Fly Away - Chapter 11

I don't know if I want Liz to date David or Tom, or maybe other guy. Let me know what you think.
Everyone of the neighborhood was at the dinner, and David too!

The three of us, David, Tom and me, were talking about random things when some girl came to Tom.

"Hey baby." She said and then hugged him.

"Oh hey Kelly." He smiled and kissed her cheek. And all of a sudden she kissed him, and omg I swear I could see their tongues. Ew!

I looked at David and he was laughing of my weird face!

"What?" I gestured with my lips.

He laughed a little more and then I saw that Tom and Kelly (I suppose this is her name) had stopped sucking each other's faces!

"Oh hum, Kelly this is Liz." Tom managed to say in an awkward way.

She smiled a little like she was saying, "Fuck off bitch, he's mine." Ugh, I can tell she's a bitch! And yes, she's pretty and that stuff... Black hair, tanned skin, brown eyes and really skinny. She was wearing a tight pink skirt with a white V top.

Ugh kwbdkcl I'm so mad I have a bitch in my house tonight!

I walked away and went to the kitchen where a lot of women were talking.

"Mum? Do you need help with something?" I asked.

"Yes, take this jackets to your room please." She pointed to them while she was looking at the fridge.

"Ok," then I took them upstairs.

It was so dark I couldn't see anything, I opened my room's door and placed the jackets in my bed.

I wanted to stay there, it was peaceful, everything so dark and quiet. I laid on my bed and rested a little.

After some minutes I heard a noise. I thought it was my mum so I didn't move. I heard footsteps and then someone opened the door.

"Mum I was just resting a little 'cause I'm tired." I said getting up in a rush.

"I'm tired too." I heard David's voice.

"What are you doing here?" I asked confused.

"I didn't want to stay with Tom and the bitch so I came looking for you." He smiled sitting in my bed.

"It was so awkward when she kissed him." I said laying again.

"I know. She thought you were trying to flirt with him or something."

David laid on my tummy and I played with his hair. He smelled so good...

He looked at me and I smiled.

"You look so cute." He smiled a little.


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Alice X: I'm glad you say that! Thanks for reading my story.

Maureen: That music is one of my favorite too! Hope you're enjoying my story and I didn't put up some pics cause I just post the chapters on my iPod and I can't upload pictures here, it sucks! But I'll try to put some picture in my next chapter.
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Published: 7/12/2012
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