Fly Away - Chapter 15

Ok, I have been a little busy and I kinda had no will to write dialogs so this is short, as usual. Sorry and love you all.
The rest of the day went fine, Tom kept making out with Kelly. David kept being cute and nice to me, and I didn't see Katie again since she ran away when we were in the bathroom.

I woke up a little too anxious because it was Monday and it was my first day of classes in this new school.

I got up, had a shower and since it was sunny I wore a black shirt from Black Tide and high-waisted jeans.

"Good morning." I said while I entered the kitchen and opened the fridge to get some milk.

"Good mornin' sweetie, did you sleep well?" My dad asked.

"Yes, it was kinda difficult to fall asleep though because I was a bit anxious." I answered, picking up my bag from the floor. "Gotta go, wish me luck."

"Bye honey, have a good day." My mom said.

I walked to school by myself, and when I arrived I saw everyone already there prepared for classes.

I saw Katie opening the school's front door and ran up to her.

"Hi." I said.

She turned around to see who it was and said, "Well, hi. I was looking for you, because I never thanked you. I know you just wanted to help and then I ran away because I was scared. Please don't tell anyone about any of this, please." She begged just like the last time. I knew, I had to promise her I wouldn't tell anything to anyone, but I had to do something about it, to help her."

"Ok, I promise I won't tell anything." I reached for her pinky finger. "Pinky promise!"
What do you think about Katie?
She's stupid and I've hated her since the beginning.
She's gorgeous and I hope they become best friends.
She's ok, but I don't want her in your story anymore.
I feel sorry for her and I hope she ends up with DAVID.
I feel sorry for her and I hope she ends up with TOM.
Published: 11/22/2012
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