Fly Away - Chapter 14

It's a short chapter because I didn't know what to write about her now, you'll find out more in the next chapters I promise!
"I'm Katie." She replied looking away.

"Katie, do you often do this to yourself?" I asked worried.

"Sometimes." She whispered.

I continued washing her blood out of her arm.

"You shouldn't." I said facing her.

"It's the only way to make the pain go away for a while." She said quietly avoiding eye contact.

"And you felt pain now? Here?" I asked her.

"I feel sad all the time, but sometimes when I have anxiety attacks I tend to cut, cry and isolate myself. Just please don't tell anyone about this, I don't want my mother to find out that I cut."

"You don't want her to worry about you?"

"Yeah, it's that." She gulped.

Something is going on in that family that she doesn't want to talk about or even think about.

"Ok, it's done." I said putting her sleeve back down.

She thanked me and ran outside, before I could reply or ask her about something else.


Author's Note

Oh thanks to Albie, Me and Haha111 who helped me with some cool names to use, I'll try to use most of the options in new characters that I will create.
Published: 10/26/2012
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