Finding his Bride - Chapter 26

Hey guys, the next chapter is here. Mithali is going to meet a guy for her marriage. What does she do?
The next morning, my mother woke me up. When she was brushing my hair, I opened my eyes and greeted her with a smile and said, "Good morning, mummy."

"Good morning, get up. Your father went to office and you have your breakfast." My mother replied.

I recalled what happened last night and asked, "Are you angry with me?"

"No, Mithali. After all you are our daughter."

I sat and said, "It means what you said last night was a lie."

"No, it was not a lie, Mithali."

I lied on the bed again and said, "I am feeling too sleepy."

"Get up, Mithali. Don’t behave like a child. At least, eat breakfast then go back to sleep." My mother said.

I woke up feeling angry. Really, I won’t leave Ronit so easily. I am in this situation because of him and now he will have to help me.

After two days passed, a boy came to meet me with his family. He was handsome, and I could suggest another girl for him, not me. My mother suggested me to wear a saree, but I didn’t wear. When I am not going to marry him, why do I need to do the preparations? My parents were doing the preparations as if I really wanted to marry him.

I was feeling bored while his parents were talking to my parents... I wanted to run away but I sat there because of my mother.

His mother requested to my parents, "If you have no problem, Akhilesh and Mithali will talk alone."

My mother saw towards my father and my father nodded his head. My mother said, "Bhabhi ji, why do we have any problem? Mithali, go and take him to terrace." And murmured in my ear, "Do remember, do not misbehave."

I saw her angrily but I had to go with him. Akhilesh and I went to the terrace. He passed a smile and I gave him a fake smile. I sent a message to Ronit, 'Come on terrace.'

He replied, 'Why?'

Again I sent a message, 'I can’t tell. Come and you will understand.’

Akhilesh was looking at me what I was doing with my mobile. I told him a with smile, "My friend was asking me something."

He only nodded and I asked him again, "Do you have any girlfriend?"


I asked with a smile, "You don’t have any girlfriend. It’s strange, I mean you are so handsome…"

He replied with a smile, "Thanks, actually, a girl proposed me but she was not my type." He was such a stupid guy. Now, girls have types. It’s so strange.

"What type of girl do you want?"

"I need a simple, sober, and beautiful girl... just like you." What does he think of himself? Do I look like an idiot who he can fool so easily? Actually, I was not angry with him. I was enjoying this situation.

"Oh..." I only said one word.

He asked me, "Do you have any boyfriend?" I smiled because now he was on the right track. I was waiting of Ronit.

"Actually…" I only said this word. Seeing Ronit, I smiled and ran towards him. He was on his terrace and I was on mine, and there was a wall between us. After that, I hugged him and thanked him.

Ronit asked with confusion, "What are you doing, Mit? Are you crazy? He is looking at us."

I parted from Ronit and told, "I want it. You created this problem, now, you have to help me. I don’t care what you want. So shut your mouth. I will handle this situation."

Then Akhilesh came near us and I introduced, "Ronit, he's Akhilesh and Akhilesh, he's Ronit, my childhood friend."

They both greeted each other. Then I started again because I didn’t want Ronit ruin my plan, "Do you know Akhilesh, Ronit is very intelligent, caring, nice, and amazing… (I don’t know what I was saying. I was falsely appreciating him so much.) At last, I asked, "Now, tell me how is my friend?"

Both of them were looking at me shocked. Then I asked, "What happened?"

Akhilesh said, "I think I should go now." And he left.

After Akhilesh left, I laughed loudly. Ronit asked, "Do you know what you did a few minutes ago? And now, you are laughing, Mit."

I controlled my laugh and said, "Just relax, Ronit. I know what I did. What do you think I am really going to marry that stupid guy. By the way, did you see his face? It was very funny scene."

"You are thinking about fun. Do you know what he will say to your parents about us?"

"Yeah, that’s why I choose you, Ronit."

He asked me with shock, "What?"

"Yeah, actually, my parents trust you very much. They very well know that we are just friends. If he says against us, my parents will not trust him and problem is solved."

"How easily did you say, Mit?" I felt some strange feeling in his voice.

"Why are you asking so, Ronit?" I asked looking in his eyes.

He changed his gaze and replied, "Just like that." And he left. I was alone on the terrace. I didn’t know why but he always behaved strangely or I couldn't understand it.

Why did he always confuse me? What was I missing? By the way, why am I wasting my time thinking about him? I cleared my mind and went downstairs to know what happened there. My parents told me that the guest left and they would let us know their decision later. Everybody knew what it meant. But whatever I was very happy in my heart.


Karan’s father got ready for Karan and Tulika’s wedding. We were enjoying his wedding party because the wedding functions had started a month before the wedding. All of us were very happy. We participated in the wedding from groom's as well as bride's side. That’s why all the responsibilities of his marriage were on our shoulders and we trying to do our best.

It was the night before their wedding and the ladies and girls were in mehndi function. The mehndi designer first applied mehndi on Tulika's hands and she went to sleep immediately. But after applying the mehndi , we (Sarika, Surbhi, Jesse, Pooja and I) decided to know what the boys (Abhi, Karan, Kuldeep and Ronit) were doing. They were in another room.

We went to their room but it was closed from inside. We knocked the door and after some knocks, Abhi opened the door.

Surbhi asked, "What are you doing inside? We were knocking for a while."

Seeing all of us, Abhi asked with shock, "What are you all doing here?"

Pooja replied with smile, "Actually, we want to join all of you."

Abhi asked again, "But you were in function. What happened?"

I said, "Abhi, you are shocked as though you're doing something wrong."

Abhi said, "No, really, we are only watching a movie."

Surbhi said, "It’s ok, we all want to watch the movie." And we entered the room. They were really watching the movie and all the boys were shocked to see us, actually, it was late night.

We girls sat on the bed and all boys sat on the floor. We switched off the light and enjoyed the movie. After a few minutes, all of them slept but I was awake. I think they were really tired.

I was feeling thirsty. As I tried to get out of bed, Ronit asked me, "What happened?"

I told him, "I am thirsty." He nodded and switched on the light. He saw a jug but it was empty.

He said, "I will get water in a minute."

I saw a bottle of cold drink and said, "What’s the need to bring water? I will drink soft drinks."

Ronit said, "It's not for you, Mit."

I asked, "Why? When you can drink, then why can’t I drink? I will drink it now."

"Please, Mit, try to understand." Ronit replied.

"What try to understand? Give it to me." I said.

He started looking at my hands, and asked, "How will you drink?" Actually, I had applied mehndi in my hands.

I took a look at my hands and said, "You can help me drink. Stay there, I am coming there because I can’t adjust here with them."

Actually, Abhi, Kuldeep, and Karan were sleeping on the other side of floor. Both of us sat on the floor against the bed. Ronit got me a soft drink but I felt it more tasty than usual. I said him, "Ronit, it’s tasty, one more please."

Ronit refused, "No, Mit, you said one. Now, it’s enough." But because of me, he had to help me drink many glasses.


Ronit’s POV

I was refusing her but she didn’t listen to me. I think I should have told her earlier. She drank five glasses. She put her head on my chest, wrapped my waist tightly and murmured in strange language. I was afraid of it. I tried to make her understand, "Mit, listen to me."

She lifted her head up, "Yeah, Ronit. You know today, I am very glad. You are very nice. It is happening because of you, only because of you. Do you know? I don’t like you when you come back here. I always thought why you came back. Now, I am very glad that you came back. I like you. Do you know what I said about you in front of that stupid Akhilesh? It was true. Now, I like you very much. Even! You can’t imagine. I want to say something, Ronit. I…I…I.."

I took her face in my hands and asked, "What, Mit? ‘I’ please say what you want to say?"

She smiled and tried to say, "I…" But she got unconscious. Then I said, "What is it, Mit? You said everything but you didn’t say the last words. Why does it happen all the time? I love you, Mit."

I also put my head on her back and closed my eyes. I don’t know when I slept.


Mithali’s POV

The following day, I woke up hearing his voice. He shook me and said, "Mit, wake up. Mit, wake up."

My head was aching so much, I didn’t know why. I put my hand on my head and said, "Ronit, let me sleep. I have a terrible headache."

"Everybody woke up, Mit. I know how you will be alright. Drink it."

He helped me drink it. I think it was a lemon juice because it tasted sour. Now, I was feeling better. I noticed that I was in his arms. I recalled about last night. All night, we both were sleeping in sitting position. That’s why my whole body was aching. I suddenly moved my hands on his waist and stood up, but I could not balance myself. My friends were standing and laughing at me.

I asked, "What happened? Why are you standing here like this?"

Karan, "Do you know last night, you drank."

"What? That’s why my head is throbbing." I said putting both hands on my head.

"Yeah, I was refusing you but you didn’t listen to me." It was Ronit. He also stood up.

I said, "You can’t tell me directly. Ouch… it hurts so much."

Ronit asked with concern, "Is it really hurting you?"

Abhi said, "Mit, stop doing drama. You drank lemon juice, so you will be alright within few minutes."

Surbhi said, "Abhi, you are saying so because you're used to it. But it is her first time." I thanked her by my heart.

Karan said, "Ok, we are going because we have other important work."

I lifted a pillow and throw on him. He smiled.

Abhi said, "We are already late. We have lot of wedding preparation to do."

I suggested, "Yeah, he is right. All of you go. When I feel better, I will come."

Saraika said, "I will stay with her."

Ronit said, "No, I will stay with here. She is in this condition because of me. We will join you soon."

They nodded and left. Ronit and I were alone in that room. I lied on the bed and he sat on the edge of bed. He was brushing my hair and I was feeling relaxed. He asked, "Is it really hurting you?"

I said with anger, "No, I am doing drama. What are you doing here? Go and enjoy with them."

He said with sad voice, "Why are you saying so? My intention was not to hurt you."

"Yeah, I know. It’s really hurting, Ronit."

"Don’t worry. You will be alright soon, Mit." I didn’t know what was in his voice, but I was feeling really relaxed.
Should Mithali get to know about Rohit's feeling?
Published: 2/19/2014
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