Fly Away - Chapter 10

Omg, don't judge that lyrics cause I made it in a hurry, so that's why it's short too.
"Coming." I yelled.
When I first opened the door, I saw a huge and gorgeous smile.
"Hey." I said looking confused.
"Hey Liz, I was wondering, what time do you want me to come? 'Cause I also thought you could need some help." Said Tom, smiling.
"Oh, hum. You can come at 7, maybe?"
"Yes, perfect!" He agreed.
"And maybe I get to convince you to sing us a song." I looked at him with a begging look. He just laughed and played along with me.

"Oh, just if you sing with me." He winked at me.
We laughed and I told him goodbye while I closed the door.
I need to text Sam, oh my God.
I looked for my phone, which was in the kitchen table and texted Sam:

Hey! will u believe me if I tell u I met 2 cute guys? like they're really cute and nice. I wish u were here, I already miss u so much. ly xoxo

After a minute or so I got a text from her:

Really? what's their names? can u send me a pic? xoxo

I laughed as I replied:

Tom and David. No I don't have pics of them, but when I have, I'll send them to u. xoxo

She didn't text back, so I put my phone back in the table, where I could already see some sweets.
"Mom, I'm gonna take a bath and dress up for the dinner thing." I said as I climbed the stairs.
"Ok." I heard her busy voice.
I got in my room and went right away to my wardrobe.
"Don't want jeans, nor skirts." I thought while I searched something to wear that night. "Maybe some shorts or a dress."
I looked for my yellow dress and my short jeans that I loved.
"Here they are." I said as I found both of them.
I took a bath and chose to wear my shorts with a red shirt and my red vans. Then I decided to apply some makeup as eyeliner and lip gloss.
When I had finished it was already 6, so I still had time to clean up my room.
By the time I ended cleaning up my room, I heard the bell ringing and then Tom's voice.

I went to the living room where my father was talking with Tom.
"Hi Tom!" I said smiling when he looked at me with his mouth opened.
"Hum. He-llo!" He said shaking his head like he was trying to get rid of his thoughts.
He was wearing a black shirt, shorts (but longer than mine, of course) and red vans as well. His hair was kinda messy, what I thought it looked great.

"Come in." I finally said.
"Thanks! So, how can I help you?" He asked.
"Hum... You can help me, put some tables outside in the yard and then help me to clean up some things. Is that okay?"
"Yes, of course." He smiled.

We went outside and organized everything, so we could take the tables outside. After the tables were set, we put the food that my mum had already prepared on the table and we went upstairs to my room.

"So, we don't have nothing more to prepare outside?" He asked.
"No." I smiled.
"Yup. What do you wanna do?"
"Want to hear a bit of a song I made yesterday?" He smirked.
"Yes, please." I begged.
Then he started singing, with a beautiful husky voice!

"I don't know how to describe this girl
But she can really change the world
She's my kind of a superwoman
Don't tell me you won't ever love her
I can see I'm already fallin' for her."

"Oh my God," was all I could say.
"Is that good or what?" He asked a little nervous.
"Your voice is perfect!"
"Thank you, you should sing to me too!" He smiled.
What do you think about the lyrics I wrote?
I hate them.
I love them.
They're not that bad.
It's just stupid.
Published: 6/29/2012
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