Fire of Desire

I don't really remember I thought I was in love guess I was dead wrong I wrote this for her before we broke up.
This fire with only one desire to burn me like yearn for you
I hate saying goodbye you know
It's true so baby don't cry when I have to go god
I wish it wasn't so
If I could I would stay by your side every second of the day

I would hold you in my arms every night baby
If our love is wrong then I don't wanna be right
Just wanna hold you in my arms again tonight
At first I thought it was my imagination
It was just to perfect to be real

No one could ever make me feel the way you always do
You've become an inspiration in my life
To never give up hope
My motivation to go to the end of the world
You even become my obsession and
My heart is in your possession

I have a confession I need
To tell you but every time
I try to say it
I get tongue-tied
I tried and tried to say but
I just can't find the words to say if
I said I love you
I would have lied
Because not even love describes
How I feel about you

I feel as though
I found something even greater than love
I feel as if my heart is gonna burst into flames
I don't know if this pain is good or bad
But some reason I feel as if I should smile

I don't want this burning to stop
I don't care if my heart melts
Or becomes charcoal because
My only goal is to be by your side
Till the day I die and
When that day comes

I won't cry I'll smile and stare death in the face
Until my last breath
I'll spill my heart for you and
Until the end of time I'll always love you
Published: 5/31/2011
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