Fix'd - Chapter 12

Briana fixes things, that is her superpower. She can fix a person, she can fix a situation, but she can't fix herself. What happens when a town full of secrets, lies, and shame comes to the light? How can she fix that?
Cynthia managed to sleep most of the day away until it was time for us to get ready for the gala. She didn’t speak to anyone at all and I didn’t blame her one bit. She stayed close beside me and Sam with whatever we did. Angie came over and she greeted her and it was easier for all of us girls to just be upstairs together.

It was close to the gala time and Angie was slipping her dress on. Her dress fit her so well. It was a two-piece dress with a jewel shaped white crop top and a sleek silk skirt that shimmered at the bottom and fluttered out like a wedding dress; she looked flawless. Cynthia was getting her hair done by Sam. She was very quiet, but she followed every direction Sam gave her. I, on the other hand, was standing with just my undies and bra on, hair in rollers and makeup finished.


It was all I did nowadays even when I had a lot of things going on at one time. So much was going on and I hadn't paused to take it all in. Cynthia had been raped and she had entrusted me with all of this information and to help her, Adam was working out with Mike whom I didn't know how to feel about anymore, my father was being very cryptic about his past and Ethan had kissed me. Too much for one girl to take on by herself. Way too much.

"Earth to Briana." I looked up at Angie who was staring at me. "Time to get into your dress and take those rollers out honey."

"Oh yeah." Angie squinted her eyes at me. "My dad has our seats reserved. Myself and my plus one, which is you. We just have to give them our names at the door and we should be on the list."

"And if we aren't?" I muttered as I began to unzip the bag my dress was in. I glared at Angie and she shrugged.

"You all would be some pretty good looking party crashers," Sam chimed in.

I smirked and so did Angie. "I'm going downstairs to make a phone call." She glared at me. "Be ready in half an hour and then we are going to be on our way to the gala."

I nodded as she walked out of the room, her dress trailing ten minutes behind her.

I pulled my dress out of the bag and I heard a gasp. I turned and looked at Cynthia who had done the gasping. Sam had stopped doing her hair and glared at her. "Did I burn you with the curlers?"

Cynthia turned from the mirror and looked at my dress. "No, that dress is just so freaking beautiful." That was the first thing that she had said since she had woken up from her six hour nap.

I smiled. "All courtesy of Sam's aunt. She could probably make you one if you asked nicely."

Cynthia looked at Sam. "Could she really do that?"

Sam shrugged as she turned Cynthia back around and went to attend to her hair. "Of course she could. She's great. But she won't unless I get your hair and makeup looking just right so.." Cynthia nodded. "Great."

I turned and looked at the dress that Cynthia's aunt had created and styled to fit my frame. It was a silver floral print lace dress with a bateau lace/floral print that fluttered down and fit my body snug. It was beautiful and I felt myself gasp a little. Slipping it on, I turned and looked through the mirror and started taking my hair out of the curlers. My makeup had been done by Sam who had styled everyone and I couldn't have been more grateful for my best friend. She gave up her house and her time just to do this for us.

"Sam I owe you," I muttered as I threw a look over my shoulder. "You didn't have to do this for us, but you did and I appreciate it."

"You're my best friend," Sam said as she picked another piece of Cynthia's hair and curled it. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

I looked back over my shoulder and shrugged. "Yeah. You're right."


"Well don't you all look dazzling?" Sean muttered as we all came downstairs. Cynthia had gotten everything done just as I had and we met the men downstairs.

"Well thank you," I muttered. "I take pride in my appearance."

Cynthia chuckled by my side and I glared at her. "I also feel beautiful. Sam has the magic touch." She curtsied in her dress and I smiled.

She had begun to open up a bit more even though it was slow coming. She was happy sometimes and then other times you could tell that she wasn't. Her life would be drained from her face, her frown would cover it and her eyes would be lifeless; it wasn't a sight to see. But today, she glowed like a luminescent light. She was beautiful and it wasn't forced; she was genuinely happy.

Angie walked back into Sam's house and closed the door. Sean, James, Cynthia and I stood in the living area and she nodded. "We all clean up pretty nice." She waved her hand with her phone in it. "My dad's saying that it's just about started."

Cynthia looked up. "Let me go use the restroom and I'll be ready." She turned and looked at me. "Upstairs, right?"
I nodded. "And to the left." Cynthia smiled and picked up her dress to go use the bathroom.

I looked at everyone and they were all looking at me. "Is everything going to be okay?" That was James' soothing voice.

I shrugged and sighed. "I'm not sure, but she's going to tell someone after tonight. I don't know what would make a difference now. She knows that I can't do my best to help her."

"You've done enough for her," Angie commented. "You've been there for her. That's all she could have asked for."

"I didn't avenge her." I shrugged and sat on the nearest couch that I could find. "This is way out of my pay-grade, but I'm doing the best that I can to make her want to continue on. Do you know that women in general don't tell the police or anyone of authority because of multiple reasons?" I looked around the room. "Lack of belief in the police's ability to apprehend the suspect, fear of further victimization, embarrassment, fear-"

"Alright B." I stopped and looked up at James. "We understand and we understand where you stand on this issue and this manner."

"I'm ready." Everyone looked up and I turned and glared at Cynthia. She had a faint smile perched on her face. "Let's go have a good time.


The gala was more magnificently managed than I thought. It was held in a building that was joined by the three cities that were formed close together. It was a huge ballroom that had a stage, round tables and a huge dance-floor. The room was ful with a lot of different men and women in gowns. Angie and I stood impressed while Cynthia stood scanning the room.

"Wow," Angie whispered and I couldn't agree more. "Look what I've been missing."

Cynthia's eyes stopped scanning and she stood placed. "There they are." Angie and I placed our eyes on what she was looking at and it was her family: mother, father, brother and the rapist. She sighed and looked at me. "I have to go sit with them. It's customary."

"Wait, you're going to go sit with...with him?"

I looked at Angie and she rolled her eyes and I looked back at Cynthia. "I have to. I just..." She looked back over at her family who were romancing other people around them and at the last second, her father made eye contact with her. "I can't avoid it now."

She walked forward, abruptly and Angie and I followed in her place. Her father had met us halfway with the family still conversing with other people.

"Cynthia." He turned and glared at me and I clenched my jaw. "You look beautiful." He placed an arm around her waist and leaned in to kiss her cheek. "I see you came with your friend."

"Her friend is right here." I peered behind from behind Cynthia. "And she has ears."

"So she does," he muttered. At that point, the lights started to flicker on and off and that's when it was time that we find our seats so that the gala could begin. "Looks like it's time to go."

Cynthia turned to look at me. "I'll find you when the dancing starts."

Her father placed his arm around her waist, placed one last lingering look at me and then walked back towards his family as they took their seats.

I turned and looked at Angie and she was already staring at me with a crude look. "I'm guessing she has more demons than one."

"You guessed right," I muttered.


Author's Note

Hey Guys,

I know that it's been forever and I know that this chapter probably sucks, but it is only a filler chapter. I am trying my hardest to write better and longer chapters for you all! Hope you haven't forgotten about me!!
Published: 12/9/2016
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