Finding his Bride - Chapter 24

Mithali is hiding something from everybody and in this chapter, I included Ronit’s POV. There is a twist for all of you. Karan is going to get married.
I came back. Ronit and Jesse were sitting with my mother and watching TV.

I asked, "What happened? We were playing carom na."

Ronit said with irritation, "But you are interested in talking to your friends."

I threw myself on the sofa and said, "Yeah, it is true."

Jesse asked with worry, "Is everything alright?"

I saw towards my mother because she only has solution to my problem. My mother looked at me. I thought it was right time to talk.

I started, "Mummy, I want to take permission from you."

Her facial expression changed from worry to surprise, "Yeah, say."

I bit my lower lip with my teeth, "Actually, mummy, Karan got promotion last week. We asked him for a treat. That’s why we planned to visit Delhi."

My mother asked with raised voice, "You planned without asking us."

"Actually, mummy, it’s not my plan. It’s his plan."

"What do you want now?"

"I want to go with them."

"When are you going?"


"What?" My mother asked me with shock. "But tomorrow is not a holiday."

"Yeah, but they planned for tomorrow. They already took leave from their office. That’s why we can’t change the program."

"Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Your father is not here and I can’t give you permission in his absence."

"Why don’t we ask him now?"

After thinking, my mother asked, "Who is coming to pick you?"

OMG, I didn’t think about it. I had to answer so I said, "I have to go alone. If anybody comes here, we will be late and it is not benefit to go."

"No, you can’t go to Delhi alone."

"Why mummy? Delhi is nearest city. What’s the problem? I can manage it. I am not a child."

"It’s a problem. You are not a child and you do argue with me."

"What mummy?"

"Ok, I can send you only on one condition if Ronit and Jesse will go with you. I would not worry for you. You can talk to your friends."

Oh no, if they come with me, our plan will be finished. HMM, what a black mailer mummy I have! Now, it's a proof that I am her daughter. I saw towards them who was enjoying our conversation since last few minutes. They were also shocked.

After thinking, I said, "Ok, I have no problem. By the way, why will my friends have problem with them? And thanks, mummy."

"But first, you have to take your father’s permission."

"Ok." It was not hard to convince him. Actually, the main problem was my mother. When you solve out the main problem, it is not hard to solve whole problem.

I called my father and he gave me permission. My mother said, "I am going to prepare dinner."

After my mother left, Jesse asked, "You didn’t tell us about it."

"Actually, I don’t know about it. Karan was calling me up to tell. It was not fixed earlier because everybody had to take leave from their office. I am free that’s why they told me at last moment. By the way, don’t you have any problem with it?"

She shook her head with ‘no’. I asked, "And you, Ronit?"

Ronit, "Why would we have any problem? I didn’t visit Delhi and it is a better chance to visit with all friends."

"Yeah." I was thinking about Karan. I didn’t know how he would react listening to it.


Ronit’s POV

After that day, Mithali’s behavior changed towards me. She talked to me politely. I didn’t know why she was behaving like that. That day, I talked to her as a friend should talk to another friend. She was not like any other friends. By the way, whatever, she is always special for me.

We were playing carom because it was her favorite game. But she left her turn because of that phone call. She could attend the call later but she didn’t do. I thought she was hiding something from us. I didn’t know what but it was serious matter.

After she left, I asked Jesse, "You know what the matter is?"

She asked me with confusion, "What are you saying, Ronit?"

I told her. She smiled and said, "Please Ronit, Don’t think about her so much. Now you suspect on her."

"Please, Jesse, I am not kidding. It’s true she is behaving different. I am very confused."

"Just relax. Don’t think about it anymore. Let’s come. We watch the television."

I nodded and we sat on sofa with aunty. I was looking at the screen but I couldn’t concentrate on it because I was thinking about her. Maybe! Jesse was right.

She came back after half an hour and asked, "What happened? We were playing carom."

I quipped, "But you are interested in talking to your friends."

She didn’t argue with me and sat on sofa, "Yeah, it is true."

I saw towards Jesse. She was not my Mithali that time who was always ready to fight with me. I meant I also enjoyed it. At least, she talked to me and she felt relax after fighting with me.

Jesse asked with worried, "What happened? Is everything alright?"

She didn’t answer and looked towards her mother. It meant I was right. There was some problem but as she started, I got shocked. She and her mother were conversing and Jesse and I were looking both of them. We were thinking what was happening, but her mother solved the problem, she decided she could send her on one condition if we would go with her.

But how could we go? She wanted to enjoy that trip with her friends, not us. I was thinking about it, But she said, "Ok, I have no problem. By the way, why will my friends have problem with them? And thanks, mummy."

What? She really had no problem with us. Now, definitely, there was something wrong. I had to know about it. I told her that we have no problem but actually, I had problem. Why she got ready so easily?

I was roaming in my room. Jesse called me up. I attended her call and asked, "What happened, Jesse?"

"She is on terrace and talking with her friends."

"Why are you telling me?"

"Actually, you are right. She is hiding something from us. I am telling you because you can check it out."

"Are you crazy, Jesse? Now I overhear her conversation what she is talking with her friends."

"Mithali is right, you are really stupid. I told you because I thought it would help you. Now go and sleep. Good night."

"Do you know? What are you saying, Jesse? You are talking just like her. After all, it is effect of her company."

"Are you fighting with me, Ronit?

"I am sorry, Jesse. Actually, I am worried for her that’s why I said it."

"That’s why I am saying. Go and listen to her."


I cut off the line. After all, Jesse was also thinking like her. By the way, why I was wasting my time here? I went to terrace. She was there.

She was saying, "Just relax, Karan, I will be reach at right time. Why are you thinking so much? I am sure everything will be fine… Yeah, it is right we should tell our parents but will they understand us?... Shut up, Karan, I am not talking about my parents. I am talking about your parents. I had to lie to my parents, Jesse and Ronit because of you… Yeah, I was wrong. He is rude but I understood now he is nice… are you crazy, Karan? How can you think about it? Really, you lost your mind because of your marriage happiness… ok, bye, I am cutting off the line because I am going to sleep otherwise I can’t wake up early in the morning... Now you too sleep and don’t think about it anymore… good night," she cut off the line, smiled and went downstairs.

I could not hear what Karan said. What! Karan was going to marry but with whom? Why didn’t they tell their parents? Oh now, I understood what was Mithali hiding. At least, she should not lie to her parents. Her parents trust her very much. I had to wait for my all answers until next morning.


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