Fluttering, Flying Heart

The end of it.
Fluttering in the wind my heart flies free,
Lost in storms of life's conflicts,
Shattered, broken, and bleeding without end,
Dying from hope that cannot ever be fulfilled,
Needing to let go, but holding ever tighter,
Drowning in the sweet pain of unfulfilled desire.

Washed away the footprints upon the empty beach,
Nevermore to behold a love once shared,
Tainted, torn, and destroyed trust beyond repair,
Weeping echoes of seabirds' cries,
Clouds darkening the once clear bright skies.

Icy-cold lonely times in pain-filled lives,
Reaching hands that never can touch,
Endless tears in love's despairing death,
Reality wakens sleeper from sweet night dreams,
Evermore denying the breath of chance for hope.

Tortured moments stolen in fear,
Tears hidden behind laughing words,
Playing games of secrets never whispered,
Longing aching, yearning, but cannot achieve,
Silent hatred burning for those in the way.

Angry words not dared be said, barely thought,
Easily hidden behind pixelated screen,
Not knowing how, or if, or when it's time to say,
That hateful, hopeless, and hurt-filled goodbye,
Weeping at the aching pain of loneliness to come.

As surely as the sun will set and darkness rule the world,
As certain as the inevitable span of life ends,
Quietly into the blackest despair that prevails,
My fluttering heart will cease to fly,
And the winds of life will blow over the corpse of love.
Published: 1/8/2014
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