Flying Stop...

It's to do with a train journey I took....
There waiting like a million unfired missiles,
It awaits in the center of its heart,
The combustion of noise comes alive,
The people around are unaware of the illusion it portrays.

Once bursting with life now desolate,
So bright this burst of light dances in the openness of the area,
The tranquilness of the fountain,
The warmth hug of wind.

Sighing and gasping, it all comes alive,
Yet the tinkering of when it will all die...
Wildness darting all around like tourists and their flash of cameras.

Individuals of every sort conform in union,
How can you leave?
You haven't even begun to spread your wings,
Free flying away from chaos if you dare?

Come here, come wait, come look around,
The taste of cultures and diversity swirling all around us,
Stop! Are you waiting? Now where do you go?
Well, gather around if you will?
Holding on and taking a seat,
Let's see what happens after this flying stop or is this illusion all in your head.
Published: 5/3/2018
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