Floor Cleaning Robot

This article is aimed at providing information on robots that clean floors and reviews for the same.
Robots for floor cleaning is undoubtedly, one of the best inventions of the 20th century. Robots have come a long way since their invention and these days research is being done to make the robot more and more intelligent. Imagine one working as vacuum cleaner and cleaning between the chair legs and having its own navigation system for cleaning. Pretty fascinating, isn't it? The robots, these days, are self adjusting and have the capability of sensing the corners and areas in the room filled with dust. Remote control operated devices also can be used for floor cleaning, wherein, you can guide the robot with a remote control for directions. Advanced versions are provided with wheel sensors, for houses with various levels. In this article, we provide you with reviews for few of the top robots for cleaning floors, available in the market.

iRobot Rumba 570: iRobot rumba 570 is the best in the business today. It comes with a much larger dustbin and is based on anti-tangle mechanism. Anti tangle mechanism prevents it from getting stuck up at carpet fringes and can pass above wires of up to 2cm thickness. The amazing wireless command center enables you to direct Rumba for smooth navigation all over the room. Virtual wall lighthouse technology in the Rumba ensures complete vacuum cleaning of one area before moving on to the next area. Lighthouse technology employs radio frequency signals and 3 infra red beams for cleaning. Once Rumba starts vacuum cleaning one area, lighthouse acts as an obstruction and doesn't let the robot move on to next area until the current area or room is completely cleaned. Once done, rumba transmits a signal to lighthouse, which will allow the robot to move to next area or room. Rumba follows the walls, through sensors and is furnished with advanced navigation technology. Modular bottom design of Rumba makes cleaning easy and helps in replacing any part with ease. The iRobot comes with rotating brushes which clean up dirt and dust efficiently and state-of-the-art filters traps more dirt and dust. Large sized storage bin can accumulate more quantities of trash as compared to conventional devices. You get an additional filter, side brush and beater brush with rumba. The other components that you receive with rumba are one home base, which is self charging, virtual lighthouses, which we discussed above, 3. you have to buy 2 C batteries for each lighthouse. It's not included in the kit. Rumba kit also includes wireless center and one rechargeable battery. Rumba 570 is priced at approximately $500.

Karcher RC 3000: Karcher RC 3000, another gizmo based on robotics, will clean your home or office and you don't need to be there. Simply, plug the robot to the base station, switch on and set the vacuuming time and the rest will be done. After cleaning is done, it will come back to base station and empty the dust bin into the filter bag and the batteries get recharged. Like Rumba, this device also uses infra red beam technology for smooth navigation and returning to base station. For traveling over hurdles such as wires and cables, it has 4 sensors, which help in detecting various levels such as stairs and obstacles. This miniature robot is provided with 4 suction settings for various intensities of dirt and dust to be vacuumed. Just set the time for cleaning and it will do the job efficiently. It can clean up to 150 sq ft per hour. It takes approximately 45 minutes for the robot to get charged and once fully charged, it will operate for a period of approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. All you have to do is change the filter bag, once it's full. Sensors detect how much dirt and dust is to be picked up from the floor and will automatically set the vacuuming program needed for that area. Karcher RC 3000 costs you approximately $1500.

Electrolux Trilobite 2.0: Electrolux Trilobite is fully automated robot vacuum which will do cleaning at the time you have set. Once the job is done, it will return to the docking station to recharge. This robot uses infrared and ultrasound technology for navigation through the rooms. The tracking system discharges ultrasound vibrating at approximately 60,000 HZ. Due to this navigation system, collisions with other objects in the room are avoided. The computer processor pictures the room or area to be cleaned and navigates accordingly for efficient operation. Trilobite comes with an infra red sensor to judge the stairs and avoid from falling. This robot has 3 cleaning programs, such as, spot, for 10 sq ft area or more, quick, for cleaning without mapping and normal, for mapping and floor cleaning the area less than 10 sq ft.

Other contemporary devices include:
  • iRobot Scuba 380.
  • LG Roboking.
  • Metapo Cleanmate.
  • Exworks Robomaid.
  • Microbot UBOT
Floor cleaning robots with their advanced features ensure hassle free cleaning of your home. So, when do you plan to pick one?
By Amigo G
Last Updated: 10/12/2011
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