Finding his Bride - Chapter 22

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The following morning...

I woke when I heard mobile tune that was ringing near my ear. But I didn’t open my eyes. Last night, I slept late and now, who is disturbing? I asked, "Who is it?"

Jesse replied with sleepy voice, "I don’t know. It’s your mobile."

I was shocked Jesse didn’t wake up till now. It means it’s early morning because she wakes on time. I requested, "Please, pick it."

"It’s your mobile. How can I pick it up?"

"Just relax. It isn’t my boyfriend’s call otherwise I won’t disturb you."

"May be."

"Actually, my boyfriend won’t be stupid who will call me early in the morning. Pleassseee pick it up or throw it out from the window, otherwise it won’t let us sleep."

"You don’t love your mobile. I can’t live without my mobile."

"In the sleeping time, I love only sleeping, not others."

She laughed, picked mobile up, "Hello… Yeah… Just wait a minute."

She said in my ear, "Mithali, it’s Surbhi. I think she is upset."

I opened my eyes and took the mobile, "Surbhi, what’s up?"

"Are you sleeping this time?" She asked me with upset voice.

I saw towards wall-watch and replied, "It’s 4:16 am and mostly India will be sleep. I am not special. By the way, why did you call me up this time?"

"Do you know what did I see in dream?"

"You called me up for telling your dream this time." I saw towards Jesse who was smiling and I got angry.

"Mithali, I saw the dream at 4:00 am. It means my dream will be true." She was saying with teary voice.

"Why are you crying? Surbhi, dreams are dreams. You saw dream at 4:00 am, it doesn’t mean it will be true. (I knew she wouldn’t let me sleep without telling me. I wanted to sleep because she saw any stupid dream and she was disturbing me for that) Ok, tell me, what you saw?"

She didn’t reply me and started to sobbing.

I continued, "What happened, dear? Why are you crying? I am damn sure your dream won’t be true."

She took deep breath and asked, "If it is true, what will happen to me?"

"At least, tell me what you saw."

"Abhi got married with some other girl."

"Did you see it in your dream?" I asked with anger.

"Yeah... Why are you angry on me? I didn’t get married. It was he." A smile came on my face listening to her. By the way, everybody gets to be stupid in love. It’s true.

"Did you see that girl's face?"


"It means it’s you, Surbhi. You are thinking about it so much that’s why you saw this type of dream. Don’t think about it more. Sleep and let sleep."

"You are thinking about sleeping and here my life…" She started to cry again.

"No, it isn’t what I meant..."

"Then what?"

"I mean… Just leave it and tell me you talked Abhi yesterday!"


"That’s why you are thinking like that."

"What did you think about it?" She asked me.

"I have a plan." I replied with smile.

"What? Tell me now."

"Are you sure it will work?"

"Yeah, damn sure and please sleep for God’s sake and let me sleep."

"You can’t think anything else except sleep. When will you fall in love, I will see how much you will sleep that time?"

"By the way, this time it’s my love and bye."

I put the mobile on the table and laid on the bed. Jesse asked me, "What happened? Why are you planning?"

I told her everything and asked at last, "Could I sleep now, my aaka?"

"Let me think… Yeah…" She said with smile.

I smiled and closed my eyes. I was thinking about Surbhi and Abhi. How much are they stupid who can’t say to each other. Both are having crush on each other. After that, I don’t know why are they scared. By the way, it will be fun to execute my plan on them. I know I shouldn’t think like this about my friends. But I don’t know why do I enjoy to tease lovebirds. It’s bad habit but I am just like that. I don’t know when I slept.

It was afternoon. We were in Sheela aunty’s house. I was watching TV with Sheela aunty. Jesse and Ronit were playing video game. I don’t know why mostly youngsters are crazy for video game. I got bored to play it that’s why I hate it. And that time, I got angry hearing their voice. I was not taking interest in TV and I was thinking about them. Actually, their voice was disturbing me. I wanted to get up and slap both of them but I controlled myself. It’s hard for me.

By the way, they asked me to play with them. But I refused because in my opinion, movies are interesting than game. I don’t know why I was angry. I was angry that they are playing game together or anything else. By the way, I don’t like them spending time together. I know they are friends but I feel some strange when I see them together. May be, this feeling can be jealous but I am confused.

I was thinking that. I felt hands on my eyes from back. I couldn’t see anything. I asked, "Who is it?" But there was no reply. I was confused who can be. I put my hands on those hands. It was a boy’s hand. When I understood, who is he? A smile came on my face.

I asked loudly, "What are you doing here, Kabir?"

He laughed loudly and asked, "You recognized me?" He moved his hands from my eyes.

I stood up, turned towards him and hugged him tightly, "I can’t forget you, you know very well."

He hugged me back and replied, "Yeah, by the way, I can’t let you forget me. Am I right, aunty?"

Aunty who was standing there, passed a smile, "Yeah, what would you like to take, cold or hot?"

He replied, "Nothing, aunty ji. Why are you bothering because of me? I am here only to meet her."

"I won’t bother. You guys talk." She passed a smile and went to kitchen.

We sat on the couch together and were talking. I forgot about Ronit and Jesse because of him. He noticed Ronit and Jesse and asked, "Who are they, Mithali?"

I saw towards them. They were looking our side. He got up and took steps towards them. That’s why I have to follow him. He stopped before them and raised his hand towards Ronit with smile, "Hello, I am Kabir but I am sorry I didn’t recognize you."

Ronit held his hand, "I am Ronit…"

I noticed Ronit was not happy to meet him. I don’t know why. By the way, he is just like that.

"Oh, you are Ronit, aunty’s son. Nice to see you. Aunty always talks about you very much." Kabir said to me, "Mithali, you didn’t tell me he is here, otherwise I would come to meet him."

I replied with making face, "Oh, really, you have no time to meet me. Whenever I call you, you always say ‘I am busy’. And you came to meet him?"

"Why do you always quip me? You know I came here specially to meet you."

"Yeah, I know very well why you are here."

He saw towards Jesse and asked, "Who is this beautiful lady?"

"She is Jesse."

Jesse said with smile, "Hello, I am Mithali’s friend."

Kabir, "Mithali, you didn’t tell me you have so smart friend."

I told with smile, "She is Ronit’s friend, not my. Jesse, don’t tell lies to him. He is just like a family."

Aunty interrupted, "Yeah, Jesse."

He asked making his face, "What aunty? You are with her. I am just like family. I am family’s member."

I asked with smile, "Seriously." He nodded. I continued, "Ok, Jesse, he is family. Now, fine."

"Yeah. By the way, what is it?"

"I will explain you later. I forgot. Where is bhabhi ji? You didn’t come with her."

"Actually, Ankita is busy because of Arpita. Arpita has her school. (He took out a box and card from his pocket and raised towards me) Ankita send it for her cute nanand and Arpita send it for her sweet bua."

I said with sad voice, "They always do it."

Jesse asked with surprise, "Nanad and Bua…"

I told with smile, "Yeah... He is married and has a four years old cute daughter. By the way, he doesn’t look like he is aged."

Kabir, "I am not aged. I am your age."

"Really, but I am not married and don't have any child." I said laughing.

"I am married and have a daughter. It means I am aged."

"Yeah, after marriage, everybody becomes aged. Am I right aunty?"

"You always fight with me that’s why I don’t come to meet you. I am going now."

"Oh, now I understood why are you saying so?"


"You are to go now because you will be late. You came here to meet mummy. Am I right?"

"No, seriously, I am here to meet you. You know when bua ji told me you are here. I didn’t stay your home for a minute. I came here."

"Why are you talking about going?"

All of us sat on sofa and we talked for two hours. Kabir had to go that’s why we did see off him at his car.
After he went, Jesse asked with smile, "He is your cousin. Do you know what I thought earlier?"

I understood but asked her with smile, "What did you think?"

We were laughing. Ronit said, "But why I didn’t know about your cousin. I never met him in childhood."

I replied with anger, "It is a difference between you and me. I know about your all relatives, about you, but you don’t know anything about me."

He said with confusion, "I am only saying. Why are you talking like this?"

"By the way, there is no benefit to talk with you. I don’t know why I always talk to you after knowing it." I didn’t wait for his reply and went my home. Even I don’t know why I spoke to him like that.


Sometimes, what we want, it is difficult to know.

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