if you say then I will talk. Otherwise your father's already forbade."

"Then why are you asking me mummy? I want to do something special in my life. I don’t want to get married now. I don’t want to ruin my life. You know very well."

"After marriage, the life gets ruined? I got married with your father. It means I ruined my life. I don’t know what you want?" My mother asked with anger.

"Mummy, I didn't mean it. I am saying that I will get married but after some years. I need time to make my career."

"You can make your career after marriage."

"Ok, mummy. We will discuss it with papa. Then we will decide."
She said with making her face, "There is no benefit in talking with you and your father."

I smiled. As she saw me, she also smiled. I said, "Mummy, I want to live with you that’s why I am not getting married. Because I love you."

"Yeah, please don’t need to convince me. By the way, you don’t listen to me."

"No, mummy. I listen to you every time."


"Uhmm." I tried to think but failed, "Ok, I will tell you later."

Both of us laughed. Thank God, I convinced my mother and she left that stupid topic. That night was not good or not bad. It was so, so. Jesse and I talked but it was only related to current affairs of our country. I slept early in that night.

The following day, someone was calling my name. I opened my eyes and saw Jesse.

She wished with smile, "Good morning, Mithali. Get up."

I saw towards watch and said with sleepy voice, "Jesse, it’s only 6:00 am and I daily get up late. So let me sleep."

"I am going for walk and aunty asked me to take you."

"But..." At last, I had to go with her.

In the garden, mostly people of our society were enjoying the morning, but I wanted to sleep. I sat on a bench and closed my eyes. She asked me, "Mithali."

"Please, Jesse. I came because my mother wanted it. I don’t know why everybody does exercises. I hate it. At least, let me take a nap here."

She smiled and went. I again closed my eyes. However, no one let me sleep. Everyone was shocked to see me there. I tried to hear their comments. I heard again a voice, "What are you doing here?"

I didn’t want to open my eyes but I had to. He was smiling and I hate it. Ronit again asked, "You are here for walking or sleeping."

I was already angry on him and he was putting the fuel in the fire. I asked, "What is your problem? You are here for walking then go. Why are you wasting your time with me?"

He sat next to me and asked, "What happened? Are you alright?"

"No, I am going to die."

He asked with sad voice, "Why are you saying like this? Tell me, what happened?"

"Why do I need to tell you? Who are you?"

"Please Mit. What happened to you?"

"Why are you talking with me politely today?"

"I always talk to you politely but you always. (As he saw me, he changed the topic.) Leave it. Tell me. Why are you upset? You went to meet your friend yesterday. Is everything fine?"

I looked at him with shock, "It means she told you about it."


"If you want to know, listen. I am upset because you don’t know. What did I have to tolerate because of your friend. Do you know what auntyjis were talking about you and Jesse? How do you know? Because you didn’t have to face the problems. What they were making me understand? Please Ronit let me leave alone. I don’t have mood to talk you or anybody else."

"If you won’t tell me, how do I get to know? Tell me. What they were saying to you?"

"What will you do?"

"It’s my problem, not your."

"It’s also my problem now." I am concerned what I said sometime ago, "It means everyone knows she is my friend. If you say anything, it will create a big problem. I am already tensed. Why are you increasing more problems for me?"

"Ok, you can tell me what they were saying to you. I won’t do anything. At least, I can share your problems."

I saw him with surprise. He knew what he was saying that time. As he noticed, he continued, "I mean you are in problem because of me. That’s why…"

How could I tell him what they were making me understand? That’s why I told, "They were saying that Jesse wears very short dress that’s why make her understand. Here it won’t go on."

He asked me with surprise, "That’s it."

"No, and they were telling that you were talking with her on terrace."

"But she is my friend."

"I know but they don’t know about it."

"That’s why you are upset."

"No, I am upset because they were making me understand."

"What were they saying to you?"

"I can’t tell you."


I told with smile, "I can’t talk to you about it. Please try to understand me, Ronit. How do I make you understand? It’s just…"

He said with smile, "Thank God, you smiled. Otherwise, I was thinking how to make you happy. By the way, what are they saying you? At least, you can give me a hint."

"I am saying that I can’t tell you. It means I can’t tell you."

"Ok, leave it. I will make Jesse understand. She won’t wear short dress. Now, do you have any problem?"



"You ruined my morning."

"I am sorry. But you should sleep in your bed, not here."

"Actually, it’s order of my mother. In addition, don’t tell your mother that they said something to me yesterday. If my mother got to know, it will create big problem for everybody including us."


"You can’t understand about it."

"You are not telling me anything and only saying that I can’t understand. But why?"
Thank God, Pinki came near us and wished, "Hey di." Pinki is Puja’s younger sister.

"Hey, Pinki."

On seeing Ronit, she asked, "I didn’t disturb you?"

I asked with confusion, "No, but why are you asking like this?"

"She shook her head with ‘no’ and passed a smile. I got more confused why everyone was behaving like that. Ronit said, "Excuse me. I have to go." and left.

She sat beside me and told, "Oh, I understood why you are here at this time?"


She also made an excuse, "Oh, I forgot mummy is calling me. I have to go."

After she left, I understood why she was smiling too much. Why is everyone thinking about us like that? We only talk to each other and they are taking it in other sense. By the way, I didn’t want to spoil my mood anymore that’s why I came back to my home.


Why do every Indian parents want their children to get married as soon as possible? When they understand their children without telling, why can’t they understand what their children want? I am also with parents but they should think about their children, their dreams, their wishes and a lot.

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Published: 2/14/2012
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