Fly Away - Chapter 17

Well, some of you have been asking me to write other POVs so here they are, Katie's POV and Tom's POV. I hope you enjoy it.
Katie's POV

I woke up feeling terribly dizzy, my head hurt a lot and my back was sore as I had been sleeping in the kitchen's floor all night. I looked at the clock and it marked 6 o'clock.

"Well, time to get ready! I just hope mum doesn't wake up." I thought.

I packed my bag and got dressed, and as I was starting to have breakfast my mum walks in.

"What do you think you are doing you idiot? I told you not to eat anything, I told you that you had no right to live here if you didn't want to live by my rules, so I hope you have a nice day cause I won't let you eat anything here and I won't give you money until you understand that I'm the one who's in charge here and not you! I'd hope you die but I can't because you're still useful," my mum said. I don't even listen to what she says anymore, but I still hope she doesn't hit me or hurt me like she always does when she's angry.

Well, I'm not lucky! My mum raised her hand and slapped me hard, I felt my left cheek getting hot while my tears fell.

"Don't you fucking cry, grow up you dumb girl! God you're so stupid, why were you even born? I just don't understand. You could have died instead of your brother who was way smarter than you and way better too in every level."

Why does she makes me feel like this? I can't take it anymore, I really can't. I ran outside and began walking to school. I just hope Liz doesn't ask anything this time or else I will lose it!


Tom's POV

I don't get it. To be honest I've never liked Kelly, she's so rude! And then I just saw Liz with David and I don't know what to do anymore. I thought she was starting to like me, but I'm almost sure she and David have something. She doesn't want to tell me what that something is, so I just can't look at her right now. What is this that I feel? I can't be jealous, she's not even mine. I wish though, she is so beautiful.

I think I'm gonna talk to her someday, I have to or else I'll lose her to David, and though he's my friend I can't just wait and see what happens, I don't want to end our friendship that is for sure but I don't really know what I'm feeling now, I have this feeling that says I shouldn't give up already.

I think I should talk to Kelly and probably end things. I just don't enjoy being with her anymore!

It was Wednesday, and today I was supposed to meet Kelly in her house around 8 am.

"Good morning." I told Mr. White, Kelly's father. "Is Kelly ready to go?"

"Yes I am." Kelly said passing through her father with a mini dress in which I could see everything if I wanted, but I have to let go of this stupid emotions.

We got in my car and I started driving, Kelly talked and talked about random things that I wasn't even listening to. As soon as we arrived school I said, "Kelly, we need to talk."

"No, no, I already know what comes right after that sentence, so don't you even dare to say it," she said right away.

"Kelly, I don't love you. And I think I like someone else! I'm sorry." I said.
"I knew it, it's that little bitch that you introduced me the other day, isn't it? What was her name again? Oh, that's right, Liz."

"No, Kelly you need to understand me I don't like you, and I think we should break up before this ends badly for you and I." I finally said.

"Ok, but for the record I was the one who broke up." She told me and before I could say something, she got out of the car.

Well this is it, I now can tell Liz how I feel and everything will be okay, at least I hope so.
I'm sorry but I really need to know this, do you think I have improved my writing skills?
Yes, you're way better!
Kinda, you still need lots of practice.
No, your writing is exactly the same way as you started this story.
Published: 1/7/2013
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