Finding his Bride - Chapter 23

Hey guys, I know it's too late to post a new chapter. So sorry and hope you will understand that. Now I am continuing this story, hope you guys will like this chapter. This is a story about Mithali and her friends. She believes in enjoying her life but she also respects elders and others. Her life is disturbed when Rohit comes back in her life. So read and enjoy.
I was only thinking about Ronit. I never understood my anger or confusion whenever I saw Ronit and Jesse together. I knew they were only friends and I also used to spend time with my friends. Then why did I get irritated seeing them together?

I was feeling guilty after talking to him like that. I did not want to talk him like that but I did. I was thinking about how I should talk to him again. I should have asked him 'sorry' or whatever. I was very much confused.

On the same evening, I was on Terrance. Ronit came near me and greeted, "Hey."

I was shocked to find him normal. I talked to him so rudely but he was talking to me nicely.

I was only looking at him with confusion. He continued, "Are you still angry?"

"No... Actually..."

However, he didn't let me finish my sentence or I didn't know what I replied. He continued, "I am sorry."

What? He was asking me 'sorry'. But why was he asking me? I should have asked him.

He said, "Actually, it was my fault. I shouldn't have talked about your cousin like that. It is not necessary for me to know all your relatives."

"Ronit, You don't need to say me 'sorry'. It's ok. Sometimes it happens. Actually, I also shouldn't have talked to you so rudely. Can't we forget it?" I asked.

"It means you aren't angry?"

"No, now is it fine?" I asked him. He shook his head with agreement.

We smiled then started talking about many other topics. Few minutes ago, I was confused how to talk him again but in a flash, he had solved my problem very easily.


At night, I called Abhi. It was the time to execute my plan on him. I heard his voice from other side, "Hey, Mithali."

I greeted him back with exciting voice, "Hey, Abhi. What are you doing?"

"Nothing, I got bored that's why I am watching TV. And what are you doing?"

"Nothing, I am also in same condition."

"Why? Where are Ronit and Jesse? Nowadays, you always spend your time with them."

I smiled, "Oh really, Why are feeling jealous? By the way, where is Surbhi? You too spend your time with her. Are you not chatting with her now?"

He got silent. After a few minutes, he told, "Actually, she is tired that's why she slept soon."

"Oh, do you know about her special friend?"

"What do you mean?" He asked me with confusion.

"Leave it. My tongue slipped."

"Mithali, please tell me. What are you talking about?"

I controlled my laugh on his reaction and told him, "She was asking about some special gifts to give a special friend. I asked her about it but she didn't tell me anything. I thought she mentioned to you."

"She didn't mention me about it." He said with serious voice.

"I am sorry. I shouldn't have told you about it."

"Thanks Mithali. You told me about it."

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I am fine."

"I think you need to relax. Good night and sweet dreams."

"Good night." He replied with sad voice.

I put my mobile on the bed and started to laugh loudly.

Jesse asked, "What happened?"

I told her what I told Abhi and added at last, "I greeted him 'sweet dreams' but now he would forget to see dreams. Do you know it's really very funny?"

She suggested, "I think we are doing wrong with him. We should directly tell him and the problem will be solved."

I replied controlling my laugh, "I know him very well. It is necessary, otherwise he won't confess his love."

"It's ok if you think so." She said with a convincing voice.


And one week has passed, I don't know why I liked his company now. We spent more time together. Earlier, he used to make me irritated but now, we do not fight.

On the other side, Abhi proposed to Surbhi and we told him that it was our plan. Now, Abhi and Surbhi are happy with each other. And my one problem was solved. It is said that if you want to enjoy your life then problem plays a very important role in your life. I mean you can enjoy your life only with problems. That's why my one problem was solved but another problem was ready.

It was evening time, Ronit, Jesse, and I were playing carom and enjoying. It was my turn but my mobile rang. Then I saw the mobile screen.

Jesse suggested, "Mithali, you attend your call after your turn."

When it started to ring again, I got up and said, "Sorry, I have to attend it otherwise my friends will be angry."

Ronit quipped, "Why? We are not your friends?"

I passed a smile, "Yeah, you are also my friends. But I have to go now."

I went to the terrance. I pressed the 'on' button and heard Karan's voice from the another side, "Where were you? You know I am trying to call you since last few minutes."

"Just wait Karan, at least listen to me. I was with Jesse and Ronit that's why..."

He didn't let me complete my sentence, "Yeah, you made new friends. Now why will you have time for your old friends?"

Why were my friends doing quip on me about it? "Why are you saying it, Karan? You know that old is gold."

"You are thinking about jokes, Mithali. You know what my condition is. By the way, you always enjoy everybody's critical situation."

"I can understand your situation. However, Mr., I am listening to you, it doesn't mean you can say anything."

"Forget it. Tell me that you talked to your parents."

"It's hard to convince them, Karan. At least, you give me some more time to talk them."

"You are saying it, Mithali. I can't believe it. Everything is possible for you."

"I know. Thanks, but don't need to appreciate me. You will need it after marriage, so save it." I suggested him with smile.

"I know, that's why I am practicing since now." He said with smile.

"It's sound good."

"Oh, Mithali, You always change the topic. The problem is not that. You have to talk them."

"Actually, Karan, papa is not here and mummy won't let me go without his permission and alone... there is no chance. She won't listen to me."

"Where will you be alone? You will be with us. In addition, you are not a child now. Grow up, Mithali."

"Shut up, Karan. Don't give me lectures. My mother and professors are enough for giving me lectures. By the way, you are right. I have to find a way. How can you marry without me?"

"It's great. Now, you understood. You don't have more time, Mithali. Remember it."

"Yeah, now I am cutting the line because I need time to think."

"Ok, byee."


I cut the line. I put my hands on my head and prayed, "Oh my God, Please help me. I know only you can solve this problem."

I recalled about Jesse and Ronit. OMG, is there any end to my problem? I came back. Both of them sat with my mother and they were watching TV.


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Published: 12/18/2013
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