Following the Lines

Why I don't color inside the lines... such a sad story.
Following the lines is not all that I am,
To stay within this box is more than I can do,
A taste of freedom and life is all that I can ask,
To share those secrets and those truths is all I give to you.

Hiding in my darkest fears is not all that I need,
Cringing at the slightest noise is not who I must be,
Crying all these empty tears is lonely now,
To live my life caught in this dream of having you with me.

I cannot see a future in which I'll find my peace,
Only endless echoes of empty words are all that I can hear,
Silent footprints on the beach speak louder than my voice,
Aching empty grasping arms that long to hold you near.

Stricken whispers in the night bidding us farewell,
Loaded pauses in silent speech fill up this void in me,
You are hers forever, more and never will be mine,
And even though it is only right I cannot set you free.

To live without you in my life is well beyond my strength,
To wake from dreams and know you're gone is more than I can bear,
So I will wait here all alone in silent misery,
Perhaps one day, I'll turn around and you really will be there.

A foolish hope from a foolish girl, I know that's all it is,
But still I cling to it like a frightened child reaching for your hand,
Begging just once for a chance to feel your touch,
But nothing goes as planned.
Published: 1/8/2014
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