Fleas in House Treatment

Fleas in house treatment is a difficult task and it should be carried out in a planned manner. Read this article to get a clear idea on treating fleas in house using home remedies.
Fleas first attack your pets when they go outdoors. Then they enter your house hiding in their thick fur. Once they are in your house, they start laying eggs on soft fabrics like carpets. As a female flea can lay about 50 eggs per day, they grow in numbers at a rapid pace and spread all across the house in no time. Basically, it is a parasitic insect that feeds on blood sucked out from humans and animals. It can also be a carrier of several dangerous diseases. Therefore, fleas in house treatment is a must to get rid of the problem.

Signs of a Flea Infestation

When there is a flea infestation in the home, then these insects can be found in every nook and corner of the house. These wingless insects can be identified with their tiny, flat shaped body which is dark red in color. At the front part of its body, you will find their piercing mouth that they use for sucking blood. The first sign of fleas can be found on your pet's body. If you observe that your pet is feeling itchy all the time, then check out for fleas around areas near the ears, at the back of the head and below the tail. While bathing your pet you may see them dropping into the water. Flea bites on children are more common than in adults. Flea bite symptoms can be identified with red, itchy bumps particularly in the lower part of the leg near the ankles. Rub a damp, white cloth on the floors where your pet spend maximum time and you will see red streaks of flea droppings on the cloth which confirms presence of fleas in house.

Home Remedies for Fleas in the House

Only treating the house is not enough, you have to treat your pet and pet's belongings too. Some effective methods of getting rid of fleas in the house are given below:

Vacuum Cleaning: This treatment is going to pick up all the live fleas from your house. Use the vacuum cleaner on the carpets, bare floors, sofas, mattresses, cushions, rugs, pet's bedding and everywhere around the house. It should be done regularly till the fleas are eliminated from the house completely. After every round of vacuum cleaning the vacuum cleaner bag should be disposed off in a trash can away from your house.

White Vinegar: The bare floors where your pet sleeps or spends a long time should be washed with a solution made up of equal quantities of white vinegar and water. The acidic component of vinegar helps in killing the fleas. This is a safe home remedy because even if your pet's skin comes in contact with this solution, it won't cause any irritation.

Borax and Table Salt: This is a great combination used for killing fleas in carpet. Take equal quantities of table salt and borax and put them in a blender to make a fine powder. Then spread this powder generously on the carpet, rugs, pet's bedding and other soft fabrics. Let the mixture sit over them for 24 hours and then run the vacuum cleaner over them. The flea eggs that were left behind after first round of vacuum cleaning are killed in this manner. When those eggs comes in contact with this mixture, then they become dry. As a result they either die or are so weak that they can be easily removed by vacuum cleaner.

Lemon: Lemon works really well for cleaning up fleas from your pet's body. Cut a lemon into thin slices and pour about two cups of boiling water on them. Let the lemon slices soak in the water overnight. Next morning, strain out the solution and apply it on the areas such as back of the head, behind the ears and armpits with the help of a cotton ball. Avoid the areas surrounding the eyes. The citric acid present in lemon helps to get rid of fleas from pets.

Eucalyptus Oil: After treating the fur with lemon, give the pet a bath with a shampoo made of eucalyptus oil. Prepare the shampoo by mixing up two teaspoon of eucalyptus oil in a cup of mild dishwashing soap. Apply it on wet fur and lather it well. Then use mint tea (prepared by boiling mint leaves in water) to rinse of the shampoo. The strong smell of mint will help to keep the fleas at bay. Finally, dry up the fur well and brush it properly.

Fleas in house treatment should start as soon as you notice the first signs of flea infestation. This will make the task much easier for you. The best part of home remedies is that the ingredients that are used for flea control in home are safe for pets and children in the house.
By Bidisha Mukherjee
Published: 8/12/2010
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