Finding his Bride - Chapter 20

Sarika comes for Mithali. Mithali spends night at Sarika’s house. Does Mithali come out from her confusion or get more confused? The following day, they go to the mall. Some exciting moments happen.
My whole day was so, so but my evening was excited. I was in my room and thinking what was going on in my life. Why am I so confused? I was not able to take any decision. I heard the tune of my mobile. As I saw Sarika’s number, I picked up and greeted, "Hey."

She asked me, "What happened? Do you have any prob?"

I lied, "Nothing happened, yaar, just like that."

"But your facial expressions are not with your voice."

"No..." I came out from my thinking, "How do you know?"

"Because I am just behind you." She cut off the line.

I turned back and saw her. I stood up, hugged her and asked with smile, "What a pleasant surprise! How are you here?"

"Why? I can’t come here." She hugged me back.

"No, it’s not my mean. Any way, why didn’t tell me you are coming here?"

"Because I wanted to see your surprising face. Let it be. Now tell me, why are you so upset?"

"I am not upset."

She leaded me to sit on the bed. We sat on the bed. She said, "Mithali, I know you since your childhood. I never thought that you are my friend. I treat you as my younger sis. If you won’t tell me then, whom will you tell?"

"I also treat you as my elder sis. However, when there is no reason to be upset, what to tell you? I am fine. May be! It’s a burden of study."

"Please, Mithali, don’t lie to me. I know you very well. You have a burden of study? Even, I can’t think it in my dream. Then how can it be possible?"

I was only staring at her. I couldn’t find my exact words to say. When she felt that I wouldn’t tell her in any case, she changed the topic, "Come with me." She held my wrist and pulled me outside.

"Where?" I asked with surprise.

She smiled, "In my house."
I was confused, but I followed her. We came in her room. She picked up her bag and took out a little box from it. She rose towards me and said with smile, "It’s for you."

I grabbed and opened it. It was very beautiful long earrings. I am fond of earrings. I said with a fake smile, "It’s nice."

She saw me with shocked and asked, "Only nice? I thought that you would thank me for it."

I said, "I am sorry. Thanks for it."

"Mithali, tell me. What happened?"

"Now, what do I tell you?"

"I was missing you so much that’s why I am here. I don’t know where is your mind. I need my old Mithali."

"I don’t know what are you saying?"

"Ok, you would stay here for tonight. I already took permission with your mother. We will enjoy whole night."

I nodded. I took dinner with her family. We watched movie and did lot of fun. I forgot all my worries. We did chat with our friends. I recalled my old days. How much we were excited? Thank God! She didn’t ask anymore about Ronit and Jesse. I shared her bed. We talked all girly topics that night. I don’t know when I slept. It’s true you forget yourselves with your friends.


The following morning, when I woke up, the room was changed from my room. I sat against the bed board and recalled about previous night. It was amazing morning. I was feeling fresh air on my face that was coming by the window.

After some time, Sarika came with a tray of two cups of coffee. She wished with smile, "A very good morning."

I also smiled, "Good morning, Sarika."

She sat on the edge of bed and put the tray on the bed. She rose a cup of coffee towards me, "Take it."

I said with smile, "You forgot, madam. I don’t take anything without taking shower."

"Sometimes, we should change ourselves. It’s only a cup of coffee, Mithali. You can take shower after that. Aunty wouldn’t get to know it."
"It isn’t for mummy. It’s my daily routine."

"For me, please. At least, we can spend more time together. In addition, I want to share today’s schedule with you. I already prepared it."

I raised my eyebrow and smiled. She continued with smile, "Yeah, listen to me carefully. After getting fresh, we will visit the mall, do shopping and have lot of fun. We will spend our time together."

I nodded. We started to enjoy our coffee. After that, I came to my house. My father had gone to his office. My mother was busy in chores. There was also Jesse, but I behaved, as I didn’t care her. I helped my mother. I told her what we did previous night. She was glad for me.

When I was getting ready, I recalled about Kuldeep. I called him and told about my plan. Firstly, he refused but after some arguments, I convinced him. Now, my day was gonna be more excited because a surprise was waiting for Sarika.

It was 1:00 pm and I was waiting for Sarika. After five minutes, Sarika came with a smile. She greeted my mother and she greeted back. Sarika, "Are you ready?"

I nodded. As I stood, my mother suggested, "Why don’t you take Jesse with you? What will she do here?"

I saw her with shock then looked at Sarika. Sarika managed the situation, "Yeah, Aunty ji, but we should ask Jesse first."

"I already asked her. She has not problem. By the way, I already said her to get ready."

What a smart mother I have. I didn’t say anything but I got angry. Sarika held my wrist and winked her eyes to be relaxed. I nodded.

I got more shocked when I got to know that Ronit was also coming with us. I thought that my day was going to be more excited but actually, it was gonna to be ruined.

In half an hour, we reached at the mall. Ronit stopped the engine in front of mall. Sarika, Jesse and I got off from the car. He went to park the car in parking lot. We went inside the mall and grabbed a table in a restaurant. I sent a text to Kuldeep to come.

After five minutes, Ronit came to the table. I was pretending to check the menus. Actually, I was waiting for Kuldeep. As I saw Kuldeep coming in the restaurant, I jumped from my table with joy. But Sarika’s face got fade and Ronit and Jesse were confused.

Kuldeep came to our table and I greeted him. He also greeted me back with a smile. But as he saw toward Sarika, his smile had gone.
I introduced Kuldeep with Ronit and Jesse. Sarika grabbed my wrist under the table and said, "Excuse us. I want to go to the washroom and Mithali, I need your help."

I nodded and we went to the washroom. I was already prepared for her reaction. As we entered the washroom, she burnt on me, "Mithali, what is he doing here? You know very well that I want to spend my time with you, not anybody else. How.."


"Shut your mouth. I didn’t finish till yet. First, let me finish. (I only nodded. I knew she was angry that’s why she was scolding me. She was saying and I was listening but as she said last few sentences, I came out from my thinking.) You can never understand my pain. When your lover will cheat you, then you will understand…" I was looking at her with surprise. I didn’t prepare for it. When she concerned what she was saying, she stopped. She put her both hands on her face and excused, "Oh, I am really sorry. I didn’t mean it. I am angry that’s why…"

I told slowly, "It’s ok, Sarika. I can understand. Your last few sentences were not nice but your whole speech was impressive." A smile came on my face.

"What? What I said to you, it’s only speech for you. Everything is fun for you, no."

"No, I mean that you are doing overacting Sarika. Why are you thinking so much about that stupid man? He doesn’t deserve it. Everybody knows he is ******. He was your past but Kuldeep is your present and future. Kuldeep is a nice person. He accepted you with your past. Until you won’t spend your time with him, how will you get to know about him? He came here only for you. He loves you very much and he will make you happy forever."

After few minutes, she said, "Ok, I will try, but I am not promising you." I nodded with smile. Thank God, she understood me.

A girl also entered in washroom. As she saw me, she said with smile, "Mithali.."

I recalled, she is Sikha. I greeted, "Hey…"

I introduced her with Sarika. Sikha told that she came with her boyfriend. She asked, "How is your boyfriend?"

Sarika saw towards me with shock and asked, "You have a boyfriend? And I don’t know your boyfriend!"

I said, "I also don’t know my boyfriend. Sikha, whom are you talking about?"

Sikha cleared, "He is not your boyfriend. I am sorry. I thought because you are looking just like a couple. He was caring you as a…"
"Ronit is not my boyfriend. He is my neighbor." Why? I have to tell everybody about it.

Sarika said with smile, "Oh, Ronit. Actually, he can’t be her boyfriend because he already has a girlfriend, Jesse. "

I corrected to her, "Jesse is not his girlfriend. She is only his friend. He told me. Understand...."

"Then what is she doing here? A friend doesn’t come to put down any friend’s house. You know it very well."

"I know but..." As I saw towards Sikha, I got silent because she was looking us with confusion. I continued, "Let it be, Sarika. I don’t want to argue about this topic."

Sarika, "Sorry, Sikha. Actually…"

Sikha, "It’s ok. I think I should go because my boyfriend is waiting."

We nodded and left. As we came out from washroom, Sarika asked, "Tell me. What is your prob, Mithali? Why are you wasting your time for him? I knew our opinion was wrong for him and you were right. But now, you know everything."

I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know what to say. I don’t think about him just like that. He’s my neighbor. That’s it. I didn’t know my idea worked on Kuldeep and Sarika’s relationship. We took our lunch and did shopping. We came back after five hours.

When Jesse and I were in the bed, Jesse asked me, "Mithali, is there any misunderstanding between Sarika and Kuldeep."

I told her about Sarika’s past. At last, I added, "When we get ditched by anybody to whom we love very much. It’s very difficult to come out from our past. We can’t easily believe on another person."

"Yeah, love is very confusing. But it is true we can’t live without love. Only some people are lucky who meet with, it's true love."

"Do you believe in love?"

"When we see anybody’s true love, we have to believe on it."

I told with smile, "Yeah, you can take the example of Kuldeep. By the way, we should sleep because you get up early in the morning."

"Yeah, Good night."
"Good night." I switched off and laid on the bed. Jesse is not rude as I thought so. Our thinking is same that’s why, we may be friends....


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Should Jesse and Mithali become friends?
May be.
Published: 3/2/2012
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