Finding his Bride - Chapter 21

Ronit said, "You can’t solve my problem because you don’t believe in love." Why did he say that? I don’t believe in love. It doesn’t mean I can’t understand anyone's feelings.
In last few days, Jesse and I became good friends. We spent our time together, shared our thoughts, had a lot of fun.

That night, I was sleeping and my mobile ring up. I thought who is calling me up this time. I picked up my mobile and saw it’s screen. It appeared Surbhi. I cut off the call and looked towards the watch. It was 11:46 pm. My all friends know that I don’t like to be disturbed in my hours of sleeping. After few minutes, it ringed again. I pressed the button ‘on’ and asked with sleepy voice, "What’s up? Why are you calling me this time?"

I heard the voice from other side, "Where are you?"

"What a funny question, Surbhi? Where should I be this time? Of course, I am in my bed."

"Please Mithali, tell me. Jesse is with you." It was pain in her voice.

I sat on the bed against the bed board and saw Jesse who was sleeping next to me. "Yeah."

"Go outside, I want to talk. It’s important."

"Ok." I went on the Terrance and continued, "Tell me. What happened? I am outside. Why are you so upset?"

She took a deep breath and told, "Abhi likes some other girl. I think so."

"What? Abhi told you?"

"No, but nowadays Abhi doesn’t share anything with me. When I call him up, he makes an excuse."

I scolded her, "You make me wake up, to tell this. You can tell me in the morning. You know I was sleeping."

"I can’t wait till morning. It’s serious."

"Are you crazy? Is Abhi going to elope in morning that you can’t wait?"

"Please Mithali. Why are you saying like that?"

"Ok. Let me think. What to do ahead?"

"Ok, but What?"

"Give me some time to think about it. It is not a game, that’s why I need time."

"Ok, but as soon as."

"Yeah, good night and don’t think too much about it."


"That Abhi has any other girl except you."

"Yeah, good night."

I cut off the line and took a deep breath. How strange friends I have! Surbhi is calling me at night for her love life. Sarika is not interested in her fiance. Karan has no time for his friends because of his girlfriend. Pooja is dating with her new boyfriend and I don’t know what does Abhi want?

Surbhi woke me and I was thinking what to do. As I turned toward the stairs, I saw someone’s shadow on the Terrence. It's got to be Ronit. Who can be there except him? I went there and saw him. He was looking upset. I asked, "What happened, Mr.? What are you doing here at this time?"

He headed up and saw towards me, "I think I should ask you the same question? It is my property and it depends on me what I do anywhere."

"Sorry, I forgot that it’s your property. However, what do I do? I have habit to enter the property of others. Now, tell me. What’s up?"

"Mit, I have no mood. Please go from here."

"Ok, would you like to do dance?"

He saw towards me with shock "Are you crazy? This time and without song."

I held his hand and pulled towards me, "Come on. Sometimes we should do creative things. It’s a good therapy to remove our frustration."

He raised his eyebrows and thank God, he passed me a smile. He stood up. We held to each other and our feet were moving.

After few minutes, I asked, "When I come on the Terrence you are always here. What do you do here at night?"

A smile came on his lips. He replied, "I like open sky. When fresh air touches you, it removes all worries, all sadness. It gives a relaxation, that’s why I am always here."

"It sounds good."

"Ok, just tell me. What are you doing here at this time?"

"Actually, Surbhi called me up. She needed my help."

He smirked, "Really?"

"Why are you asking like this? What do you think? I am telling a lie..." He was smiling but didn’t say anything. I continued, "Please don’t laugh at me."

He said while controlling his smile, "I am not laughing seriously."

I explained, "Fine, Surbhi and Abhi like each other, but they didn’t tell it to each other. Now Surbhi suspects that Abhi likes some other girl. She wants me to get to know what the reality is. That’s why she called me up."

"What will you do?"

A smile came on my face, "Did you ever listen the word ‘jealous’?"

"Yeah but you are asking or telling."

"It works on most guys."

"I think it’s not fair. Why doesn’t she ask him directly?"

"Yeah, It’s a big problem. Because Surbhi and Abhi have no dare to ask to each other directly. That’s why I'll have to do it."

"But you can ask him. After all you are his friend."

"Me? Are you crazy? When I have a chance to make a fun, why will I waste it?"

"Everything is fun for me, no."

"Yeah. You know life is nothing without fun. Why has god given us this life? To enjoy it, otherwise animals also spend their life. We are human, that’s why we should enjoy our life according to us. You made me forget what I was asking you. Tell me, why were you so upset?"

"Actually, you won’t understand."

"Why are you saying so? Do you know, I am a type of magic girl who solves everybody’s problem? All my friends tell me their all problems and I solve them. May be! I’ll solve your problem too."
"But you can’t solve my problem because you don’t believe in love."

"I can’t believe in love for me, not for others. Wait one minute, it means you love someone."

"When I said it?"

"But it was your mean."


"Yeah, who is the luckiest girl?"

"That day, you said that she would be stupid who will marry me. And now, you are calling her lucky."

"That day, I was angry on you that’s why I said like that."

"And today?"

I saw in his eyes. We stopped that time. He was smiling. I had no answer to his question, "Good night, I am feeling sleepy that’s why I wanna go."

"But you didn’t give the answer of my question."

"Which question?"

"That you were angry on me that day and today how is your mood."

"It’s sleepy. Leave me. I wanna go."

He left me, "When I want to hold you. You want to do dance with me."

"Whatever." I took steps towards the stairs. I heard his voice, "Good night." I greeted him back by my moving lips, but I didn’t turn back to see him.

I came in my room and sat on the bed. I was smiling and thinking of what happened some time ago. I switched off the tube light and lied on the bed. I don’t know why I was so smiling?


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