Fly Away - Chapter 4

Liz doesn't want to move, and now?
In the morning, when I was in my bedroom, I heard my parents' footsteps and realized I didn't sleep like I needed to. I stayed awake thinking about my dream and about the news my parents gave me.

I had to ask them when were we moving, so I stretched my arms and legs and got up from my warm and comfortable bed. I opened my bedroom door and stepped outside towards downstairs. I walked into the kitchen and there they were.

"Good morning," they both said in a casual way.

"Good morning! Can I ask you something?" I asked looking at both of them. They nodded. "When are we going to move out to Cleveland?"

"We haven't decided yet, because I want to go in about a month but your mother wants to go in about three months."

"I'm on mum's side!"
"Of course you are, you don't want to leave." He said.
I smiled and picked up an apple and an orange natural juice.
"I'm going upstairs." I said.
They nodded and I went upstairs to call Sam.

I picked my phone which was on my bed and dialed her number, it rang and rang and rang, but she didn't pick up.
I tried again and this time she answered it.
"Hey." She said.
"My parents don't know when we're moving. My father wants to move in about one month and my mother wants to wait three months and then move."
"So, we still have time!" Was the only thing she said.

"Want to come to my house?" She asked.
"Sure," and then I hang up.
I got dressed, I put some jeans I had, my shirt from The Beatles and my black vans.

I came downstairs and told my parents I was going to Sam's house. I got out of my home and made my way to Sam's.
I arrived and saw that she wasn't alone in there. I saw Mark's bicycle...
I wasn't sure about to see him now, I wanted to go back home...
But Sam somehow saw me and opened the front door, so I could come in.
"I didn't know he was going to be here." I whispered.
"Me neither. He came after you hang up the phone call."
We entered her living room and there he was.

My heart was racing and then...
"Hey." He said.
"Humm, he-hey." I told him.
"So, since you dumped me, like you didn't want to go with me to prom, I came here to ask the same thing to Sam." He explained directly, which it made me feel uncomfortable.
"What?" Sam asked surprised.

She looked at me and I gave her the look she was expecting, the look that says, "Whatever, go on, I don't care by now."
"I'll go with you!" She said smiling, showing her perfect and bright teeth.
"Liz, who will take you to prom?"
Oh fuck, I didn't have a date...
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Published: 2/28/2012
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