Flagstone Patio Designs

The variety of flagstone patio designs which are available or an individual can even come up himself are absolutely amazing! Take a look at the article to follow to know what this means.
If you thought that patios can be built only with wood, think again. Patios need not be made of wood always! If you look around you will realize that this statement actually has some truth in it. Did you ever know that flagstone can be used to build a nice patio which can totally jazz up your house like anything else! If you didn't know what a flagstone is, let me tell you that it is a type of sandstone, which is large and flat. It is composed of quartz and mica. In case you were pondering over making a flagstone patio, I am sure you would not mind knowing about flagstone patio designs, what do you think!

Ideas for Flagstone Patios

A type of a sandstone paver, a flagstone patio can be made based on different designs and ideas. When you select a design make sure that you put in some serious thought so that you do not regret the idea and the look of your house.

It is Flat and Easy!
Those who want the stone to 'pop' or want a shiny look to their patio, this is for them. As flagstone is inherently flat, instead of ridged, it will be noticed prominently. Plus, your patio will have a more structured look.

Odd One Out
Fundamentally when it comes to designs for flagstone patios, these are no designs. These odd shapes are primarily no shapes. Here you can choose any design you want, like customizing the design. However, designs like these can be tricky because if you cut the stone in odd shapes, fixing them will be something like putting together a jigsaw. So you need to decide carefully how and where you want to set it up.

What's the Color?
Looking out and exploring various colors too can give you some great insights on flagstone patio designs. The reason being that the flagstone is available in variety of colors and patterns and it can be matched as per the exterior of your residence. For instance if you are looking for neutral or earth tones or even a combination of colors, you are sure to get them.

Bump it Off
Another amazing design, is a patio with a bumpy look. This is a sort of tough, uneven and, rugged look. You can select this while you choose flagstone walkway designs. In fact, this design is very common and is used for building small patios as well.

Uniform it Is
In case you cannot think of any flagstone designs, you might as well go in for a uniform design. This design can be made using square flagstones. You can either have a brick pattern or have them arranged like tiles. Brick patio designs are also great.

In addition to this, you can even have circles, flagstones with patterns, and so on.

Tips for Designing Flagstone Patios

Here are some tips for designing flagstone patios.
  • For setting up a flagstone patio it is extremely important to pick an area which is level and uniform.
  • If you are going to go it alone, impeccable measurements are required so that the patio is built properly.
  • Remember that laying flagstone in sand is known as dry construction, contrary to mortar or concrete.
  • If the flagstone blocks are large ones, please get some help to ensure that you will not hurt yourself and the work can be done properly.
At the end of the day, flagstone patio designs are worth it, as flagstone is durable, flexible and you can select a suitable pattern from a myriad options for the same. Last, but not the least, flagstone is way more attractive than its synthetic counterparts! That's it! This is where I say ciao!
By Medha Godbole
Published: 12/11/2010
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