A flashback to the year of love and heartache.
As I sit here in the rain
Goin through all this pain
I see everything go black
And I see a flashback.....

The winds were blowing hard in the month of December
I was chilling in the windstorm as far as I remember
You came there and asked me if you could help
I said ok softly with my head bent

From then we were not just two lonely strangers
We were more than friends maybe lovers
There were Christmas carols and candy treats
With you beside me the world seemed so sweet...

And now am standing in the rain
Am facing so lonely so deep pain
AM wondering is there something that I lack,
And I go to flashback..!

There were new year, new promises in month of Jan
You promised me you'll hold me and be my man,
A month passed came February
The time was passing slow with no hurry..

The cold winds changed in to summers warmth,
We sat in the gardens in sun of march
I remember how beautiful were the flowers
As they danced along with us in April showers
And now am standing alone in the rain
Your leaving has caused me so much pain
I try to remember was there something I lack
And I go to flashback

IT was screeching hot in may, June, July
And I saw fire in your eyes
Three months passed away still you can forget me
To see you go away is not so easy

I called you miles away in fall of September
You promised to come back in October
The calendar marked away the end of November
And now am chilling again in December

I remember the whole year in this rain
Wishing you didn't cause me so much pain
Now I know there's nothing I lack
So why should I go to flashback??
Published: 11/15/2010
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