Finding his Bride - Chapter 28 (Final)

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Suddenly, I woke up. Oh, it was my dream. I was sweating badly. Now, I knew what I wanted. I checked the time on the wall clock, it was 11:00 am.

When I came downstairs, my mother was doing her daily chores and Jesse was watching TV. I came back to my room and took out an outfit from my wardrobe and went to the bathroom. After taking shower, I had my breakfast. I looked at Jesse but I didn’t speak to her. I wanted to clear things before talking to her.

Again I came to my room and took out the blanket given by Ronit on that night. I went to his house and knocked on the door. He said, "Come in."

I opened the door and entered his room. He was packing his stuffs. As he saw me, he stopped. He was shocked to see me.

I asked, "Are you going?"

He ignored me and started doing his work. Then I kept his blanket on his bed and he lifted the blanket and kept it in his wardrobe without saying a word.

I asked him again, "Why are you behaving like this? I mean first you didn’t tell me that you are going back and now you are ignoring me? What is your problem? Why are you doing this? Did you ever think how your parents will live after you leave?"

Thank God! He replied, "I will call them after a few months."

I nodded and said, "Are you going back because of me? What will they think about me when everyone will come to know about it?"

"Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone."

I bit my upper lip and said, "If I tell them…"

He saw towards me with confusion and asked, "What is your problem, Mit?"

"Marry me." I said, taking a deep breath. He was looking more confused. I mentioned, "Actually, I overheard the conversation between my mother and your mother. Our parents want us to get married. In addition, you love me. You want to marry me that’s why I am saying it."

He held my arms tightly and said with anger, "What do you think about me? I will marry you because our parents want it. What do you want? It’s important to me. You understand that."

"You are really an idiot." I replied.


"Yeah, Ronit. You are really an idiot. You can’t understand why I am saying this. My parents wanted me to get married to Akhilesh but I didn’t say him like that. He also wanted to marry me but I didn’t say him. Then why I am saying to you? (I grabbed his collars.) I love you. I want to marry you. Do you want to hear it from me? Now, I have confessed my love for you. It’s fine. Now marry me and please don’t go back. I can’t live without you. Please, Ronit….. Ronit." I left his collars and put my head on his chest

He patted my back said, "Couldn't you say it earlier? I love you, Mit."

I hugged him tightly and said with smile, "I LOVE YOU TOO." He hugged me back.

When we parted, he kissed my forehead and said, "Give me few seconds."

I nodded. He went to his wardrobe and took out something. He came close to me and put a beautiful bracelet on my wrist In addition, he said, "I ordered it for you. Actually, I saw this bracelet in a shop."

When I saw the bracelet, then diamonds were lighting which appeared ‘RONIT LOVES MITHALI’. It looked amazing. I hugged and thanked him.

We sat on his bed and I put my head on his chest and said, "I am sorry for my rude behavior."

"You are mine now so don't say it, Mit."

"Thank you, Ronit," I was glad that I got my love, my Ronit. It was a special moment of my life.

I asked him again, "Do you think we should tell our parents about it."

"You don’t need to worry. I will handle it."

I lifted my head up and said with joyful voice, "Ronit, I want to tell them. I want to see my parents’ shocking face."

He took my face in his hands and said with smile, "You want to enjoy yourself."

I smiled, "No, when I tell my parents, my parents will talk to your parents. Then you can enjoy the moment."

"Yeah, by the way, it will be really funny."

I nodded and said, "Now, I should go."

He held my wrist and said with a naughty smile, "Please, Mit, wait for few minutes."

I chuckled and said, "I want to stay with you but I have to say sorry to Jesse. I really behaved rudely with her."

"It’s ok, Mit. She will understand your situation. She is not upset with you."

"Oh really," I said making a face and continued, "do you know I feel jealous when you talk about her like this."

He smiled and asked, "Really, why are you feeling jealous about her? She is only my friend."

I hugged him and said, "I know, however, I feel jealous. What do I do?"

"You are speaking like a typical wife."

I looked in his eyes and said with smile, "After marriage, do you think I will be a typical wife?"

"Then I need to rethink about marriage."

"Now, you lost your chance. You have to marry me."

He smiled and said, "Are you blackmailing me?"

"Whatever." We smiled.


I was very glad and excited, I went to meet Jesse. She was in our room. I said, "I am sorry, Jesse. I behaved rudely."

She said, "It’s ok, Mithali. Do you know Ronit is going back?"

"Yeah, I spoke to him." I smiled and hugged her.

She hugged me back and said with an exciting voice, "Do you love him?"

I nodded and replied, "I am going to talk to my parents about our marriage."

"It sounds great."

Now, everything is settled between us.

In the evening, I was thinking how to tell my parents about it. I could talk to my parents about anything, but this was a different situation. I meant, how could I talk to my parents about my marriage. How could I tell them how much I loved Ronit?

After having dinner, I said my parents, "I need to talk to them about a serious topic."

My parents looked towards me with confusion. My father said, "Yeah, Mithali."

I told them, "I want to marry."

My mother asked, "What?"

I replied, "Yeah, you know him."

She asked me, "You already selected a boy. Who is he? What does he do? Tell us about him."

My father said my mother, "At least, let her finish her sentence." (He saw towards me and said) Mithali, who is he?"

"He is Ronit." As I said this, my parents gave me confused look.

My father asked, "Are you kidding with us, Mithali?"

I replied, "No, Papa."

My mother asked, "Do you know what you're saying?"

I replied with irritation, "Why are you behaving like this? I really want to marry him. He too wants to marry me."

My mother stood up and hugged me, "Mithali, you really solved our problem."

My parents went to his house to meet his parents. I send a text to Ronit. I was excited to know what was happening there.


When we were in his house, our parents sat on the sofa and Ronit and I were standing. Sheel aunty came near me and asked, "Is it true?"

I nodded and smiled, "Then you should touch my feet. After all, I am your future mother-in-law."

I smiled and nodded. As I bent to touch her feet, she hugged me and said, "I am very glad."

Our parents fixed our roka the following day because Ronit had to go.

We came back to our house. That day, I was so glad that I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t say him good night because of our parents. Jesse was sleeping next to me. I woke up and took steps towards the terrace, I knew Ronit would be there.

I went near him and asked with smile, "What are you doing here?"

He smiled and replied, "I'm waiting for you."

We sat on floor in each other’s arms. I wrapped my hands around his waist and he wrapped his hand around my waist.

Then I asked, "Ronit, is it important to go. Can't you stay here."

He replied with sad voice, "If it was possible, I would never go. I waited for your answer and when you refused me, I sent my application."

"It’s my fault. I am stupid. I shouldn’t have behaved with you like that. I was confused. I really didn’t know what I wanted. But I know now I love you very much."

"It’s ok, Mit. Why are you blaming yourself? Now we are together and everything is fine. By the way, why are you so worried? I can’t live without you anymore. I will come back soon. I will get my job transferred here."

"By the way, it’s easy for you, Ronit. You're used to it." I chuckled.

He took my face in his hands and said with smile, "Are you joking on me?"

I shook my head with ‘no’ and again put my head on his chest. I told, "Do you know Ronit, earlier I was angry with you because you never came back. I always thought that you forget me. You didn’t miss me and it was haunted me inside. It’s true that nobody can take your place in my heart, I always missed you. I didn’t know it’s love for you."

He said, "I can never forget you for a second."

I asked, "Can I ask you one thing?"

He said, "Yeah, you can ask me anything."

"You recognized all friends except me. How did you recognize them?"

"Actually, I searched for them on Facebook. I saw everyone's photos except yours, so I recognized them."

"Oh, you are smart."

He thanked me. I didn’t know when I slept in his arms.

(The End)


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