Finding His Bride - Chapter 27

Hey guys, Chapter 27 is here. Thanks for commenting. Rohit is going to confess his love to Mithali. How would she react? What would be her answer?
At last, Tulika and Karan got married. The next day was their marriage reception in the evening. We were very happy for them.

Today's night was special for them, that's why we girls (Sarika, Surbhi, Pooja, Jesse, and I) decided to decorate their room. On one side, their reception party was going on, while on the other side, we were decorating their room. We were enjoying it. Sarika, Surbhi, Pooja, and Jesse were talking about their boyfriends. I didn't know what to say about that topic because I don't have one. I fed up listening them, so I left.

When I entered in the party, I noticed Ronit was not in the party. I asked but nobody knew about him. Sheela aunty told me that Ronit might be in his home, so I went to find him.

I saw him siting on the sofa. I asked, "What are you doing here? Everybody is enjoying and why are you looking so upset?"

He didn't reply. I sat down next to him and put my hand on his shoulder, "Ronit, What happened?"

He looked at me and hugged tightly. I didn't know why he was behaving like that. As I hugged him back, I forgot everything. I meant, it was very amazing feeling. I hugged him many times, but he hugged me for the first time. I never felt like that in my whole life. I was thinking that I got everything. If it were last moment of my life, I didn't care. I was enjoying that moment, I didn't want to pass the time.

When I felt his lips on my shoulder, I came out from my dreams. He was murmuring in my ear, "I love you, Mit... I love you, Mit."

I moved my hand from his back and asked, "What?" Actually, I got shocked. I didn't expect it. It's true that I saw many dreams, even! I am a daydreamer, but it's hard to believe.

He took my face in his hands and said, "It's true, Mit. I love you."

I asked, "Are you kidding me? You know I don't like this type of joke, Ronit?"

"No, I'm not kidding. It's true. I love you since childhood. I don't come back because of you. I know very well that you don't like me. I can't hurt you, Mit. I only come back to see you. As I spend lots of time with you, I realized you also like me. That's why I am confessing, otherwise I wouldn't have tell you."

"Are you crazy, Ronit? You are only my friend. It's true. I like you as a friend. I never thought about you. Please say, Ronit, it isn't true."

"It's true. Tell me if you don't love me. Why do you always want to spend time with me? Why do you trust on me more than anyone? Why do you always come to me when you're in need? Why do you share everything with me?"

I got up and tears came out in my eyes, "Because I think you are my best friend."

I saw tears started coming out from his eyes as well, "It isn't only friendship, Mit. Why can't you understand it?"

I didn't give him answer because I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to lose him. He continued, "Everybody thinks we like to each other. Even! Jesse always says you like me."

"What? Jesse knows about it, but she didn't tell me. Why?" I asked.

"Because I want I tell you, first."

"I don't love you. Understand it. I don't love you." I ran out from his place.

I reached in my room. I changed my lehenga into PJ. I couldn't stop crying. I couldn't believe what happened some time ago. I liked Ronit but love... I never thought that way. I sat on my bed and hid my face in my knees. How can Ronit do with me like that? We are friends. Where did love come between us? It's true love creates problems. Now, I hate this word.

I heard some voices in my house. That meant my parents and Jesse were back to home. I didn't know since I was crying. I wiped off my tears with hands and at the same time, Jesse entered in the room. She was looking glad, but as she saw me, she came to me and asked with a concern "What happened, Mithali?"

I didn't reply. She sat next to me and put her hand on my shoulder. She asked again, "Please tell me, what happened?"

I said, "Why are you asking me? Ask Ronit. By the way, who am I? He is your friend, not mine."

"Why are you saying so, Mithali?"

"Please don't do overacting as you don't know anything. I don't need you. Your friend needs you this time." I was really idiot because I was not thinking about me that time, but about Ronit.

After few minutes, she asked, "Did he tell you?"

I didn't reply her. She continued, "Mithali, I told him that he would tell you the truth. He really loves you very much. He always thinks about your happiness. Even he doesn't think about himself so much. You are a lucky girl that he loves you so much."

I gave her a shocking look, "I am too sleepy now." I ignored her and lay on the bed.

She stood up and I didn't know what she was doing. I closed my eyes. Though my eyes were swollen due to crying, I was unable to sleep whole night.


The following morning, all my friends went to their homes. Tulika and Karan went for honeymoon. I didn't tell anyone what happened last night between Ronit and me. I was pretending as if nothing had happened between us.

When everyone went out, Ronit came toward me. I ignored him and came back to my house. I didn't want to face him again. I was not able to handle this situation. It was better to ignore him. I was not even talking to Jesse.

At afternoon, I came to my mom's room. My mother was sitting on the bed and was busy in some calculation. I guessed it was any month budget or anything else. I put my head on her lap and sleep.

My mother caressed my hair with her hands and asked, "What happened dear?"

I shook my head saying 'no' and asked, "Can I sleep here? I am missing you very much."

She chuckled and said, "Yeah, but is everything alright?"

"Yeah." I only said it.

Actually, after that day, I didn't talk to my mother. I was angry on her how could she do with me. I thought she understood that's why she didn't talk me about that topic. It's true that I was not angry on her, but I wanted to make her realize about it.

I closed my eyes. Sleeping in my mother's lap, is like there is heaven in the earth. I was feeling so relaxed as her fingers were moving in my hair. I forgot all my tensions and confusions. I didn't know when I slept.

When I awake, nobody was in the room. Last night, I couldn't sleep that's why I was feeling relaxed. I stretched my body. I recalled about Ronit. I was feeling pain in my chest. I took some steps outside the room, but I stopped hearing Sheela aunty's voice.

Sheela aunty, "At least, you should talk her. She is very understandable and will know what you're saying."

My mother said, "I know. I talked her father about it. He didn't have any problem, but he was saying that they are just friends. If we talk her about it, she will take it in a wrong way. After all, she is too young. We can't force her. I asked her about it in other way round. She said that they are only friends."

Aunty said, "I can understand. But I am worried for Ronit. I don't know what he wants. I am tired, he doesn't listen to me. We shouldn't have sent him to boarding school. It's my fault."

My mother replied, "Bhabhi ji, it's true. These children don't listen to their parents nowadays. Mithali also does the same. She always does what she wants. After Akhilesh, if I talk her about Ronit, I don't know how will she react."

Aunty only nodded. What? Weren't they talking about Ronit and me? How could they think about it? OMG, I was going mad. I came out from my thoughts when I heard my mother's voice, "Why is he going back so soon? He came here only before two months!"

I took some steps back and fall back on the bed. I sat on the bed motionless. What? He is going back.... Why didn't he tell me? However, why would he tell me? He wanted to talk to me, but I ignored him. Why did I always take wrong decision? I repented.

I didn't have dinner. I couldn't understand what to do. Why was I upset after knowing that he was going? I should feel happy, however, I was not happy.

That night too went sleepless. I was worried for him, God knows why. Why was I taking him serious?

The next morning, I came downstairs and found everyone was there. They were staring at me as if I am an accuser. I asked, "What happened? Why are you people looking me like this?"

Jesse told, "Ronit went."

What? He went. How could he go? At least, he should have met me last time. He went without talking to me.

I asked, "When is flight?"

My mother asked, "Why are you asking, now? You also want to go?"

I cried, "No, I won't. I will go there to stop him."

As I was going out, Jesse said, "I am coming with you, Mithali."

We reached airport. I was looking for Ronit here and there. I wanted to see him for the last time. Ronit, where were you? Jesse asked on reception about the flight. When Jesse told me, I couldn't believe it.

I asked, "Are you kidding me, Jesse? Please say, it's wrong. How can he leave me alone?" With that I started crying.


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