Flames Of A Single Wish

To my wish...
If I said the only thing I lived for in life was death
You would think me crazy am I not
I swear I am as sane as you.
But you see death is a happy thing
A never ending story
You see I love death and anything that is dying
Death is so fascinating that it never ends
I am not a vampire; I am not evil nor am I emo
Ever since I can remember death is my only wish
The only thing I wished for when I blew out the candles like my life should be
Easily made easily left
If my death could be that easy I would have blown of my own flame
But it burns as bright as the ever dancing flame
That twists and dance's higher and higher
Many shades of orange and red dancing together
To make a show for me
To show that life is easily given and taken in the same breath
Deep in my heart fire is my life
Its burns as bright as the dark but is dark inside
I walk the same path every year
A dark dreary day, a time of the year I wish would past
It never seem to go, it goes on like that fire it burns without a care
If this year could be different, I wish for death
I wish to feel those arms of death
To be held forever in the arms of my loved
To reunited with my wish, to be with death
To hear me, is to hear my wish, my wish of death
As they sing to me, I pray for death
As they sing to me, I say goodbye
And I close my eyes, as the time draws near
I wish as hard as I can, if it's so it could be true
I could be free, I could be with you
I could be the one you wanted
I could be free, I could be happy
I am that flame that burns for eternity
I am a never ending story of fire and death
I am not but a single wish.
Published: 8/29/2008
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