Fly Away - Chapter 21

Hope you like it for now because some things will change in the next chapters!
It was already Sunday morning, I woke up next to David, he was still sleeping and looking adorable. I could feel his breath on my face and I gently kissed his forehead. His body began to move and he yawned.

"Good morning," he said kissing me, without opening his eyes at all.

He let his hands move to my belly and caressed it. After some seconds, he forced himself to open his eyes and look at me.

He looked hot as hell, but I didn't want to force him into anything, so I didn't make any move.
He came closer and made sure his body was touching mine. God he was turning me on!
He then kissed my neck while taking my shirt off, then kissed my cheek, my neck again and down to my belly.

I put my hand on his back and put my head back.

He started taking off his shirt as well and then his pants too. He went on top of me and kissed me passionately.

I moved him to my side and put myself on top of him. I gently kissed his neck and his lips while moving my hand around his warm body.

"Are you sure?" He kept asking.
"I am. Are you?" I asked when I was kissing him.
He nodded and moaned because I took off his undershorts and rubbed my body against every part of his naked body.
"Ready?" He asked.
This time I was the one nodding.

I moaned when I felt him inside me, I just wanted to get even closer to him as if we weren't as close as possible already. Our breaths became heavier while he was moving inside me.
He was always touching me, my lips, my face, my back, my boobs... It looked like we were in paradise!

As soon as we were almost done, I started breathing heavily and kissing him in a rough way.
"I love you," he said between moans.
"Oh, I love you too," I said after we were done and we both looked exhausted....

He was looking at me in a sweet way.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked.
"Like what?"
"I don't know, but you have this look you never have."
"It's because I never thought you could be this perfect, but now I know it!" And closed his eyes while pulling me closer to his chest.


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Anne: I am sorry for posting after such a long time but I don't have much time to write now and lately I haven't been in the mood to write love stories. And to be honest if I were to post longer chapters you guys would have to wait even more time and I don't want that, because I know it sucks when you're reading a story and the author takes too much time because you start losing interest in it... I really don't want that to happen.
Published: 6/25/2013
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