First Love... First Lost

My first lost love.... But how much did I really know about him?
His smile, his eyes,
They dance in my mind like they did the first day we met,
I wish I could say that I appreciated him...
But that would be a lie.

I only knew how much I loved him after 6 months had passed by,
Sometimes I feel like my heart plays tricks on me,
That it tells me to do one thing and then makes me do another,
Why does it feel like I've never really met the man I love?

Maybe it's because I haven't,
Maybe it's all in my head,
That's not it!!!

I love him, I want him, I need him,
I tried so hard to replace him, and I managed to forget... But why?
Why did I have to try so hard to forget?
Was it because of the fact that he was filling my mind with his smile?
Or maybe it's because of the fact that I never appreciated him,
And now my heart is exacting its revenge on me?

Which is it?
Will I ever know?
Why can't I breathe as I type this?

The keyboard that I works on is blurring out and all I see is him,
His face, his smile, his eyes, and his laugh,
Why did I have to go to Hell and leave him behind?
Now I've lost him to another....

And it's time to say goodbye.
Published: 12/18/2013
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