Flowmates - Prologue

Everyone loves wolves, right? In this small town, wolves dominate it and things are going swell, well that's until hybrids are heard of (wolves with supernatural powers) and no one knows what to do. Huh, kill or be killed.

We ran as fast as we could. Our wolves howling as the full moon was shown in between the trees. Shaun, getting the best of himself, howled even louder, and on the inside, all I could do was laugh. This was us, this was our friendship.

We approached the nearby lake and stopped. I looked to my right at the lovely silver, brown, black and dirty blondish fur that were my best friends.

"Here?" I heard Matt's thoughts as they coursed through mine. I felt myself shift.

"Here," I said. Each one shape-shifted and we each stared at one another. I smiled first and did my best impression of the obnoxious howl that Shaun did. He smirked at me and then looked at my body.

"I wouldn't be mocking Ms.I-Don't-Like-Clothes," he shot back. I looked back down and noticed that I was just in my undergarments. I looked back up and flipped him off. He smiled.

This was us, this was our little clic. Shaun Waters, silver wolf. He was a douchebag, yes, and I don't understand how I actually got to get so close to him, but I did and we were just the perfection of friends. His dad is actually the Alpha of our clan and in a couple of years he would be attaining that title. I looked to my right and noticed Matthew Jones, or Matt for short (Matty for me). He has the dirty blondish fur. He was the best guy you could hope for. Hot, funny and he treats a girl right. The whole package right there. On the left of him was Emil Long, the black fur. He was the funniest guy that you'd ever meet. Opposite him was James Rockwell, the brown fur. This guy is moody, sometimes, but other than that you'd love him.

"Don't knock off of Briana's little A cups," Matty said throwing his arm over my shoulders. "She's growing into them."

And last but not least, there was me. Briana Monroe. I was the only girl sheltered in a clan with a bunch of guys. Eh, that was just me. Girls were annoying and loud, guys were just loud, and I could deal with that.

"Forget you all," I said as I made a spot for myself and laid down in the sand, staring at the sky. "My boobs are perf. Emil told me when we first became friends."

"Emil doesn't know what's good," James said lying right beside me.

"You're just a sexual freak," I muttered.

"Wanna let me in baby?" He asked stroking my hair. I just rolled my eyes.

We all lied there in comfortable silence staring at the stars. James pointed out the little dipper and he traced it through the air. It was quiet, it was the way that we were used to. Everything in the world might change, but hopefully not this.

Emil, thinking like I, sat up and stared around. "I don't want this to ever change," he said looking at each and every one of us.

"Neither do I," Matty said as we all decided to sit up.

"Here... here," James said.

"But it all will," Shaun said as he crossed his legs. "In about six years, I'll be Alpha and this little friendship that we started will be all over."

"Who knew we had such a pessimistic friend," I mumbled crossing my arms over my chest. Shaun shot me a look. "Listen, we all wouldn't be friends if we thought that our friendship would die." I looked around at all of my friends' faces. "Nothing like that would ever happen."

"Briana, we're just kids," Shaun countered back. "We have the mindset of kids." I sighed and looked away. "We haven't even grown into our wolf as much as we're supposed to. In a couple of years things will change."

"But Briana's right," Matty chimed in taking my back. "Things will change, but our friendships shouldn't."

"Of course I'm right." Matty calmly bumped me.

"But how can we be sure that it won't? I mean, c'mon. People can't be friends forever," Shaun said.

"How about this," Emil said. He stood up and looked around the clear area that we were all at. He ran over to something, picked it up and then brought it back over to where we were. He held it out to us and I felt myself frowning.

"A rock?" James asked grabbing it from him and looking it over.

"A rock that'll bond us," Emil said grabbing it back and then looking at us.

"A rock will bond us together?" Shaun asked.

Emil sighed and ran a hand over his face. "Have you guys ever watched that movie Open Blood?" We all looked around and he sighed in frustration once more. "At the beginning, a group of friends vowed to never separate from one another again. In that scene, they took some sharp object and made this mark on their hand that would forever bond them with their blood."

"Is that some kind of ritual?" I asked. "Cause I certainly don't wanna do that."

"What he means is that we're gonna mark one another. Not with blood, but a certain mark, barbie," James said. I made a silent oh with my mouth.

"But what would that mark be?" James asked. "What kind of mark would we know from far away?"

"One that would also show up when we phase into our wolf," Shaun said.

"It's obvious!" Matty said. We all looked at him. "The letter of our pack is 'X'. Therefore we should carve an 'X' into our hands or something."

"Smart!" Emil said high-fiving him. He held out the rock in the palm of his hand and looked around. "So who's gonna go first?"

"You genius," James muttered. "It was your unique idea."

"That didn't mean that I needed to go first!" He yelped.

"Give it here," Shaun said as he took the rock. We all stared at him in excitement as he took the sharp end and started to carve into his hand. Even though it looked extremely painful, he didn't wince once. When he was done, he wiped the blood off of his hand onto his pants and then looked around. "Wasn't so bad." He looked around at us. "So who's next?" No answer.

"Briana," Matty said as he grabbed the rock and handed it to me. "Now if she can do it, then we all can do it."

"Oh ha," I said grabbing the rock. I looked down at my palm and bit my lip.

"Well, don't keep us in suspense," James hissed through his teeth.

"Shut up Mr. I-hesitated-to-scrape-myself-with-the-rock," I muttered.

"What do you think you're doing now?"

I looked at him and then down at the rock. "Have mercy." Then I connected the rock with my palm, and using my wolf I pressured the rock down hard into my hand. The blood oozed out, but I couldn't look away. I had to get the 'X' just right and when I did, I looked back in approval. I wiped the excess blood off on my thigh and looked at the newly found letter on my palm. "Who's next?"

One by one James, Emil and Matty scraped an 'X' on their palms. In about 6 minutes, we all had something that drew us together.

"This was a good idea," I said looking at Emil. "Weird, but good."

"Thanks," Emil said. "You know me and perfect ideas."

I rolled my eyes just as Shaun began to speak. "Alright. I take back what I said before. Even though we might get older, I don't ever want our friendships to end." He looked around at us. "When we get to high school, when we find other friends, or even when we mate." He sighed. "We should always be first priority to one another. We're like family, and if by all means something goes wrong, we'll start our own pack... With me as Alpha and Briana as Beta." I smiled as the guys whooped.

"I agree," Matty said smiling. "Things can't get too different right?" And we all agreed with him as we leaned back down and looked at the stars.

But we were only 11 and 12. We didn't realize how complicated life really was until we actually experienced it.
Published: 10/23/2012
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